Zero CV testing going on during World End Game – a must listen

Citizen journalists unmask media propaganda

Dana Ashlie
Mar 31.20

Biggest deception ever … End Game

Think About It
Mar 30, 20

Former head of the largest business unit at Vodafone, Newbury, England 2013-2015 was privy to a number of new technologies like the Internet of Things and 5G. He knew 5G was dangerous and explains in detail the impact 5G has on the cells in our body and how that relates to the coronavirus.

We’re heading for the largest global recession the world has ever seen because they are changing the game at warp speed.

The Creator has a Plan too. Please watch, listen, and share, so people know, and can prepare physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Many thanks to Judy for the video.

Virginia Issue Stay-At-Home Order — Until June 10

Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam on Monday issued a stay-at-home orders for state residents, which prohibits anyone from leaving home except for trips deemed “essential,” such as getting food or seeking medical assistance.

Please also join together 04.04.20 in global meditation, and spread the word to help reach a level of participation and unity consciousness never before witnessed on Earth. Thank you.

Doreen A Agostino
Without Prejudice and Without Recourse
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All wireless turned off to safeguard life


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One Million Points of Pure Light Called To Unite On April 04, 2020

The Power for radical change requires collective ‘energy’ to bring it about

Each of us is called to stand in personal Power on APRIL 04, 2020, when a tremendous Astrological Portal will open through which humanity must UNITE AS ONE MIND, and ONE CONSCIOUSNESS to reclaim independence from the financial debt slave system instituted 700 years ago, to heal fear, the coronavirus, and negative hidden agendas, to end internet of things and 5G deadly radiation (likely a major factor in what happened in Wuhan, China. Reports now surfacing that as many as 3 million people may have died from radiation poisoning in that province).

The Power available on APRIL 4th is truly Astronomical in the most literal sense, when planets Jupiter and Pluto come together in the sky that day.

We intend to harness this powerful astrological alignment to create a massive SHIFT for humanity in the most positive and harmonious direction possible. This requires MASS PARTICIPATION, and a joining of Hearts and Minds with singular focus and intention on a level that has not yet been reached on planet Earth!!!

With all of this global chaos swirling around us, it is imperative that we the true Bearers of Pure Light come together in a Global Meditation on April 4th, and with profound heartfelt love, Unite As One Million Points of Pure Light to anchor higher vibration energies of Truth, Harmony, Peace, Abundance, Freedom, Healing and the most positive Ascension Timeline imaginable!

You are asked to expand the Power of collective meditation by reaching out to all who follow your social media pages, read your books or blogs, and communicate that MASS MEDITATIONS on a GLOBAL SCALE need to become a Top Priority, beginning with the powerful Astrological Ascension Portal opening April 4, 2020 when an unprecedented wave of light (5D gamma waves) flood our planet.

Whatever your view or belief about ascension/evolution, it is time to advance our consciousness as a collective for the upliftment and healing of all beings on Earth. The best possible way to do this is through MASS MEDITATION! The greater the numbers the sooner and grander the results!!

A Mass Meditation called “Ascension Timeline Meditation” takes place April 4, 2020 at exactly 10:45 pm EST (eastern standard time U.S.) for 20 minutes and we need you to help mobilze the greatest army of meditators this world has ever seen!

Europe, Asia and Australia will already have April 5th at the moment of the activation, which will be:

3:45 am BST in London,
4:45 am CEST in Paris,
4:45 am EET in Cairo,
10:45 am CST in Taipei and Beijing,
11:45 am JST in Tokyo and
12:45 pm AEST in Sydney.

Check the time of the meditation for your time zone by clicking here:
Time Conversion Table

So that our visualizations and intentions are cohesive, ASCENSION TIMELINE MEDITATION INSTRUCTIONS can be found in the following video.

Also at this link and more

Uni-verse: one intention in the hearts and minds of many

If you recall in a recent Blog, David Wilcox said the cabal a.k.a. beings at the top of the power pyramid, have to work within the Illuminati rules. These rules are a body of spiritual principles they MUST follow in order to be allowed to exist. In other words, they are aware of benevolent forces that will prevent them from achieving their goals unless humans give them permission to enslave us.

Global meditations appear to be a Uni-versal principle, where a single, focused intention in the minds and hearts of many allow the One True Creator to respond in kind.

Silence, or doing nothing to transform present chaos is permission to enslave us hence 1/3 of the world’s population is presently locked down.

Global mediation on April 04, 2020 is an opportunity to transform chaos through the Power of freewill choice and collective positive action.

Please spread the word. If people cannot participate in person ask them to set an intention to participate in spirit. Thank you.

Doreen A Agostino
Without Prejudice and Without Recourse
Sent via hardwired computer
All wireless turned off to safeguard life


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One Third of the Population CONsent to Lock Step, Authoritarian, Top Down Control

Cognitive dissonance or freedom?

The world we thought we knew is being re-engineered in plain sight.

How each of us responds is generating the kind of world that will arise from present chaos because the energy of our choices, positive and negative, magnetize a matching energy through people, events, and circumstances.

When we know the facts and where they may lead we can plan ahead. Jeff Berwick also offers solutions.

We are witnessing the largest psychological CIA/globalist operation in modern history right now

After India went into lock down this week, one-third of the world’s population is now officially under Covid-19 lock down.

Based on the number of military vehicles being rolled out across the USA, things do appear rather grim for Americans.

All of  this has been years in the making. Back in 2010, the Rockefeller Foundation came up with a plan they called “Lockstep” in which they talk about how an influenza strain would be used to impose more “authoritarian” top-down control on governments and the world.

A quote from their ideal “lockstep” scenario goes as follows:
“[They want] a world of tighter top-down government control and more authoritarian leadership, with limited innovation and growing citizen pushback.”  You can read all about their plans for world domination right in the public domain.

The truth is always in plain sight. Most people are too distracted and unaware to see it.

The video includes evidence COVID19 was created in a lab at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. More on that in the video and how COVID19 is unnatural.

Hubei residents are clearly angry after weeks of the coronavirus lock down, which in theory is being lifted as the Chinese government claims infections in Hubei have dropped to zero. Evidently protesters are infuriated by how the government treated them during the crisis – infuriated enough to flip over police cars and swarm past riot control barriers.

Civil unrest is coming to the USA and the rest of the western world. Maybe not this go-round, but globalists are certainly testing the waters to see how far they can push people.

It’s time to take back what’s rightfully ours – our freedom of movement and happiness.

Stay safe. And stay informed.
Jeff Berwick

Wash, Rinse, Repeat COVID-19 over and over

Daniel Alexander Cannon, YouTube channel LogicBeforeAuthority, details the Illuminati plan through his interpretation of mythology, symbology, movement in the heavens, Pet Goat videos, etc. all in plain sight.

They plan is to keep bringing COVID19 back over and over or some variation thereof, until man is beaten into submission and enslavement.

Ready or Not – I Pet Goat’s Fulfillment has Begun! Video unlisted

Lock down is not about the flu it’s a world-wide coup

Re-infection with COVID-19 is a unique and distinguishing feature that could keep man locked down for years because of multiple re-infections due to wireless and intensive 5G roll-outs.

CONsent, the Great CON of Man – please note well

The Rules of the Illuminati when it comes to man. Video highlights below.

The cabal, or the beings at the top of the power pyramid, have to work within the Illuminati rules. These rules are a body of spiritual principles they MUST follow in order to be allowed to exist. In other words, they are aware of benevolent forces that will prevent them from achieving their goals unless humans give them permission to enslave us. Now think about that!

Did you give them permission? So why did they put this plan for 3 world wars on display in a book that’s hanging open behind glass in The British museum library in London? Those 3 world wars they outlined are exactly WWI, WWII, and the war on terrorism because the rules state they have to tell humans what they are doing.

Therefore, if humans allow it to happen, we consent to tyranny; we consent to enslavement.

Secret history of the cabal’s power was re-discovered under Queen Elizabeth from the 1500s by her royal astrologer, a man named John Dee. Through ancient documents in the Vatican, John Dee re-discovered the technology to access what they considered to be spiritual beings useful to them, and what we would consider to be demonic or evil beings.

These beings need to be accessed through a very complex set of rituals and ceremonies. You cannot just ask for them to show up.  Spiritual beings such as Baal and Molech, who they still do ceremonies for today in Bohemian Grove, where there is a giant stone effigy of an owl that represents the god Molech who goes all the way back to Rome and Carthage, where they offered child sacrifices to this god in exchange for power.

Statue of Molach, Baal at the Vatican

Nov 2019

Video of child sacrifice.

A guide into an Age of Reason in plain sight

When people scoff at the plan to exterminate an enormous segment of this world’s population, show them proof in plain sight. The fact that most people are unaware of the Georgia Guide Stones in Elbert County, Georgia, and silent war on man [toxic food, water, air, vaccines, wireless, 5G], attest to the degree of control that exists across this planet by occult forces manipulating, controlling and now locking down 1/3 of the population.

App Lets Citizens Snitch on People Who Violate Shutdown Orders

Stay home, stay healthy … what a clever way to pit unaware people against one another.

Where is the test that isolates COVID-19?

It appears there isn’t one.

In a subsequent Blog we will look at theories of infectious disease causation, like the theory that microbes cause disease, one of the most ‘protected’ medical doctrines of modern medicine.

“In the sciences, people quickly come to regard as their own personal property that which they have learned and had passed on to them at the universities and academies. If someone else comes along with new ideas that contradict the Credo and in fact even threaten to overturn it, then all passions are raised against this threat and no method is left untried to suppress it. People resist it in every way possible: pretending not to have heard about it; speaking disparagingly of it, as if it were not even worth the effort of looking into the matter. And so a new truth can have a long wait before finally being accepted.”Goethe

Please help raise awareness by sharing the above information, which allows the Creator of All That is to respond in kind to goodwill intent and conscious action. Thank you.

Doreen A Agostino
Without Prejudice and Without Recourse
Sent via hardwired computer
All wireless turned off to safeguard life


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The Greatest Depression | Stimulus Bill COVID19 Exploitation

Controlled demolition of the economy

Mar 28, 2020

The Age of Terror was inaugurated with a series of controlled demolitions in New York City on Sept 11, 2001. Now the world is being led into the Age of Biological Terror with a controlled demolition of the economy that is already causing unprecedented carnage across markets and around the globe.

As the dust settles on this demolition, an entirely new economy is ready to be erected in its place: one in which no citizen will be out of the sight of the all-seeing government.

The Corbett Report examines details of this collapse and why the bankster class is seeking to destroy the financial Ponzi scheme they themselves created.

15:10 mins
Banksters screaming this is going to be the biggest economic event in human history.

17:33 mins
Negative rates come to the US: one month and three months Treasury bill yields are now below zero.

37:49 mins
What’s rolling out now instead of decentralized cryptocurrency, they’re going to take it completely to centralized fiat blockchain and try to confuse the public with it. Mission accomplished because 99% of the public could not tell the difference and has no idea what’s going on.

39:31 mins
Eventually there’s going to be digital certificates to prove you got the vaccine when it comes out. In order to be a good citizen and interact in society you’re going to have to have the vaccine. So take the vaccine and then you can get your money and if you think this is crazy talk, well tell that to Bill Gates.


Stimulus Bill: An Abomination Beyond Comprehension

Thanks to Judy for the Stimulus Bill video.

02:21 mins
This is a further consolidation of wealth
among the super-rich. By giving only the super-rich money at a time when asset prices are down and everything is depressed, so that those super-rich can take the taxpayers money and buy more of all the assets, to increase their stranglehold and hammerlock on America.

03:09 mins
The fear of appearing to try to do something outside the scope of the historical corruption of this country, at a time when the government is trying to appear to be active in the face of the crisis, it is proven that not a single politician in America has the teeth or stomach to do that.

5:13 mins
It took from September 2008 to March 2009 to steal a few trillion dollars in assets, and in this case because of the biological panic, and because they already did it once before, they were able to facilitate the theft in a matter of days, which is rather impressive.

08:41 mins
The bank’s got bigger after Barack Obama bailed them out. They made the banks bigger and kicked 5.1 million people out of their house. Are they gonna do that again?

D.R. I think they’re gonna start kicking people out of their houses as soon as they can. I think legally they have to wait three months before they can really start destroying people’s lives.

What is the stimulus bill?

10:49 mins Daylan Ratigan
This bill is a bunch of money for the richest thousand people to consolidate the hammerlock across the totality of the American economy, using taxpayer money to strangle taxpayers, while calling it a bailout for taxpayers. All of it is just an exploitation of the biological event.

In 2009, the banks were made whole and they wanted your home too. This staggering criminal action is coming soon: 13:51 to 14:37 mins.

22:55 mins
This bailout is bigger than the previous bailout and absolutely everybody is on board.

Restructuring the American economy –  Silence is tacit CONsent

29:19 mins
They are actively restructuring the American economy in a way that simply consolidates ownership of assets to a smaller and smaller group in the private sector, using each catastrophe as an opportunity to use taxpayer money to accomplish that and then they call it a bailout for the people.

29:43 mins
It’s just a big CON because the people who own the government are extracting wealth.

D.R. That’s right. They’re just getting free money from the taxpayer to buy distressed assets from Americans, at a time when assets are distressed because of the biological catastrophe.

Betrayal by the political class

So, basically because you have a lot of people in distress from the catastrophe it’s a great opportunity to rapaciously strip them of all their assets, make them your tenant and take away all their ownership. The only way you can do that is if you have money, and the only place you can really get money is from the government, so these big companies get money from the government, and the big financial institutions get money from government, so they can raid all the assets and take complete ownership of everything.

Wake up to the CON in CONsent

You pay taxes to the government.
The government gives your tax money [bail out] to the banks; public silence is tacit or implied CONsent.
Due to COVID job loss some distressed home owners are unable to pay the mortgage.
So, using tax payer money [bail out] the banks buy these homes, take ownership, and kick the home owners out.

Why Washington’s COVID-19 Relief Package Must Be Stopped!

Authored by Mike Whitney via The Unz Review,

The Senate’s $2 Trillion Coronavirus Relief Package is not fiscal stimulus and it’s not a lifeline for the tens of millions of working people who have suddenly lost their jobs. It’s a fundamental restructuring of the US economy designed to strengthen the grip of the corrupt corporate-banking oligarchy while creating a permanent underclass that will be forced to work for slave wages. This isn’t stimulus, it’s shock therapy.

Did you know  “if you don’t already have direct-deposit information on file with the IRS from previous tax returns, you won’t get the emergency funds for up to 4 months”? That means millions of people will have zero income for 4 months! What will become of them? Where will they go? Who will provide them with shelter and food?

Mnuchin is transforming the US Treasury into a hedge fund. It means the Treasury is going to use the $450 billion that is obliquely allocated in the emergency bill, to create a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV)–which is a sleazy, off-balance sheet operation that is used to conceal underhanded bookkeeping, that will leverage up by 10x (which means that the Fed will use the $450 billion to borrow tens times more than the original amount or $4.5 trillion) that will be stealthily used to bail out underwater corporations, financial institutions and, yes, banks.

(Note–The fairy-tale about “well capitalized banks” is pure bunkum. These guys have serious exposure through “sponsored repo” which is lending to hedge funds via the repo market.) The Fed has already created one SPV for the Commercial Paper market under the Treasury’s Exchange Stabilization Fund (ESF) which is supposed to be used to mitigate volatility in global currency markets, not for bailing out failing corporations. It’s a complete misuse of funds.

Unfortunately, targeted suspension of the Sunshine Act will prevent the public from figuring out who is getting money in what amount and for what purpose. This whole scam has been carefully worked out right down to legal provisions preventing transparency.

The wealthy run the government at the expense of the people

What is the back story on the coronavirus aid package in Canada, and other countries because they are all in on this together?

Canada lawmakers pass coronavirus aid package

Mar 25, 2020
Canadian lawmakers approved a more than Can$100 billion aid package to help individuals and businesses through the pandemic, after all-night negotiations on what emergency powers to grant the minority government.

The measures include Can$52 billion ($37 billion) in direct support for families and businesses, and Can$55 billion in tax deferrals.

It is suggested to prepay as much as you can. Please spread the word so people are  informed and prepare. Thank you.

Doreen A Agostino
Without Prejudice and Without Recourse
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All wireless turned off to safeguard life


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COURAGE: Threshold To Limitless Possibilities

A defining moment

Around 2003, the collective consciousness exceeded 200 hertz for the 1st time. This is SIGNIFICANT because below 200 hz is destructive and above 200 hz is constructive.

Everything is energy, frequency, and vibration referred to by physicists as fundamental electromagnetic quantum energy, and by sages as the One True Creator, God, Spirit, Other Names.

Each basic element of the known atomic chart consists of energy at different frequencies of vibration. The difference between any two elements is the difference in both atomic structure and vibrational frequency.

Power v.s Force

In his book ‘Power Vs. Force’ Dr. David Hawkins [1927-2012], renowned psychiatrist, physician, researcher, pioneer in consciousness and spirituality, published a Map of Consciousness based on millions of calibrations through applied kinesiology.

Vibrational frequencies [hertz or cycles per second] were assigned to thoughts and feelings localized by specific attractor energy fields similar to electromagnetic fields gathering iron filings. The Map of Consciousness  shows COURAGE [200 hz] is the threshold to enlightenment; a defining moment for everyone. In early 2000, according to Dr. Hawkins, the collective vibratory frequency of man rose above 200 hz for the first time.

Above 200 Hertz is Constructive
enlightenment 700 – 1,000 hz.
peace 600 hz
joy 540 hz
love 500 hz
reason 400 hz
acceptance 350 hz
willingness 310 hz
neutrality 250 hz
courage is 200 hz

Below 200 Hertz is Destructive

pride 175 hz
anger 150 hz
desire 125 hz
fear 100 hz
grief 75 hz
apathy 50 hz
guilt 30 hz
shame 20 hz

Courage is required to transform fear, deeply ingrained beliefs and patterns that limit us, and to accept there is One Power responding to freewill choices the way a computer responds to its keyboard and mouse commands. In other words, consent is a reality generator. Look around at your life, it is a printout of your choices.


At the 200 hz level, Power first becomes apparent. Courage is the zone of exploration, accomplishment, fortitude, and determination. At lower levels [below 200 hz] the world is seen as hopeless, sad, frightening, frustrating, however at the level of Courage, life is seen to be exciting, challenging, and stimulating. At this level of empowerment, one is able to cope with, and effectively handle the opportunities of life. Hence growth and education become attainable goals.

Obstacles that defeat people whose signature energy is below 200 hz, act as stimulants to those who have evolved into the first level of Power. People at this level give back as much energy as they take; at the lower levels, populations as well as individuals drain energy from society without reciprocating.

Dr. Hawkins’ book at

To avert copyright here, please search ‘Map of Consciousness’ to see the map .

When force meets Power force eventually succumbs

Someone left the following comment at my Blog:

“Everything we perceive to be the worst of humans is a purification or detoxification of the mass psyche of humanity before we can transition into higher consciousness.

Detoxification usually makes humans sicker for a while, as toxins rise to the surface, and the organism sees a chance to purge itself.

People, events, and circumstances that appear destructive are the only possible way that the mass of humanity can start to take responsibility for the patterns of thoughts and actions that contribute to the imbalance, by holding up a mirror to show how far from the ideal is the reflection.”

One way to strengthen courage.

Please inform others. Thank you.

Doreen A Agostino
Without Prejudice and Without Recourse
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Was COVID 19 a TEST of Freewill CONsent?

Epidemiologist Behind Highly-Cited Coronavirus Model Admits He Was Wrong, Drastically Revises Model

Does the following suggest the coronavirus psyop was a TEST to see how easily 7+ billion people can be manipulated and CONtrolled?

Epidemiologist Neil Ferguson’s model projected 2.2 million dead people in the United States and 500,000 in the U.K. from COVID-19 if no action was taken to slow the virus and blunt its curve.

Ferguson drops his prediction from 500,000 dead to under 20,000 UK and there’s more

The coronavirus psyop proved fear is the currency of control. It also PROVED how unaware and vulnerable the majority of people are world wide.

Thanks to for the video.

Brilliantly orchestrated psyop

Globalists know the more energy behind a belief, true and false, the more assured the outcome. This explains why they invested so heavily in the coronavirus psyop. Results are plain to see and will be remembered because of strong emotional attachments.

A plethora of new ‘rules’ at the grocery store I visit are overwhelming staff and customers. Reduced hours. Everyone who enters is questioned about their health. Notices about social distancing throughout the store. Huge plastic shields between each cashier and customers. No personal shopping bags allowed in the store. No cash accepted. Many customers wearing masks.

How easy to FOOL unaware people; big names allegedly testing positive for coronavirus, jobs put on hold, businesses/banks shut down, travel restricted, people ISOLATED from one another, locking down the planet, triggering extreme anxiety, advancing 5G untested for human health and safety, and what else?

Crypto Against Covid death of cash

As the world grapples with the devastating effects of coronavirus, the need for a digital alternative to paper money becomes increasingly clear.

Allege fiat money [cash and coin] contamination from the coronavirus to effortlessly usher in digital currency. Another engineered problem, and desired reaction, to implement their solution with consent of the majority of the people.

1994 Serge Monast: Night of a Thousand Stars disclosure

Much of what people dismissed as conspiracy theory is now conspiracy reality. Circumstances changed since 1994 however the goal of a new world order out of chaos is in full bloom.

Higher awareness

Were you ever really frightened? Did you allow fear to limit you, or did you transform fear into joy, a sense of accomplishment, or even an unexpected break through?

My relationship with fear is such that when I leap into the unknown there is always a net to catch me. I left my marriage with full custody of a very young child. I restored my biology from stage 3 cancer without prescribed chemo and radiation.

With laser focus during week long intensives to transform fear, I confided in hot burning coals before completing a lengthy physical fire walk, I split a block of wood with one hand, and accomplished many life threatening feats through the Power of transforming fear.

Distractions, staged false flag attacks, more than one job to pay bills, perpetual debt, etc. are by purposeful design. They limit available time to discover the only Power to generate reality responds in kind to what each of us chooses to believe, think, say, do, and feel.

Lack of awareness

During the coronavirus psyop I witnessed how attached people are to limiting beliefs despite credible evidence to the contrary and hidden agendas.

I saw how easily people dismiss the dangerous link between wireless and viruses.

I saw how unaware people are about the wisdom and Power of their own immune system, and how their consent to be in fear suppresses it.

Fever can be your friend in times of illness

An elevated body temperature triggers cellular mechanisms that ensure the immune system takes appropriate action against the offending virus or bacteria.

Soulution to extreme chaos: Transform Fear

Our choices are 1] transform fear or 2] permit the energy of fear to take up residence in our body to feed dark entities thwarting human potential, disappearing our freedom, and attempting to upload our spiritual essence, our soul into a machine a.k.a. transhumanism, which may lead to extinction of this tract of humanity due to unawareness, limiting beliefs, and apathy.

For consideration.
To transform fear I call forth my physical, mental, emotional spirit/soul body, my multi-dimensional essence, my highest, purest, Divine Self, and the One True Creator of All That is for guidance.

Breath connects us to the invisible realm so I take slow, deep breaths, then acknowledge the fear. Continuing with slow, deep breaths, I allow myself to feel the feelings and follow inner guidance. Such a response transforms fear and raises our signature energy. When calm, I seal with ‘So it is and remains’ and give thanks for whatever comes to mind.

If fear persists change your state of mind by going for a walk, listen to uplifting music, dance, journal, take a relaxing bath, etc.

Courage is a defining moment.

Our choices are shaping the kind of world that will emerge from present chaos. The more aware people are of their whole self, their original blueprint, and transform fear, the more the One true Creator can respond in kind.

Please help raise awareness and contribute to transforming fear by sharing. Thank you.

Doreen A Agostino
Without Prejudice and Without Recourse
Sent via hardwired computer
All wireless turned off to safeguard life


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COVID-19 Engineered Health Crisis Triggers Planetary Hysteria

Manufactured COVID-19 Health Crisis Pushes Humanity, Global Society to Total Shutdown

The COVID-19 charade is the biggest single disruption of human society in modern history, perhaps ever in human history.

This “health crisis” is a Big Lie. It is the biggest Big Lie in history.

The fabric of societies has been shredded, human interactions have been altered, economies decimated. All based on a manufactured pretext, mass manipulation, and media-inducted mass panic.

Humanity was treated to a similar crippling shock event with false flag event of 9/11, the manufactured global “war on terrorism”. But this one dwarfs all previous events, and all previous wars, including the world wars.

The authorities—global, national, regional, local, community by community—have moved in terrifying lockstep. This is the Deep State, out in the open.

They have crashed every economy. Businesses large and small, shut down and lost, lives and livelihoods at risk. They have imposed every variation of martial law, including the imposition of behavioral martial law, household to household, person to person.

Human beings are literal prisoners, “sheltering at home” like caged animals. Those who fail to “heed” home imprisonment are threatened with unprecedented police actions. “Hot spots” such as California and New York remain on strict lock down, its corrupt governors, eager to commit new untold actions under the cover of “public safety”, offer no hope for reopening while extorting for federal bailout funds.

“Non-compliant” businesses in Los Angeles have been threatened with utility shutoffs. Local police refuse to respond to all but “emergency” calls, even while the streets become increasingly deadly. Suicides, violence, civil unrest, looting, rioting, and more are possible as tensions rise.

Is this not the definition of totalitarian oppression?

The speed and scale at which this engineered crash has shut down an entire planet is unprecedented, and awesome in its horror. This conquest was achieved in the span of mere days. With no resistance. Every corner of the globe, every individual, imprisoned mentally as well as physically. All it took was one Big Lie, one Big Fear.

They want the Big Lie and Big Fear to continue: As of this writing, some countries (India), and some US states have now banned hydroxychloroquine, despite strong evidence of its effectiveness (including New York, despite the fact that the state is reporting 10 times the cases and more deaths than the rest of the country) in now hundreds of cases.

We are living an unfathomable dystopian nightmare, and it is real

Immunization Agenda 2030: A Global Strategy to Leave No One Behind

Immunization is the foundation of the primary health care system and an indisputable human right.

Man’s only right is to vote, which is voluntary bondage

Voting gives your proxy [personal Power] to politicians to make decisions in your absence about what becomes normalized. Like the coup taking place now.

In 1302, Papal Bull Unam Sanctam usurped man’s rights, which means no man, woman or child can ever own any real estate, nor any possessions, and the Bull even claimed our individual soul/spirit.

Liberty Now: Emergency action response to present global tyranny

The following is for educational purposes only it is not an endorsement.

By Kevin Annett
Mar 26, 20

Under the guise of a fraudulent health emergency, a global police state is being imposed on We the People. A state of war now exists between humanity and a global corportocracy.

COVID91 is  not a reference to a flu virus but is the military code word for permanent martial law. Mar 25, 2020, martial law went into effect in Canada by an unlawful vote of only 32 of the 338 members of parliament. [I was unable to confirm via search engines].

One million prayer chain – request

Please join a planetary prayer chain and pass this prayer request along to 8 people asking them to do the same. The request is to slow and stop the coronavirus.

Did you know that the ‘Lost Mode of Prayer’ is to pray as if what you want is already fulfilled?

I pray gratitude that the majority of people saw through the lies in time, and took remedial action en masse to say NO to tyranny, and set our species free.  And so it is.

Thank you.

Doreen A Agostino
Without Prejudice and Without Recourse
Sent via hardwired computer
All wireless turned off to safeguard life


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The IRONY of Coronavirus and A Locked Down Planet

New world order CONtrol via CONsent

People fear coronavirus will make them sick or kill them, which is highly unlikely if you are healthy, and to stay alive they consent to give up their freedom, employment income, social interaction, and destruction of our economic financial system YET eat toxic gmo food, consent to vaccines, wireless electromagnetic frequency radiation, toxic chemicals discharged from planes that block sunlight, a natural disinfectant and vital to a strong immune system, man-made weather modification destroying homes, lives, forests, food crops, and the planet.

As lock down progresses and more people face hard facts, fear of coronavirus will likely be replaced by fear of hungry, desperate people, which I suspect perpetrators of this dark psychological operation count on … pit man against man.

Please watch and listen to this short video. Thanks to Judy for finding and sharing it.

By Doyel Shamley
Mar 25.2020

Robert Kiyosaki says self-isolation is making people realize they got “screwed” by system

The market crashes from the pandemic have shown that some assets are “fake” said best-selling author Robert Kiyosaki, as “manipulated” assets are finally showing the American public how corrupt the capitalist system is.

“The good thing is, people as they sit in quarantine, as they lose their jobs, their homes, their pensions, their businesses and all this, I think they’re waking up to [the fact that] they’re being screwed,” Kiyosaki told Kitco News.

230 Years of Rights and Liberties Shredded: Why I Oppose The Lockdown

By Brandon Turbeville

This time, it is not so much the President leading the charge to burn the Constitution, but Governors all across the country, acting in concert with one another. But they aren’t acting alone. Because of the massive propaganda mouthpiece of the mainstream media blasting hysteria and panic as well as the desired conclusions they intend for their audiences to reach, many Americans are demanding that their rights be taken away and that they and their fellow citizens be forced off the streets and into their homes at gunpoint.

As Peter Hitchens, one of the few critics of this Lockdown mentality (happening all over the world and, in his case, Britain) wrote in his recent article for the Mail Online,

“All the crudest weapons of despotism, the curfew, the presumption of guilt and the power of arbitrary arrest, are taking shape in the midst of what used to be a free country. And we, who like to boast of how calm we are in a crisis, seem to despise our ancient hard-bought freedom and actually want to rush into the warm, firm arms of Big Brother.”

Hitchens’ article is well worth reading, not only for his views but for his critique of the scale of the pandemic, which is highly questionable.

How many people will run to get a flu shot?

The connection between 5G and the coronavirus has been firmly established and can no longer be ignored, especially by smartphone-addicted Americans. In point of fact, many smartphone users suffer from either a low-grade 5G Flu or full-blown 5G Syndrome. In both cases, they are usually unaware of the primary cause of their chronic illness—their smartphone, wireless home environment and/or workplace WiFi.

S.893 – Secure 5G and Beyond Act of 2020

Despite documented evidence of the health and safety dangers of viruses and 5G, this:

Passed House (03/11/2020)

This bill requires the President, in consultation with relevant federal agencies, to develop a strategy to secure and protect U.S. fifth and future generations (5G) systems and infrastructure.

Problem – Reaction – Solution

Do you see how people are deceived so they consent [this time it’s lock down], without realizing their choices are eroding personal freedom bit by bit … until life will no longer be worth living?

Please share.  Thank you.

Doreen A Agostino
Without Prejudice and Without Recourse
Sent via hardwired computer
All wireless turned off to safeguard life


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Avert Stage Four Ideological Subversion

Social engineering transformed social cohesion into social distancing – now it’s up to man ‘kind’ to turn the tide

Man has gradually, persistently, and incrementally, been socially engineered into unawareness that keeps most people distracted, apathetic, separated, and playing small, which led to present reality as follows:

4 Stages of Ideological Subversion

“Ideological subversion means to change the perception of reality to such an extent that despite the abundance of information, no one is able to come to sensible conclusions in the interest of defending themselves, their families, their community, and their country.”  Yuri Bezmenov

KGB defector Yuri Bezmenov’s warning to America

In 1984, Soviet defector and KGB operative Yuri Bezmenov, specializing in the fields of Marxist-Leninist propaganda and ideological subversion; warned us about the silent war being waged against America as part of a long term plan to take over and destroy the American system and way of life.

COVID-19 Coronavirus Stage 3?

It takes up to six weeks to send a country into CRISIS. The CRISIS [2-6 months in duration] would bring “a violent change of power, structure, and economy” and will be followed by the last stage, ‘normalization’ when your country is basically taken over, living under a new ideology [oppression] and reality.

This will happen unless man gets rid of people who will bring it to a crisis, warned Bezmenov. What’s more “If people fail to grasp the impending danger of that development, nothing ever can help them,” adding, “You may kiss goodbye to your freedom.”

Emergency Powers: Worldwide Governmental Power Grabs Reveal Scripted Agenda – Mar 25, 2020

  • THE STORY:Everywhere in the world, governments are using the coronavirus crisis to expand their control, claiming these are only temporary emergency powers.
  • THE IMPLICATIONS:Can we trust governments to relinquinish these powers afterwards? Are people so panicked and afraid they will allow their freedom and rights to be stolen due to an invisible virus?

    Emergency powers

    are the name of the game right now as governments around the world are collectively engaging in power grabs – all justified by the convenient coronavirus crisis (the same coronavirus crisis that various countries and groups were actively simulating for before it happened). Virtually every nation on Earth has a COVID-19 case and therefore an excuse to grab emergency powers by claiming they are only doing it for the sake of health, safety and security, which is the typical catch cry of tyrants.

Trudeau government will HIKE carbon tax by 50 % despite coronavirus nightmare

Two solutions to avert stage 4

1] Strong national action to educate people about coronavirus facts. Censorship requires creative ways to inform the majority of people.

2] Strong national action by individuals; write and question your country leader based on facts [evidence] that do not justify planetary lock down, social distancing, loss of employment, and destroying economic and financial systems.

Transform hardship into remedial action and freedom

It is the Power of freewill consent that creates reality. Unless people speak up [write to your country leader] silence is tacit or implied consent.

Please share this information widely, and write to your country leader. Thank you.

Doreen A Agostino
Without Prejudice and Without Recourse
Sent via hardwired computer
All wireless turned off to safeguard life


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Hard Facts Justify Hard Questions and A Response

Facts to put reality into perspective

The bottom line is this … former choices created present reality. Present choices are creating our next reality. The Power is in each of us to transform the existing lock down through expanded awareness, informed choices, solidarity, and honorable action.

Canada locked down – why?

26 coronavirus deaths in Canada as of Mar 25.20.
Approximately 3,500 flu deaths every year in Canada. 

In 2016, 2.3% of deaths were from influenza and pneumonia vs 29.6% deaths from cancer.

30% of all deaths in Canada are from cancer.

1955-1963 the polio vaccine was contaminated with cancer causing SV40, the simian virus from monkeys. Proof 

What our parents, grandparents, et al were exposed to is handed down generationally.

An estimated 225,800 new cases of cancer and 83,300 deaths from cancer will occur in Canada in 2020. The number of estimated new cases does not include non-melanoma skin cancer cases.

EPIDEMIC: A sudden increase in the number of cases of a disease—more than what’s typically expected for the population in that area.
PANDEMIC: An epidemic that has spread over several countries or continents, affecting a large number of people.

New Zealand locked down – why?

Zero coronavirus deaths in New Zealand

Mar 25.20 excessive chemtrails taking place over New Zealand. Roads blocked. Moving to stage 4. [chart reads zero deaths]

What does comparative research in your country reveal?

What are the leading causes of death i.e. cancer, motor vehicle accidents, alcohol, pharmaceuticals [prescribed drugs]? Compare those numbers to present coronavirus deaths.

If a state of emergency has been declared, people are isolated, quarantined, alleged unessential businesses shut down, and the number of coronavirus deaths do not justify lock down, write to your country leader with the facts and question everything.

If you email  your country leader, copy leaders of opposition parties, medical officer, etc. and also send a hand written registered letter by mail to your country leader, to which he/she is obligated to respond.

Whether your country is a member or not also copy:

Contact the Court

International Court of Justice
Peace Palace
Carnegieplein 2
2517 KJ The Hague
The Netherlands


The real power grab is deceiving people to ‘consent‘ to give personal Power to politicians to make decisions in their absence about what becomes normalized like 5G, chemtrails, vaccines, etc.

Suspending the Constitution: Police State Uses Crises to Expand Its Lockdown Powers

By John Whitehead

Deploying the same strategy it used with 9/11 to acquire greater powers under the USA Patriot Act, the police state—a.k.a. the shadow government, a.k.a. the Deep State—has been anticipating this moment for years, quietly assembling a wish list of lockdown powers that could be trotted out and approved at a moment’s notice.


Update: US Influenza Activity During the 2018–19 Season
Using data available from October 1, 2018, to May 4, 2019, CDC estimates that influenza virus infection has caused 37.4 million–42.9 million symptomatic illnesses; 17.3 million–20.1 million medical visits; 531,000–647,000 hospitalizations; and 36,400–61,200 deaths in the United States.

As of Mar 25, 2020 there are 880 coronavirus deaths in the USA.

Problem – Reaction – Solution

Grounded perspective: 5G, viruses, vaccines, chemtrails

State of the Nation

The best way to understand why the coronavirus pandemic exploded worldwide in the very same year the military deployment of 5G was greatly advanced in China, Italy, South Korea, United States and other IT-savvy nations, is to view them both as a binary weapon system, which is then coordinated with vaccine programs and chemtrail operations to function as a quaternary weapon system.

Only when viewed through the “quaternary weapon system” lens can the apocalyptic events of 2020 be properly comprehended and successfully responded to.

Honorable action required now

This FLU is a COUP via freewill consent of the majority of people, to which the One True Creator will respond in kind.

To avert culling the population, and a new dictatorial regime [globalism, new world order, Noahide Laws, S.M.A.R.T. e-city prisons, UN Agenda 2030 oppression masked as sustainable development] please ask people to do their own research, and contact their country leader soonest possible, as well as spread the facts widely. Thank you.

Doreen A Agostino
Without Prejudice and Without Recourse
Sent via hardwired computer
All wireless turned off to safeguard life


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