PA to Illuminati, Club of Rome, Vatican

Public Announcement: Great Purification Underway by Infinite Creator; Mother Of All Life

Published on Mar 30, 2012

Careful of what you are doing, as this will definitely be your power bloodlines final eternal life existence if you do not listen to this warning, as you need to immediately right your wrongs! As I have said, this is Mother of All ‘s Body, and we must respect Her. It’s not up to us to judge or to decide what happens within It. It’s Her decision, Her body.

Even She, because of the destruction of what is pure by those who think they know it all, has Her limits … enough is enough and I agree… No amount of forgiveness over billions of years has helped. Something has to give and this time, it won’t be Her.
She has had enough.

Message For Energy Healers

If you are an energy healer, learn about firewalls around every human, which allow only Infinite Creator’s pure energies to pass through so that no one can contaminate another through energy healing and energy transfers. Doreen

Partial transcript

1:17 mins Since 2009 many changes have occurred, especially after your use of sick rituals, and using the brainwash consciousness of those you have betrayed during Easter ceremonies 2011 and previous ones. Now, since life has been protected, and at the same time negative consciousness and energies trapped within firewalls, your matrix is being destroyed bit by bit.

01:43 mins These firewalls were put up for either purification, or destruction of negative energies and entities, and consciousness within all life, and all that is. This is also why you can no longer use the energies or consciousness of the moon, which was the Fallen Sun used by ETS who are nothing other than your spirits from the future along with the Fallen Venus, and the other planets.

Your sacred Atlantis will never be recreated and if you do not believe these words just look at the ring around the moon, and in case people are wondering what is going on with the Sun, it used to be on its way out because of entities taking its energies but what has happened since August of 2010 is that the Sun has been rejuvenated and purified. So the increase in energies, frequencies, vibrations and consciousness coming in from the Sun will escalate and will help purify and nourish.

To those who can see white when they close their eyes, depending on the pureness of their hearts, they will see what I speak of if they ask the right questions, without interference. The continuous attempts at destroying the Sun’s energies and to transfer them to a contaminated Earth and its inner Sun during your so-called great harvests also known as the ascension, also failed.

3:04 mins Everything you have ever done is backfiring on you. Infinite Creator may have missed your first attempt but It made all of you come back a second time, as a redo, to find out how humanity and their energies and consciousness in this lifetime had managed to turn the Universe into hell. This time She knows the truth about your deception.

The days of deceit from the 13 family power energy vampires had used humanity by connecting their consciousness to them through straws, pyramid style, tied to our life upon the Earth and humanity. Once aware, and seeing the ulterior motives behind the sick games being played by many within the fallen dimensions, the central Sun, the ultimate and Infinite Creator, It, The One, Mother of All Life

04:29 mins The one mistake everyone made was to underestimate Her will her power to rejuvenate, and Her power and willingness to destroy parts of Herself as She can destroy Her own energies and consciousness and all that Her co-creators create.

The power of Her love for all life and pure creation has finally enabled Her to do what is right for all. As an erroneous creation, your many plans of overtaking Her consciousness through a ‘we are one’ unity contaminated energy consciousness, and the pure consciousness energy of all life on Earth, and everywhere else during your many harvests, during your so-called game, to use against Her consciousness and pure creation has also once again failed.

05:16 mins After billions of years of forgiveness, only to be constantly deceived by impure creations who think they are purer even in their evilness, as all those who were deceiving Her and harming Her pure Creation, will no longer exist no matter what excuse you have. No amount of technology or sophistication to copy Her energies will save you or protect you from purification or termination, as She has been recreating Herself and removing the cancer and all other disease creation within Her.

Your use of crystals and contaminated sacred geometry, the Metatron cubes served to entrap, which are units, which are also related to unity consciousness, which is a trap, and your use and infiltration of accessing everyone chakras, and using them as highways to hell and other dimensions, as well as using caskets, urns, or any other materials used including cryopreservation, can no longer work to hurt, manipulate, overtake, or entrap spirits or Souls, as all consciousness within the crystals were either purified and released or destroyed.

Less than half of humanity had souls, and you and I know that it’s no longer simply about the souls but about consciousness in itself, as souls are the glue and vehicle for our consciousness and emotional love energies, and carry our memories every minute of our existence, as they are our books of life, and only those who make it through the great purification of the Universe without negative duality energies will possess a soul and will become whole again. All other energies who had split themselves to become separated, and impure creation who created more of the same negative creation will be destroyed forever.

07:03 mins As you hear my words, you know I am right but because humanity didn’t know the truth they will get a chance to clear their consciousness of all negative consciousness, other negative attached beings, and to stop creating their own demons through thoughts, as all negative consciousness energies, frequencies, and vibrations have to be destroyed once and for all, to ensure that all pure creation and all life who were deceived are protected once and for all within Infinite Creator of all, throughout the ongoing purification.

All deities either satanic or false led by empire deities such as Lucifer, Mary, which was the Black Madonna, and many more, the fallen angels, gods, and goddesses you made yourselves to be or created by your soul groups, to drain the love energies from humanity are no longer connected to humanity, or feeding upon them as they have all been destroyed except for those who were already connected within your bodies, and within your own consciousness as they are trapped with you, and can only feed through your memory and love of them, as well as your negative thoughts, emotions, and behavior.

08:08 mins They can only exist within your mind as long as you keep feeding them. Upon death then, at that point all of your consciousness energies within all frequencies and vibrations are now immediately destroyed if they are not already destroyed through purification. Those who are worthy are immediately transferred upon death to complete purification. All within matter will also be purified so no matter which planetary system you want to invade, or have invaded, and think you can return to in the future no longer exists as we are in the now of the Universe.

There are no more timelines or time travel to be had although I know that your own consciousness and ego will fight to keep the lies and all that you think you know alive within you, especially as they will refuse to leave until you release them from your memory. Your planned ascension great escape and invasion will not happen.

09:02 mins This Earth once purified completely will turn into a Sun and only then will those who see the truth, and are willing to release their negative egos and all negative energies within their consciousness, and will have opened their heart to all life and all of creation with complete sincerity and without negativity will move on, and not be destroyed forever.

No one can escape it, as we are presently within Infinite Creator’s purification energies and this is happening everywhere and throughout infinity. There is nowhere to hide and no one will pass through the One True and Infinite Creator light until She is satisfied that all within Her body have been completely purified or destroyed forever. Furthermore, humans deceiving and hurting others will suffer the same consequences of the end times as you will, which now means that all your energies, consciousness, and emotions will be experiencing its last life for eternity, and throughout infinity, can no longer use human or other consciousness, emotions, or any of the elements, to use for your evil rituals as your actions and intentions will now judge you.

So the message to the Vatican Roman Empire, UN, and all those corrupt within, and to all of the 13 families and their power bloodlines, and those affiliated or involved in the New World Order for greed, or are just plain selfish and evil, is that you must stop your actions of insanity, and now become in complete service to all life, all of creation immediately. You must expose all of your wrongdoings to all of humanity. You must stop you’re enslavement of them, and release all of your wealth that you have stolen from them during your deceit, and to assist them immediately, and to live in their shoes, and especially of those you have used and abused. For you to clean up the mess you have made of the Earth until you have redeemed yourselves to all of creation.

10:52 mins So basically your family karma needs to get cleaned up here and now, not later, as you may not have any existence after this one. It’s up to you. If you dare to not believe this message let me assure you that no one is coming to save you. There are no more ETS other than your own implants stuck within you and I know that you know that much has changed and that you are wondering where the others have gone to. So now that you know the rest of the story of the now it’s checkmate and game over for eternity and throughout infinity.

The games you think you are playing are no more and one more thing for everyone else who is listening to this message. It truly amazes me that our human consciousness would think that the Creator of All has to follow tradition or prophecies like it has no brain of its own. There is no more future to look into other than the one we create day to day and no prophecies to be followed as the game has changed, and so has much of how the prophecies were to be fulfilled. As now we are all helping in one way or another within the purification of the grand Universe. Whichever attitude you take will still help the outcome but it’s up to you to decide if you will rejoin your eternal family.

So I will say this again. There are no more energies that will do your bidding as Infinite Creator’s energies, and what feeds you and keeps you alive, are all new energies, as the others were either destroyed or were transmuted to pure love. The only way that spiritual healers can heal is to call upon Infinite Creator, Mother of All Life’s healing energies to come help heal those in need, as the firewalls only allow Her pure energies to pass through people so that others can no longer contaminate one another through energy healings and energy transfers.

So just ask for Infinite Creator to help and She will, if your intentions are pure, and in consideration for the benefit of a purified creation. You need to remember one thing. Things take time and now that you know the truth, as you see She or It, Infinite Creator, Mother of All Life, has always remained whole and never split Herself. What She had split with Her created energies, Her creation, and not Herself. Unlike all other energies who decided against Her will, and then there are those who were the nature energy consciousness of the Earth, and all life upon the Earth, as well as the elements and who because of negativity and the many splitting up of their own energy to experience many rides, they too were misguided and trapped.

So if you need Infinite Creator’s help, Mother of All Life, just call out to Her and She will hear you if that is your will, once you awaken from the deception but that is up to you, and let me remind everyone, that all of pure creation knows She is called Mother of All Life, as they have always known that She never approved of her children to be experiencing any trauma or pain. This is not what life is supposed to be about, no matter what game you play.

If anyone finds this too harsh then they have not grasped the concept of reality within the Universe nor the mess that needs urgent cleansing no matter how it is being done. It is Infinite Creators decision and not ours to make, and we must respect Her body and respect all life that is good and pure.

So I bid you all to have a great purification and much love to awaken from the insanity and hopefully whenever purification is done and Infinite Creator is read, She and we will meet again inside the central Sun.

From Doreen
Thanks to Nicole for doing this.

Nicole and I met in 2012 at a peace conference on Six Nations Indigenous Territory in Ontario. Today, we spent 4.5 hours on the phone, which led to awareness of the above video.

The pure energy of everyone is still in tact on the other side. The more pure of heart and pure of mind individuals are in form, the greater the possibility of making it through Universal purification.

Please inform people now while we still can.

Sharing is caring. Thanks.

Doreen Ann Agostino
Without Prejudice and Without Recourse


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