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Public Private Partnership [P3s, PPP] deception

Joan Veon [1949 – 2010] explains the history and significance of a growing Public Private Partnership model of government. Joan reveals how P3s are a tentacle of a growing corporatocracy; control and profit at all cost.

Over a 16 year period Joan interviewed prime ministers, presidents, kings and heads of state. Joan covered international meetings i.e. G7, G8, G10, G20, Bank for International Settlements (BIS) Switzerland; attended yearly the World Economic Forum in Davos Switzerland; and twice a year covered the IMF World Bank meetings. In addition, Joan attended UN meetings on Free Trade Areas of the Americas, Sustainable Development, the Earth Summit, Climate Control, the International World Court, and numerous others.

Public Private Partnerships[P3s, PPP]

“People with the most money control the partnerships.” — Joan Veon [1949 – 2010]

Joan Veon is an author, journalist, expert on globalization, radio talk show host and successful businesswoman. In her video Joan explains the mechanism by which corporations gain power over all levels of government: local, county, state, federal, foreign and the United Nations, thus creating corporate fascism on a global level.

It is important to understand how Public Private Partnerships [P3s, PPP] operate and what they mean world-wide.

Public refers to all levels of government including the UN and foreign governments.

refers to Multinational Corporations i.e. GE, Foundations, Rockefeller,  Non Governmental Organizations (NGO)* i.e. Sierra Club, Universities,  Associations like AAA.

means they combine together and their ultimate goal is to take control of government assets; assets belonging to you the taxpayer.

Public Private Partnerships are one of the most life altering tools used by globalists to implement UN Agenda 21 and Sustainable Development enslavement of man.

Elected officials are selling out the people, country’s assets and natural resources. There is no law enforcement. Elected officials are silent as infrastructures, pensions, utilities are all privatized, and they abdicate responsibility to the people based on a false belief that governments are broke, and climate change based on incomplete science and omissions like geoengineering the weather.

The hidden asset game in government bookkeeping

** Governments are not broke!

Deceit, deception and distortion are used to fleece taxpayers into solutions by governments that claim to be broke.

Canada has a CAFR for their local governments called CAnFR (Canadian Annual Financial Report)
Recognize this scam, study the structure and intent of P3s, take action to expose deceit.

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Michael Shaw from Freedom Advocates explains Non Governmental Organizations

*Abusing the System Through NGOs and CSOs

North American Union and PPP video by Joan Veon 40 min [Share with your legislature]

Tribute to Joan Veon who reported on Public Private Partnerships, Agenda 21, One World Government, Sustainable Development

March 22, 2017

Government Will Not Save You From Corporations

Published on Jul 3, 2013

Journalists and political partisans have expressed the mistaken presumption that government is a “balancing force” against the excess powers of corporations. This video explains that most excess power of corporations is provided and granted by government and that government seeks partnership with corporations and shares in the profits. This “public-private partnership” is so advanced that the public interest is no longer a primary concern of government. Government is now a for-profit operation serving itself at the expense of the public interest.

Remedy requires informed sovereigns as the whole

Lawful action in Canada

Lawful action in the USA

Lawful action in Australia

Lawful action in democratic countries

Solution to manufactured migrant and refugee crisis


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