Loving Intentions Prayer Request

Wife of Mike Morales, Shelley, Severely Injured

If you watched the 16-day forecasts or other videos from Mike Morales, you know his ‘Above Ground World News’ updates provide extremely valuable content for people interested in factual information about the war being waged against man and Earth.

A few days ago, Mike’s wife Shelley was injured in a serious car accident.

Mike Morales
Wife was in a serious car accident and was life flighted to a KC hospital all healing prayers needed and much appreciated can’t go into any details yet but will update on situation when I can much love !

Jan 18.20 update on Shelley’s condition.

Mike Morales YouTube channel

Mike Morales Paypal account if anyone would like to help with medical expenses. https://www.paypal.me/ABOVEGROUNDWORLDNEWS

Please send loving intentions, and or pray Mike and Shelley Morales through this tragedy and beyond. Thank you.

Doreen A Agostino
Without Prejudice and Without Recourse
Sent via hardwired computer
All wireless turned off to safeguard life

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V!RGIN!A SH0WDOWN 2020: Gun R@lly SPEC!@L REP0RT + Updates

Former SEAL: Stay Away from Jan. 20th Richmond Rally

Source with thanks http://stateofthenation.co/?p=4551

OPERATION ELIMINATE 2A MOVEMENT: A Special Report on the Dangerous Virginia Gun Rally

By State of the Nation

What: Virginia Gun Rally

When: January 20, 2020
Where: Richmond, Virginia
Who: Deep State + Virginia State Government + FBI’s COINTELPRO + C.I.A. + Mainstream Media

How: Gladio-style False Flag Shooting and/or Bombing
and/or Riots Triggered by Agents Provocateurs
and/or Vandalism Perpetrated by Fake Patriots
and/or Shocking Crime Sprees by Crisis Actors
While All of These Are Misrepresented by MSM

Why: To Gut the Second Amendment in Virginia

This “Special Report” is being issued to each and every American patriot.

First, it’s imperative that every patriot read the following THREAT ASSESSMENT about the Virginia gun rally in Richmond which written by “a former Navy seal who really knows the deal”.

Read more at http://stateofthenation.co/?p=4648

Note: Disarmament world-wide was planned decades ago. Censorship and disarmament always precede communist take over followed by removal of dissidents.

Be sure to see former Navy Seal Matt Bracken’s 4 possible scenarios in Virginia and remedy at https://www.americanpartisan.org/2020/01/richmond-the-mother-of-all-buffalo-jumps/

Please inform others because the outcome in Virginia affects many, if not everyone. Thank you.

Updates Jan 18.20


2] FAA Declares “National Defense Airspace” Over Richmond, VA

Doreen A Agostino
Without Prejudice and Without Recourse
Sent via hardwired computer
All wireless turned off to safeguard life


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M0ney Ch@nges Everything … Except Very 0ld @gend@s

Alert: Much of today’s Alt Media  is spewing propaganda

State of the Nation

People are seeing through the deception. Read the comment section at  https://www.zerohedge.com/geopolitical/you-killed-our-geniuses-regime-crackdown-intensifies-iranians-flood-streets-third-day

The most truthful and insightful comments that call out fake Iranian protests as a classic CIA-MI6-MOSSAD regime change operation, were posted in serious protest by ZeroHedge’s readership to that naked propaganda piece.  The ZH article actually refers to a REUTER’s propaganda piece that extols the virtues of all the fake protesters the C.I.A. paid to show up in Tehran USING YOUR TAX DOLLARS.

How did ZeroHedge.com go from being one of the edgiest Alt Media websites on the Internet, to a prolific purveyor or propaganda and prevarication? It’s as if the Zero Hedge site was actually set up from the very beginning to slowly, yet stealthily, corral its readers into the camp of political correctness regarding all things having to do with Israel.

Typical edgy ZH articles are interspersed with Neocon-contrived content that is suspiciously in favor of the Neocon warmongering agenda or Zionist plan for Mideast domination or key element of the Greater Israel project.

How did that happen, except by highly purposeful design?! 

Typical Zionist Media-Control Scheme and how they do it. Read more at http://stateofthenation.co/?p=4175

Pause … think critically … do your own deep research

Why would Trump tell Iranian leaders not to kill protestors [Tweet in SOTN link], when evidence exists that directed energy weapons were used in California fires that destroyed lives, and moisture needed to quell the fires, end drought, and grow food crops was  withheld? See for yourself https://www.youtube.com/user/1PacificRedwood

When 5G, untested for human health and safety is being advanced? When state sanctioned property rights are being abolished?  https://agenda21truth.blogspot.com/2018/04/how-private-property-in-america-is.html 

When water is mined and privatized for profit, with plans to ration water under sustainable development based on incomplete science and omissions?



When military and commercial planes discharge toxic chemicals 24/7 to modify the weather and that alter man’s biology? See ‘WEATHER OUTBREAK: WHAT YOU’RE NOT TOLD’  https://youtu.be/NzxTr6a_xkQ

Kontrolled cultures – realize how deep this goes

Jan 12, 2020
Alan Watt

09:10 mins
Obviously, planners are not stupid.  You didn’t hire stupid people and give them big salaries, whole layers of them, and huge think tanks that study strategy, history and warfare, all kinds of warfare including propaganda warfare, which is tremendously effective because the first people you dishonor is the public so they obey you, and never  realize they’ve been brainwashed. Naturally, they’ll be very, very supportive, again, playing on natural instincts, tribal instincts, you were used and abused so easily by professionals, never, ever, so much as today.

Socialism is mass slaughter of dissidents

41:36 mins
Today, you’re seeing total and complete intolerance to anyone who’s a dissident of any kind and doesn’t go along with the big boy’s plans.

Catastrophe in Britain: What Alan Watt talks about is global

TOPICS  covered by Alan Watt in the following video

Very Old Agendas – Higher Taxes, Devalued Currencies – Free Trade Agreements, Manufacturing Moved to China – Puppets and Clowns Put in Front of Us; Boris Johnson, Donald Trump – Movie, Oh Lucky Man – World War I, America Came into the War to Guarantee the Big Banks would Get Loans Repaid – Tribal Leaders, Mercenaries – Socialism’s Mass Slaughter of Dissidents – Gramsci – Internet Trolls Trained by the Military – Profumo Affair in Britain – Today, Destroying an Enemy is Destroying People with Different Points of View – New Kind of Warfare – Money Spent on Armaments – Tony Blair – The Cold War – Credit Cards to Get People Through Bad Financial Times – Saudi Arabia, Massive Purchaser of Weaponry – Reasons You are Given for War – Iraq didn’t Attack the West – Bush and Operation Iraqi Freedom – Saddam Hussein – The PNAC List – Spike Milligan, We are Now at War – Raising Generations of Controlled Cultures – Publicists for the Royal Family, Humanizing Them – Kuwait, Bush Sr., Oil Fields – Rockefeller, Maurice Strong – Total Intolerance to Anyone Who is a Dissident – Peter Hitchens said In the Modern West, We Live in Post-Revolutionary Societies – Gramsci, Music, Sexual Revolution, Feminism – Peter Hitchens on the Systematic Infiltration of Anti-British Marxists into the Highest Levels of British Society – Peter Mandelson – Hitchens, Modern Revolution Means the Policing of Thought – White House Considering Dramatic Expansion of Travel Ban – Does Trump Have An Ethnic Iranian Interrogation and Detention Program In The Works? – Google will ‘De-Rank’ RT Articles to Make them Harder to Find – Eric Schmidt – How to Spot a Twitter Troll – Pentagon Launched Second Attack on an Iranian Militant the Same Day it Killed Soleimani – Afghanistan – Earthquakes in Iran – Twitter Executive Revealed to Be ‘Psyops’ Soldier Linked to Spreading Disinformation Across Social Media – We’re in Amazing Psychological Warfare All the Time. *Title & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt – Jan. 12, 2020

Politicians get hired through the electoral process when individuals vote to give their proxy to elected officials, who then make decisions in their absence about what becomes normalized as follows.

KGB defector Yuri Bezmenov Warned Americans in 1984

Four stages of mass brainwashing used by the KGB successfully in America.

Due diligence means to ensure no error on our part

Especially, before sharing information because 95% of what is published is highly suspect propaganda.

Not one world leader is taking a stand to stop genocide, engineered weather wars responsible for extreme weather, manufactured fires destroying lives, communities, states and countries, etc.

Please share these and other facts, for people to see through deception and take back their lives, health and freedom. Thank you.

Doreen A Agostino
Without Prejudice and Without Recourse
Sent via hardwired computer
All wireless turned off to safeguard life


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N0T!CE: P0TUS Recru!tment 2020 | Where USA goes, so go all


Only True Independents Need Apply


Submitted by Concerned American Citizens 2020

The Concerned Citizens of the USA 2020 are looking for a truly INDEPENDENT candidate for POTUS to compete during the 2020 election cycle.

The candidate will not be associated with either of the two major political parties. If they are currently, they will be required to quit their party prior to any consideration.

Only candidates who agree with the explicit stipulations listed below, and are willing to sign binding legal contracts which mandate the following 5 conditions to be executed during the first day in office, will be considered:

• The immediate nationwide moratorium on the military deployment of 5G roll-out and buildout of the Internet of Things

• The immediate termination of chemical geoengineering via chemtrails and HAARP-level frequency generators—nationwide

• The immediate cessation of all wars involving the U.S. Armed Forces and foreign proxies and/or mercenaries employed by
the U.S. Military

• The immediate closing of all open borders to illegal aliens and immediate cessation of illegal immigration which includes a suspension of DACA

• The immediate termination of all infanticide abortions conducted in the USA as well as a temporary suspension of all elective abortions

These five conditions represent the main pillars of our political platform; there are several other important positions which will also stand as essential criteria for a successful candidate. However, each of these 5 conditions must be followed by presidential actions on Inauguration Day — January 20, 2021 — via Executive Orders that will be effective immediately.

Other priority presidential initiatives include disestablishment of the Central Intelligence Agency, Federal Bureau of Investigation and Department Homeland Security. Similarly, the Internal Revenue Service must be permanently dissolved and the Federal Reserve System shut down for the good of the Republic. Likewise, the U.S. Department of Justice requires a complete re-chartering of its central mission and re-structuring of the organization, which now protects the most dangerous criminals on Earth while the U.S. Attorney General prosecutes the most courageous whistleblowers and honest truth-speakers.

All of these sweeping endeavors will commence on Inauguration Day; therefore, the eligible candidate will be fully prepared to begin executing each of them. Read more at http://stateofthenation.co/?p=3918#more-3918

Gun grab Virginia: censorship + disarmament ‘always’ precede communist takeover



The Communist/Capitalist Alliance in plain sight

Iranian parliament is a pyramid. They are all Freemasons.



By Dr. Stan Monteith

Alexandr Solzhenitsyn discussed the communist/capitalist relationship at the AFL-CIO convention in Washington, D.C. on June 30, 1975. Why did the CFR-Globalists suppress Alexandr Solzhenitsyn’s message? Because they don’t want the American people to know:

1. There is a covert alliance between the men who control the communist world and the Globalists who control our nation.

2. The U.S. has kept ruthless communist regimes in power.

Read all about it https://www.crossroad.to/Quotes/globalism/monteith/1-communist-capitalist-2007.htm

5G is a military grade weapon

Download PDF https://ehtrust.org/wp-content/uploads/5G_What-You-Need-to-Know.pdf

Where attention goes, Power of creation flows

To end the reign of terror holding us hostage requires a critical mass of Americans to:

Pull together to elect a consciously aware President of the United States of America in 2020, who honorably serves the people and country.

Power of Community

Take a lesson from 250 Amish men in Ohio, who with their bare hands lifted a barn and relocated it. It’s no big deal to show up and help your neighbor move a barn — next year, it might be your barn that needs to be moved or something else.

If the majority of people knew about the deliberate assault on us, our families, food, wealth, and how climate hoax is being used to usher in a totalitarian one world communist regime, surely people would pull together to save ourselves and to live free.

Please, share this post or at least share the SOTN link far and wide because if the forces of darkness take the most heavily armed people on the planet, what will that mean for the rest of us?

Give it legs!!!  http://stateofthenation.co/?p=3918#more-3918

Doreen A Agostino
Without Prejudice and Without Recourse
Sent via hardwired computer
All wireless turned off to safeguard life

gov intl

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Uncens0red: Austr@l!@ and Chemtr@!ls by Anna von Reitz

Re-posting 2 emails for everyone to read and share

In videos by Mike Morales posted here, he showed how the troposphere is being heated to manipulate the polar vortex [jet stream], to push it into Europe and then sling shot it over to North America in the next week or so. Watch or read more at the 27:23 min mark  https://ourgreaterdestiny.org/2020/01/p0lr-v0rtex-january-2020-extreme-wether-wr-nng/

From: Anna von Reitz <avannavon@gmail.com>
Sent: January-09-20 3:06 AM
Subject: False Narratives Upon False Narratives for Australia

Dear friends in Australia — the reason your country is so dry is that military contractors in your own country have been “driving” the Southern  Hemisphere Jet Stream south to Antarctica, just as similar villains were driving the Northern Hemisphere Jet Stream away from Alaska and Canada this summer.  Their object?

To create the appearance of melting ice caps when there is no such thing going on in Nature, and gin up “scientific evidence” of Global Warming, so that they can justify their new taxation scheme of taxing cow farts and every breath you take.

To counteract this cause and their motivation for it, requires you to bring forward complaints from non-domestic populations living in Australia to the United Nations.  Under the ENMOD Treaties they are only allowed to conduct such “tests” on their own country and on “domestic” populations.

So there is the reason that you are suffering such a drought and high fire risk conditions.

And here is the second Tattle Tale: Deliberate Arson.  183 Arsonists arrested for deliberately starting fires across Australia.  https://www.newswars.com/nearly-200-people-arrested-across-australia-for-deliberately-starting-bushfires/

So we’ve not only got the Australian “Defense” Ministry in on trying to sell “Global Warming” — and bogus carbon taxes, by meddling with the atmospheric water distribution, but we’ve got Firebugs on the ground setting these fires and further causing the problem.

I say get your messages to the United Nations ASAP and bring complaints for (1) violations of the ENMOD Treaties resulting in the death and destruction of non-domestic populations (everyone who isn’t a government employee and all the animals are “non-domestic” with respect to the incorporated governments,) and (2) violations of the Public Trust by the AUSTRALIA, INC.

And if I were you, Aussies, I’d make sure that all those “persons” caught setting fires would be very rigorously evaluated for ties to political parties, organizations, and interest groups having a material interest in pushing the idea of human-caused Global Warming and the collection of carbon taxes.

Remember that the enemies of all life on this planet deliberately CAUSE problems so that they can justify oppressive actions to solve the problems they cause.

That is, in this example, that they cause the drought by misaligning the flow of the Southern Hemisphere’s Jet Stream and use the warmth and moisture that is diverted to cause unnatural melting in Antarctica, and then, they have some little helpers on the ground set these fires to ensure that there is great public outcry and misery.  Then they use the circumstances that they themselves created as the excuse for oppressive carbon taxes.

After all, what are the crooks going to do, now that everyone sees that the “income taxes” and all the other crimes they have committed are invalid?  They have to come up with some new excuse to tax everyone or their own salad days are over.

Don’t believe that they can and do divert the rain and control the pathways of atmospheric water?  Study up on the subject.

And then ask yourselves why Australia is suffering a drought — and also why 183 Australians would be crazy enough to deliberately set fires under such conditions?

Look deep enough and you will find connections between all or most of those people engaged in these activities — political parties, churches, clubs — some link that puts them all in alignment to commit these heinous crimes for some reason either for political gain or economic gain or both.

Either way, throw the book at the United Nations and at the Australian Defense Ministry and at these Arsonists and make sure that their associates all get the message that you know what they’ve done, you know how they are doing it, and you have had enough, enough, enough.

From: Anna von Reitz <avannavon@gmail.com>
Sent: January-09-20 4:02 PM
Subject: The Final Explanation of Chemtrails

First, I want to point out to you that the “governmental services corporations” have a long history of using industrial waste as weapon and as a means of making money for their cronies.

They have added Fluoride, a dangerous by-product of Aluminum manufacturing to our drinking water for decades, using the excuse that it helps prevent tooth decay; however, while killing oral bacteria, it also kills our adrenal glands.

We need hardly mention that the addition of Fluoride to drinking water was stopped in Europe two decades ago, while Aluminum Manufacturers in this country continue to celebrate escaping the cost of properly disposing of a noxious by-product by foisting it off as a beneficial by-product that earns them significant extra income every year.

Similar Nogoodniks (think Harry Reid and Hillary Clinton and Sick Dick) dumped “spent” nuclear waste from Nevada and Utah salt mines over most of the Middle East, exposing our own service members to radiation sickness, genetic anomalies, tooth and hair loss, cancer, and early death in the process —- and exposing untold numbers of innocent civilians to the same.  You see how they made a profit for themselves off a noxious waste product that they would otherwise have to clean up responsibly?

And, so it is no surprise that the chemtrails are largely a slurry of noxious compounds and chemical elements collected from coal ash, aluminum manufacturing, oil refining, and metal smelting— all being sprayed on us and the Earth we depend on as our home and food source.

You are now prepared to hear the single common denominator linking all those noxious compounds and chemical elements found in chemtrail residues: they are all flammable:

Strontium — emits flammable gases on contact with water;
Barium — a flammable solid that produces hydrogen gas;
Aluminum dust — reacts with water, acids and alkalis, gives off hydrogen gas;
Magnesium — highly flammable especially when powdered;
Aluminum Oxide — dust forms explosive mixtures in the air;
Thorium — pyrophoric, ignites spontaneously;
Lithium — flammable and potentially explosive when exposed to air and water.

These are the makings of a form of chemical fire known as a “metals fire” which only gets worse when you dump water on it.  And these are the industrial waste products they have been spraying all over creation for the past decade.

Observe what is happening in Australia and what happened in Alaska this past summer.  Fires.  Absolutely massive fires destroying everything in their path.

And please observe that this all fits right in with the religious nutcase’s narrative:  the Earth will be destroyed by fire (2 Peter 3:10) and a third of mankind destroyed by fire, smoke, and sulfur (Rev. 9:18).

However, this is not being done by the True God who loves and created the Earth, no — by the False God and his minions mucking around with things they are too ignorant to touch, laying traps for the innocent, filling their purses, and not being held accountable for it.  Self-evidently, that is what they have planned for us and our planet, and prepared for with these noxious Chemtrails.

But what does the True God say?  “I shall bring to ruin those ruining the Earth.”  (Rev. 11:18)

I digress.  I just wanted to point out how these vermin pursue a quasi-Biblical narrative, and propose to use Biblical prophecy fulfillment as an excuse to hide their own vile actions and avoid accountability.

So now you finally know the agenda pursued by the Chemtrails. END

Agreement Between Canada and the United States of America Relating to the Exchange of Information on Weather Modification Activities

Thanks to Paul Chauvin for the link.

  1. “Weather modification activities of mutual interest” means weather modification activities carried out in or over the territory of a Party within 200 miles of the international boundary; or such activities wherever conducted, which, in the judgment of a Party, may significantly affect the composition, behaviour, or dynamics of the atmosphere over the territory of the other Party; Read more at https://www.treaty-accord.gc.ca/text-texte.aspx?id=103819&fbclid=IwAR20AMxk-KSVsy7H_C8RJm_ot6bgocRVyugvZBKC2a_cza4phPfgmYl31Zk

Bible ‘stories’ require discernment like everything else


Awaken to greater possibilities and freedom

Perhaps Anna’s posts confirm globalists don’t care if people know about their nefarious agendas because for millennia, man has again and again proven unwilling to release attachment to limiting beliefs, and rise above personal differences to save themselves, even when their lives depend on it.

Or, are these revelations a ‘test’, to see if the majority of people will summon the courage to put their differences aside and pull together, to save ourselves and home planet?

At this critical juncture, please share the above information widely and ask others to do the same, so this time enough of us get it right and set ourselves free. Thank you.

Doreen A Agostino
Without Prejudice and Without Recourse
Sent via hardwired computer
All wireless turned off to safeguard life


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Q@sem Sole!m@n! B@ck St0ry: Pr00f of F@lse N@rrat!ves

Firsthand Testimony Proves Trump Outright Lied About Soleimani

Notice the ORB next to Qasem Soleimani’s cheek?

State of the Nation

Here’s The Well-Hidden Back Story That Totally Destroys Trump’s False Narrative

It’s entirely true: SOLEIMANIgate will prove to be President Trump’s greatest scandal, especially because of its many profound and disastrous international implications which will inevitably manifest.

What Trump just tried to pull off in Iraq is nothing short of a series of serious war crimes, as well as attempts to coerce a nation and its head of state to agree to a nationwide redevelopment deal that amounted to nothing more than an immense multi-billion dollar shakedown.

How so?

Here’s the back story you’ll never read in the CIA’s Mockingbird Media.

But, first, it’s crucial to understand the context of the following authoritative account:

The Iraqi prime minister, Adil Abdul-Mahdi, has revealed details of his interactions with Trump in the weeks leading up to Soleimani’s assassination, in a speech to the Iraqi parliament. He tried to explain several times on live television how Washington had been browbeating him and other Iraqi members of parliament to toe the American line, even threatening to engage in false-flag sniper shootings of both protesters and security personnel in order to inflame the situation, recalling similar modi operandi seen in Cairo in 2009, Libya in 2011, and Maidan in 2014. The purpose of such cynicism was to throw Iraq into chaos.

Here is the reconstruction of the story:

[Speaker of the Council of Representatives of Iraq] Halbousi attended the parliamentary session while almost none of the Sunni members did. This was because the Americans had learned that Abdul-Mehdi was planning to reveal sensitive secrets in the session and sent Halbousi to prevent this. Halbousi cut Abdul-Mehdi off at the commencement of his speech and then asked for the live airing of the session to be stopped. After this, Halbousi together with other members, sat next to Abdul-Mehdi, speaking openly with him but without it being recorded. This is what was discussed in that session that was not broadcast: 

Abdul-Mehdi spoke angrily about how the Americans had ruined the country and now refused to complete infrastructure and electricity grid projects unless they were promised 50% of oil revenues, which Abdul-Mehdi refused.

I was supposed to meet him [Soleimani] later in the morning when he was killed. He came to deliver a message from Iran in response to the message we had delivered to the Iranians from the Saudis. Read more at http://stateofthenation.co/?p=3727

False L0yalty Oath by Every P0TUS

This U.S. Mideast strategy was actually formulated and approved decades ago.  Each POTUS is not even permitted into the Oval Office until they first sign a contract with the U.S. Corporation which stipulates that, as CEO and President, they will prosecute any war and execute any black operation required to expand the influence and increase the power of Israel.  The newly elected POTUS also promises, on pain of death if the contract is broken, not to prosecute a single previous POTUS of war crimes or any other high crime or misdemeanor.  This is exactly why AG Barr’s DoJ will only touch the surface of UKRAINEgate—Obama would be in prison by now if the Attorney General was serious. Read more at http://stateofthenation.co/?p=3333

The C0mmun!st / C@pital!st Alliance

By Dr. Stan Monteith 2007

Why did the C.F.R./Gl0bal!sts suppress Alex@ndr S0lzhen!tsyn’s message? Because they don’t want the American people to know:

  1. There is a c0vert alli@nce between the men who control the c0mmun!st world and gl0bal!sts who control our nation.
  2.  The U.S. has kept ruthless c0mmun!st regimes in p0wer.

To grasp the tragic events taking place throughout the world today, and terrible events that lie ahead if we permit them, you need to comprehend the alliance that exists between leaders of the communist world, and C.F.R./Gl0b@!ists who control our nation. [s]

Alex@ndr S0lzhen!tsyn discussed that relationship in Washington, D.C. on June 30, 1975. Since his June 30, 1975 address is not readily available on Internet, the first segment of his talk is reproduced in this letter: Why did the CFR-gl0balists suppress Alex@ndr S0lzhen!tsyn’s message July 08, 1975?

January 09, 2020: It’s time for all people to know

. . . there also exists another alliance – at first glance a strange one, a surprising one – but if you look closely, one which is well-grounded and becoming more obvious by the day. This is the alliance between our C0mmunist leaders and your c@pitalists. This alliance is not new. The very famous Armand Hammer, who is flourishing here today, laid the basis for this when he made the first exploratory trip into Russia, still in Lenin’s time, in the very first years of the Revolution. Read more at https://www.crossroad.to/Quotes/globalism/monteith/1-communist-capitalist-2007.htm

Think about it

The quiet w@r waged against mankind decades ago using silent weapons, and that met with public silence, permitted the w@r to escalate.

Now the food, water, air, vaccines, and technology are toxic. Mass surveillance prevails. We@ther w@rfare is destroying people’s lives, homes, communities, our food, the entire country of Australia, and most if not all their wild life.

Voting gave our proxy to de fact0 g0vernments to make decisions in our absence that  normalized war against man and the environment. Think about that.

Doing inner work to transform dark energy blocking inner wisdom and vision, allows you to see through distractions and deceptions, summon courage to speak up, and empower your ‘whole’ self to take back your life and freedom.

Please, share these and other facts to expose deception and avert possible world war. Thank you.

Doreen A Agostino
Without Prejudice and Without Recourse
Sent via hardwired computer
All wireless turned off to safeguard life

gov interntl

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P0l@r V0rtex January 2020 Extreme We@ther W@r-n!ng

Arctic c0ld to bring ‘extreme’ c0ld, ‘extreme’ winds, sn0w, ice, sleet, and p0wer out@ges – Jan 10th onward


If notable weather is scheduled in your location be forewarned, and alert others. Frostbite will strike fast on any exposed skin.

Saturday, January 11, 2020 Ontario, Canada
Rain, freezing rain, and snow are all possible with this system. Significant rainfall amounts are expected for areas north of Lake Erie and Lake Ontario. Freezing rain is expected to affect most areas from east of Lake Huron to eastern Ontario. Significant ice accretion or build up is possible. Snow will affect areas east of Georgian Bay with significant snowfall amounts. Travel is expected to be impacted.

Check upcoming weather conditions in your location

CANADA https://www.theweathernetwork.com/ca
USA https://www.theweathernetwork.com/us


By Mike Morales
Partial video transcript

08:21 mins
Saturday January 11, 2020 we have mega snow starting to come in off the Washington, Oregon Coast, with rain, light snow over Missouri, Kansas but then we have this ice factor in southern Missouri. Severe storms, tornadoes definitely possible in Arkansas, Tennessee, Kentucky.

It gets much worse the week of Jan 13.20.
This is the first wave of bad weather. We’re talking power outages all along. We’re looking at around 9 inches of snow for the St. Louis area or ice depending on what comes down but this is going to be one severe storm coming in.

Behind this we’re going to get hit with super cold temperature and mega winds; hurricane-force winds, so this is when it really starts getting pretty wicked between January 10th – January 11th for the Midwest.

We could have more tornadoes down in Mississippi, Alabama, Kentucky, Tennessee, Indiana, Ohio and where you see the frozen line that could be where the power outages are, and the wind machines are going to start turning on.

We’re still on Saturday January 11th, so this storm is going to affect everybody on the east coast all the way down. Keep your eyes here on these tight wind lines because this is going to get insane.

10:31 mins
After this storm passes, we’re talking major temperature changes [arctic cold]. The Carolinas same thing. Georgia severe storms, possible tornadoes. If you’re in the pink areas you know you’re looking at power outages.

Check this out. Look at the winds. When these winds are real close together, we’re talking hurricane-force winds, maybe even more like a category 2 hurricane winds coming in through BC, pushing the storm off.

This will affect the whole upper northeast. Look at this wind machine. This is like a  hurricane of straight-line winds coming in. As we go out through January 2020, not a lot of precipitation at first but it’s putting the winds in motion, and what’s going to happen with these winds, I think, is a mega pattern change with the temperatures.

January 13th more severe weather for parts of Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, going into Alabama.

It’s always tornado season from now on. They’ve geo stormed the sky, so many nano particulates up in the sky, nanobots, storm following nanotechnology, there is no end to the tornado season.

January 14th look at the winds still creeping across at high velocities. This storm is tracking pretty much straight east. Snow in Wisconsin, Minnesota. Rain for Michigan. We’re still on January 14th. It’s going to start breaking apart a little bit but look at these wind’s coming in. We’ve got some high, high winds and this is where it’s going to get really tricky. If the ground gets saturated from these first few storms, you’ve got these winds that could be toppling trees over, which could lead to power outages. Even without the weather, without any kind of rain or anything, we got mega winds coming in.

13:09 mins
Rain for the south, and then here comes the next system. ANY kind of moisture coming down with this system will be like a blizzard. If it’s rain it’s gonna be like a monsoon. You’ve got strong storms for South Carolina, parts of Alabama on January 15th, and look at how these winds are just dipping way, way down. I mean it’s fixing to get really crazy.

These winds are gonna be so insane. I’ve never seen winds like this.  Here’s another day with some sleet, ice, a little bit of snow, heavy, heavy storms in the south. Take this up, another tornado day. We’re gonna have such wind power with this storm it’s just gonna be ridiculous.

You’ve got light snow over Wisconsin, Iowa, Illinois. I mean it’s gonna be blowing sideways. Severe storms in Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, the same areas over and over and I’m gonna show you the rainfall amounts.

This is going to be a major power outage day for all the southern states, you got not only tornadoes, you got sleet, you got ice storms, this is on Thursday, January 16th and we’ve got this wind pattern. It looks like the jet stream is on the ground.

I don’t know how much these winds are gonna be but they’re gonna be high, probably some of the highest winds we’ve ever seen on this map, and they’re going all the way down to Mexico.

You’d think this would be picking up some warm air but it’s not, it’s gonna be a massive cold front coming down, the cold air is heavier than the hot air so it’s gonna push any kind of warm air away, and we’re no longer gonna have a mild winter, it’s going straight into the polar vortex cold. We still have the ice storm going on January 16th.

15:30 mins
Go up another six hours, snow and ice storm in Mexico. Texas you’re gonna get quite a bit of snow, quite a bit of ice, it’s even gonna have sleet and ice in the Gulf of Mexico. This is one big bad boy of a cold push coming down. I guarantee they’re heating the troposphere, they’re doing the rapid heating event, which we’ll take a look at here in a little bit.

We’re looking at 12 hours of snow and ice over Texas and Mexico, out into the Gulf of Mexico. Pretty much a blizzard event in the upper northeast on January 17. Look at the snow amounts in Texas, and New Mexico.

You’ve got a good blizzard around the Nova Scotia, Canada. Showing rain, most likely that’s going to be snow, all the way through.

We’re gonna have 40-50 inches of snow over Washington, Oregon maybe up to 80 inches of snow. The whole weird thing is the wind patterns. When we’ve got the highest winds I’ve ever seen going all the way down through the Gulf of Mexico this is freaky stuff.

And here comes the second round of winds. Look at all this moisture off the Gulf Coast. They’re gonna have to be cloud seeding way down here, to get that to pull down that far. We have ice storms in parts of Florida, Alabama, South Carolina, Take this up to Jan 18th Saturday, heavy storms over Florida. I think that’s pretty much the second wave of the cold air but the cold is going to be really cold, so this moisture is more or less just going to be blowing around, nothing too severe once we get that cold air in here.

We’ll show you the temperature maps, and the targeted areas of the moisture. Look at this heavy rain bag getting ready to come into parts of California, Oregon, Washington, and mega snow. You’ve got over 100 inches of snow over BC when that comes through. Still got the blizzard, more winds, here’s where they get hit with their ice storm on January 21st.

18:31 mins
When you get the ice and the sleet that’s when the power goes out, that’s when the cold temperatures are here, and that’s when it gets tricky. That’s the 16-day forecast.

Now, let’s look at the total accumulated precipitation whether it’s rain or snow, and you’ll see the targeted areas mainly right over Alabama, Mississippi, parts of Louisiana, Georgia, parts of Kentucky, parts of North and South Carolina, and then here’s the mega amounts over Washington, Oregon, up into the BC area. In Missouri we’re looking at like 9 inches of snow.

We’ll look at total accumulation of snow, so you know the amounts. Here in Washington, in Oregon, you’re looking parts of Oregon at 87 inches of snow, 76 inches of snow, you’re looking at 140 inches up over the BC area. They already got hit with like 10 feet of snow. Idaho 25 inches, St. Louis area around 9 inches of snow, 10 inches for Indiana, Illinois 5 to 6, 8 over Michigan, 8 over Wisconsin. Look down here in Mexico, 16 inches of snow in parts of Texas and Mexico.

Now let’s look at the temperature maps. You’ve got some pretty cold temperatures up in Canada, up in Minnesota, you’re looking at – 18, – 11, -7 in Wisconsin on January 8th. A little bit of a cold blast. We’re staying pretty mild but remember the wind machine I told you about when all the snow goes down?

Check out temperatures coming across BC area that’s going to be coming with that wind.  -32 degrees up there. Check this out Monday, January 13th the winds are going to be pushing this cold air down and we’re talking arctic cold.

Look at Montana, Wyoming, Idaho – 26 – 35, North Dakota – 22 – 25, now this is going to be our first really cold blast of air. We’re looking at 8 degrees in Missouri, zero in Nebraska, and it’s just gonna keep pushing down. In the Gulf of Mexico you’re going from 74 degrees down to 18 degrees in like six hours. That’s gonna be one crazy drop, along with the storms that are going to be firing up right across this line.

January 16th right when that mega storm was coming through, you’re looking at -2° Kansas City, – 3 is St. Louis, – 19 in Colorado, – 18 in Minnesota, South Dakota. This cold air is going to hit way down.

Once this cold air comes through, temperatures are not going to rebound. We’re going to stay cold after this first week, two weeks after that or for however long it lasts. The polar vortex is here, so it’s never going to rebound back up into the 40s, 50s at least not that I could see. Maybe here on Jan 21st for parts of it that’s the very last day of the 16 day forecast, other that is gonna be flat out cold.

Make sure you’ve got good air filters for your furnace, and backup heat in case the power goes out because you might need it in a week and a half.

23:57 mins AUSTRALIA
Let me put this back on the moisture. We’re going to see where the moisture is going to be, to see if Australia is going to get any moisture. Apparently where the cyclone is up here [off Australia] they’re not going to let any of the moisture get into the Australia. I mean just very little. All this rain that was supposed to go down right through this whole area, it looks like they’re keeping it pushed off. Very little rain, a little bit of rain maybe over the Sydney area. A little bit of moisture over Tasmania but look they’re going to keep the center of the country dry.

Let’s check the temperatures. The only place they’re showing really hot is down here in southwestern Australia, and everything else is relatively cool. That’s later, it’s 384 hours away, so look at all the heat down in the southern part.

Here’s the cyclone [off Australia]. It’s supposed to hit right where the ionosphere heater is. Look, it’s going to go right on past it. They’re not going to let it come in, they’re going to go right around the ionosphere heater and kill the storm off. It’s just going to park right there and die but then you’ve got a secondary cyclone beginning to develop after that. Look at that, it’s just staying right there, so they are definitely steering the cyclone right around the ionospheric heater that’s right on the point. We showed it the other night.

Farmer Sets Up Trough For Animals To Drink From While The Australian Bushfires Rage On

Bless everyone helping each other and the animals.


26:35 mins EUROPE
Europe get all our leftover stuff. It looks like Norway and Sweden are still the targets. Pretty heavy over the UK, Portugal, Spain. Nothing too wicked but once you get over here [Norway/Sweden] they’re looking at 500 centimeters of moisture [16 feet].

27:23 mins
We’re looking at the rapid heating event that’s going on. This heating event is what’s going to push this cold air.

We’re looking at air up in the troposphere, this is the polar vortex cold. What they’re doing is heating up here, and they’re going to push this giant cold air mass around. This only goes up a couple days. It looks like they’re going to shove of it over to Europe and then try to slingshot it back to America. They’ll start heating it from this side in a couple days or probably by next week. We’re going to be watching closely. They’re still heating up over the Antarctic big-time, but we’ll get to this map in a little bit.

Arctic Oscillation and Polar Vortex Analysis and Forecasts

Jan 06, 2020 https://www.aer.com/science-research/climate-weather/arctic-oscillation/

Are you kidding me?

Mike Morales showed how moisture [cyclone] is being withheld from Australia, where people, animals, and the land are being devastated by fire.

Look at the money being thrown at making rain in California, funded by tax payers, then watch the video below to see how moisture is continually withheld there.

Mar 2016: Ten cl0ud seeding gr0und systems in C@l!forni@ to M@KE R@IN that is  intentionally blocked. https://www.cbsnews.com/news/could-cloud-seeding-help-with-californias-drought/

Jan 04.20: Developing Gale Squashed By Satellite uWave Transmitter; Strong Winds Scheduled!

I encourage you to watch one or more other 1PacificRedwood videos https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXcnHuosOLaKOGU0qQoYzfA

Be aware and prepared rather than scared

Much of what mainstream and some alternative media publish, is manufactured to trigger negative human emotions, keep people cycling in unawareness, fear, and separation.

To neutralize deception do your own research and network with people you trust ‘before’ sharing information.

Have an emergency plan for you and family.  https://www.rei.com/learn/expert-advice/emergency-preparedness-basics.html.

Notifying people in advance of arctic cold on the way could save lives, especially the elderly so please, share this Blog or use your own words, so people can prepare now. Thank you.

Doreen A Agostino
Without Prejudice and Without Recourse
Sent via hardwired computer
All wireless turned off to safeguard life

enviro 20

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W@r, Re@l !D, C0nsp!r@cy Re@l!ty and V!et N@m Pr0tests

W@r On Ir@n – important message for all

War is bad for our country. What does our government do during war? They pass tyrannical laws because of the war. Things like boarding airplanes becomes more of a hassle. Things like the Real ID is going to become significantly more important. The technology in the Real ID is the same technology used in China to implement the social credit score.

Nothing positive will result in war with Iran. Our freedom isn’t sitting in Iran. It’s being stolen from us every day stateside.

China’s Social Credit System – coming for everyone

How it works https://www.bertelsmann-stiftung.de/fileadmin/files/aam/Asia-Book_A_03_China_Social_Credit_System.pdf

Either you, your children, and grand children do as the government wants you to do, or do time in a re-education [concentration] camp.

Record-Setting Demonstrations – America

Opposition to the Vietnam War became a colossal movement drawing hundreds of thousands of Americans into the streets.

Photograph of Vietnam War protest in Washingtonhttps://www.thoughtco.com/vietnam-war-protests-4163780

College campuses are no longer the bastions of dissent and protest they used to be. On the contrary, they are now used by the CIA and NSA, DIA and DEA as venues to foment revolutionary impulses against anything that poses a threat to the establishment.

This is where the world is heading – one world order


Please share these facts, remind everyone that war is only possible when people allow it, and that public silence is implied consent to war on us all. Thank you.

Doreen A Agostino
Without Prejudice and Without Recourse
Sent via hardwired computer
All wireless turned off to safeguard life

gov intl

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Is W@r on Ir@q and Ir@n Esc@l@t!on of W@r on M@n?

W0rld w@rs are manufactured to er@se authentic h!st0ry, st@te s@nctioned fr@ud, cr!mes against m@n, illusory debt, to cull the p0pulation, and pr0fit from sp0ils of w@r

Let’s examine possible deeper meaning of manufactured war on

First unearthed in the 1500s, as colonial powers began to excavate ancient sites of Mesopotamia, cuneiform scripts found in Iran reveal memories of Mesopotamia’s ancient cultures, and summary versions of all the stories that pepper the Sumerian, Babylonian, and Assyrian texts, fascinating parallel stories from 5,000 years ago, outlined in the Paul Wallis video below, and uncannily similar to all the stories of beginnings in the bible.

What does that say about the book of Genesis and an alleged ‘chosen’ people?

History Begins at Sumer – circa 1956

The book consists of 25 essays. They are all “firsts” in man’s recorded history.

It was probably toward the end of the 4th millennium B.C., about 5,000 years ago, that the Sumerians, as a result of their economic and administrative needs, came upon the idea of writing on clay. https://www.radiantlunatic.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/HistoryBeginsAtSumer.pdf

Buried history of humans?

In 2003, at the beginning of the Iraq invasion, a team of archaeologists protected by American troops, went into what is believed to be the royal tomb of King Gilgamesh, a hybrid, part higher dimensional being and part human.

King Gilgamesh, commemorated in stone, kills a lion

Having located the probable tomb site of King Gilgamesh, why was it decided not to investigate further and test his DNA? http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/science/nature/2982891.stm

The 5th Kind
Dec 15, 2019

Narrated by Paul Wallis, Preacher 30+ years

Thanks to Judy for the video.

Qasem Soleimani was on an official diplomatic mission –  INITIATED by the USA

Iraqi Prime Minister Adil Abdl Mahdi has now officially revealed that the US had asked him to mediate between the US and Iran, and that General Qasem Soleimani to come and talk to him and give him the answer to his mediation efforts. Read more at http://stateofthenation.co/?p=3333

Insider: Trump Family Cult is Planning WW3

Is war on Iran being manufactured to escalate war on man and Earth, waged decades ago using silent weapons like toxic food, water, air, 5G, harmful technology, vaccines, weaponized weather destroying lives, communities, states, Australia, etc.?

Are all of us next? Read more at https://www.henrymakow.com/2020/01/chabad-trump-family-cult.html

Persia was historically the common name for Iran

Cyrus the Great was founder of the Achaemenid Empire, the first Persian Empire.

To honor Donald Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, a ‘Temple Coin’ features Trump alongside King Cyrus, who 2,500 years ago allowed Jews to return to Jerusalem from their exile in Babylon.


Future shaping power of now

If the Annunaki created this form of humans, who created the Annuanki, and so on?

How about, the One True Creator of All That Is, Was, and Ever Shall Be, referred by physicists as fundamental electromagnetic quantum energy, or Power, generating reality in response to our choices.

Power exists only in the now because every now you ‘choose’ what to believe, think, say, do, feel, how to respond or not to create a better human experience.

With peace, and freedom in mind, please share this post. Thank you.

Doreen A Agostino
Without Prejudice and Without Recourse
Sent via hardwired computer
All wireless turned off to safeguard life


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Diffuse p0ssibility of w0rld w@r + Mess@ge to Act!ve S0ld!ers

Speak up for peace and freedom .. no US war on Iran and Iraq

Empire Files
Live Jan 04.20

Abby Martin and Mike Prysner host an emergency live stream to address the Trump administration’s dangerous escalation of war with Iran and Iraq, with the extrajudicial drone assassination of top Iranian General Qassem Soleimani.

They discuss history of US intervention, the 2020 Democratic presidential contenders positions and give a call to action for protests as well as for active duty soldiers to file for conscientious objector status.

More than 70 Actions Took Place on Sat. Jan. 4 To Demand – No War With Iran!

Sign up for updates https://www.answercoalition.org/

Conscientious Objectors – message to active duty soldiers

54:59 mins
Soldiers are saying “I want to get the f#*k out now.” One of my friends who’s been in for almost 20 years, just coasting through his last year says “I’m gonna to file for conscientious objector because I cannot be a part of this. I can’t wear this uniform.”

The fact that dozens of soldiers have reached out to us to say “What are my options? I’m not going to be a part of this” is incredibly encouraging that’s why it’s important to have the biggest show of force possible tomorrow with these anti-war demonstrations because we have to send a message to people in the military that you don’t have to do this, you shouldn’t do this, and there’s a community of people who support you in it.

If you know anyone in the military, if you are in the military, whether you’re on the  National Guard, on the reserves, on IRR, or whatever, start exploring your options now, and this should be a wake-up call moment. This is where US foreign policy is headed, regardless of whether or not we go to war with Iran now.

Ask yourself if you are you on board with what’s happening, are you willing to kill or die for this absurd foreign policy that only serves the interests of the rich?

If you go on Twitter at https://twitter.com/EyesLeftPod our DMS are open if you DM us, and you need more information I’ll give you a signal number to text, which is encrypted and we can start talking that way.

If you’re in the military, if you’re part of any operations that have to do with this, or mobilization, don’t be a part of it. You will regret it for the rest of your life, and if you take a stand against it, you will encourage others to do the same, and we can build a resistance to what’s happening from within the ranks of the military, which  is very important.

If you’re not in danger of going or being a part of any of it, this should be a wake-up call to what you joined, and we’re a part of. If it’s not today or in the next week that you have to do something that conflicts with your  conscience, it’s somewhere down the line, and so you should start prepping yourself now to combat it.

File for conscientious status. It’s a legal right for all service members. It’s a relatively easy paperwork process. You just print out the application, fill out the paperwork, write a little essay about how you’ve changed your conscience about war. Definitely talk to me before you do it because there’s specific things that you have to hit, and then you just submit it to your commander who has no choice but to send it up to JAG. If it meets all the requirements you’ve got an honorable discharge and you’re out .

It’s also a good way to get out of stuff quickly, like if you’re deploying in a week, if you put your packet in they have to take you off deployment status while they’re reviewing. So, it’s not like they can’t deny it right away. It has to go through a weeks long process. I’ve known people who were a week away from deployment, who had their packet in, so they could not be deployed. They were safe and they didn’t have to go on it. That’s one of many options, and so please reach out to me. My lines of communication are always open for service members who need help.

71:12 mins
It’s time to show solidarity for the citizens and civilians of Iraq and Iran that need to see  we do not support what is going on with our criminal government.

A month ago, Congress struck language from a military policy bill that would have explicitly denied authorization for a war with Iran. https://truthout.org/articles/congress-failed-to-act-to-prevent-iran-war-now-trump-has-put-millions-at-risk/

Did Trump Just Trigger World War III?


Iranian American and American Scholars write “Open Letter” to Trump about his “unconstitutional and despicable action”

No, Iran Didn’t Attack the US Embassy in Baghdad


Red flag of war is significant symbology

All wars are banker’s wars – history of the Rothschilds

World war is manufactured by globalists to erase great fraud, cover up crimes against humanity by church, state, and corporate, to collapse the corrupt global economic and finance system, cull the population, plunder Ces’ Que Vie trusts, and others spoils of war.

Here’s how it’s done. https://gmmuk.com/all-wars-are-bankers-wars-a-history-of-the-rothschilds/


Know the facts and spread them

Silence is implied consent to world war, so please, share the facts for people to make informed decisions, pull together, and speak up for peace and freedom. Thank you.

Doreen A Agostino
Without Prejudice and Without Recourse
Sent via hardwired computer
All wireless turned off to safeguard life

gov intl

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