Diagnostic wine/peroxide test for biologics nanotechnology

Take the test, see for yourself.


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3 Responses to Diagnostic wine/peroxide test for biologics nanotechnology

  1. jeff hartis says:

    The question is how to stop this insanity. In the last 5 days here in the Carolinas the planes have tripled in number and duration is 24/7. Skies are milk.

    • I feel for you Jeff.

      For weeks at a time, I awake daily to a canopy of milky haze hovering over our entire community. In the past few weeks this is what I started to do.

      I take a few deep breaths to align my physical and non physical body. I call forth Arch Angel Michael, Ascended Master St. Germain, and Master Jesus. I then imagine, sense, and with deep, deep feeling, raise the sword of truth in my right hand. Coupled with AA Michael together we slice through the center of the canopy of milky haze from North to South, diagonally from top right to lower left, from top left to lower right, and from East to West with the intention to free blue sky and sunshine.

      As bizarre as this may sound Jeff it worked. For the past 3 days we experienced blue sky and sunshine, and even more surprisingly starlight, planets, and moonlight at night.

      Synchronistically, my response to you aligns with a Blog I just posted https://ourgreaterdestiny.wordpress.com/2017/12/27/secrets-of-vibration-and-frequency-your-power-to-move-energy

    • The following is on public record dated June 25, 2014. What changed?

      Alexandra May Hunter … The 1st person in the history of the United States to place a Senator and lawyers from a state environmental agency on ACTUAL LEGAL NOTICE in a public format, of the laws and truthful facts of the currently in effect tropospheric geoengineering program. Alexandra’s partial statement begins at the 1 hour 18 minute mark. Alexandra did this historic move because she has the ability and expertise to do so for all of us. https://youtu.be/IeqdFJphGT0

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