Operation Humane 2 of 3: How The Cabal Trains Your Brain

Triune Consciousness

By Mark Passio

A basic understanding of the structure of the human brain is necessary, if one truly wishes to understand both the basic dynamics of Consciousness, and the situation in which humanity currently finds itself. The brain is generally recognized as the seat of Consciousness in the body. While I would never claim that Consciousness is limited to the brain, the brain is certainly the organ through which we most directly connect to Consciousness on the physical level.

Athbhreith Athbheochan
Dec 02.14
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Methodologies have been developed to create the imbalance necessary to shut down the proper operation of the seat of Consciousness itself, the human brain. The leaders of our culture are, in fact, deliberately breeding these traits in people. Through the growing imbalance taking place between the two hemispheres of the brain, the people of Earth are being made into two types of polarized, imbalanced creatures: dominators and those willing to capitulate to domination – in other words, slave owners and slaves.

Once we become aware of this manipulation, we can begin to work toward the healing of the hemispheres of our brain, and by extension, the healing of the aspects of our Consciousness. This healing will come about through the creation of balance. Only through achieving a balance between the two hemispheres of the human brain can we develop a state of higher awareness and Consciousness. The brain, as a microcosm within the body, is a reflection of the macrocosm of which all matter and energy of Creation is comprised. They both function the same way – through a balance between opposing polarities. The path to healthy brain function is one-and-the-same as the path to higher Consciousness.

Only that Path Of Balance can lead us out of our collective state of imbalance, the force that creates Chaos and Suffering.

Traveling the Path Of Balance creates Order, Peace, and ultimately, Freedom from suffering. Read more at  http://www.whatonearthishappening.com/part-1-the-solution/65-the-triune-brain


To Free Yourself From The Mind Matrix

Every day our senses are constantly bombarded by subliminal messages via TV, movies and advertisements. The subliminal messages are unrecognizable by the conscious mind and only recognizable in our subconscious mind. The messages and imagery are passively absorbed and stored in our subconscious where the forces of darkness deliberately implant artificial thoughts [energy frequencies, vibration] that influence our actions and attitudes in life.

VIDEO and transcript at http://cosmicconvergence.org/?p=24878

Benefits of knowing and managing mind Power

1] Balance your brain’s left and right hemispheres
2] Filter data before it can enter your subconscious
3] Transmute limiting beliefs stored in your subconscious
4] Focus on solutions instead of fear, judgment, revenge
5] Inform others about brain imbalance to empower freedom and harmony
6] Work your brain to create life BY you instead of to you
7] Become a healthy cell in the planetary nervous system.

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  2. Balance, harmony and inner peace first, is key;
    “You must learn to be still in the midst of activity and to be vibrantly alive in repose.” – Indira Gandhi

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