Climate Change is about Control and Profit

Climate change means you consent to pay government and banker’s debt through taxation and utility bills


I copied the following comment to raise awareness en masse. [Link below] Doreen

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September 25, 2017 2:28 pm

Paul, I have read your superb blog for ages. I am a Physicist by training , now retired after years in the UK electricity and gas industry.

I admire your and most other contributors dedication in pointing out the lack of scientific substance behind the CO2/ global warming/climate change scam. However I don’t believe it will make a scrap of difference to the direction the western world ( in particular) is moving. The ‘establishment’ made up primarily of financial institutions, very wealthy individuals and their political lackeys are well aware of the intellectual deficiencies of the warmists. However they are encouraged to continue with their dire predictions whipped on by the subservient MSM. It serves the useful purpose of reinforcing the fear factor and virtue signalling required to keep the populace ‘paying’.

And that is what it is all about, the populace paying through taxation and utility bills for the debts of governments and bankers, whilst at the same time creating the vehicles for the very rich to extract more rent from the rest of us.

The Central Banks’, Central Bank, the BIS based in Switzerland has produced investment criteria ( under the chairmanship of Carney) for every CB in the world, who in turn lay down the requirements for every commercial bank, insurance company and other financial entities. These criteria now have at their heart the requirement to include decarbonisation and climate effects on every investment decision made. This is in turn supported by every government ( including that of Trump) by default if not actively.

Are the financiers suddenly environmentalists? No of course not. But they have embraced climate change as a means to an end. All those $bns created after 2007/8 to keep the banks afloat have to be absorbed in the economy. Also the banks have still catastrophic debt levels that have yet to be solved, rather than kicked forward into the long grass. What better way to solve these problems whilst at the same time creating brand new investment opportunities for the 0.1% than the world saving change to energy production and use.

There is little or no risk involved as all governments will cover the income stream required for returns by taxation and utility pricing.

It also has the positive ( as far as governments are concerned) effect of helping to create a future society which is more controllable, far better to ‘save the world’ than allow the continuation of all those pesky ‘freedoms’ enjoyed by far too many of the proles.

The question is; is it already too late? is the die cast? I hope I am wrong, but I have a horrible feeling that it may be. END

By Paul Homewood

A good analysis in the Times, following up last week’s story about how climate models had grossly overestimated global warming:

SOURCE with thanks

CO2 Overestimated 50%

Think about it …

New World Order = One World Government = CO2 ‘Management’ Regime

Now that the geoengineers have sufficiently ramped up their spraying programs to create continuous cloud cover over vast swaths of the United States, Canada and beyond, they have conditioned the populace to believe that this is the new normal.  You know, it’s also called climate change.  Or Global Climate Change (GCC) when they want you to believe that this is an overarching planetary climate pattern directly caused by human activity, specifically anthropogenic CO2 generation.

The least we can do is spread the word.

Doreen Ann Agostino
Without Prejudice and Without Recourse


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