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2018: California DEW Fires and Hyperloop/Bullet Train Travel under UN Agenda 21

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The hyperloop document appears to be dated pre 2012. Some links may be disabled, and globalist plans may have changed.

It was uploaded by Lisa Elkins literary agent and investigative journalist with an emphasis on exposing corruption, rooting out scoundrels, and political manipulation. Graduate Student

1] The high speed railway is the brainchild of 
 America 2050, a non-governmental
organization that supports Agenda 21 policies in the US. The latest initiative of these globalists is called “rebuilding and Renewing America” which is a response to forcing high-speed rails instead of investing money into repairing roads, bridges and current infrastructure.

2] America 2050 is pushing the federal government to adopt a National InfrastructureInvestment Plan which defines how the light-rail system will dominate the American landscape and compete with the global transition from fossil-based fuels to low-carbon technocratic rule.

Link to Hyperloop was disabled. Hyperloop or Bullet Train: How We Will Travel UnderAgenda 21  I found the same ‘vital’ information at

In 2018, I researched the first segment of the hyperloop post by opening each link and pasting online information, proving this is real. Hyperloop Part 1

Using the false reality of job creation, citizen preferences of trains over personal cars, mitigation of air pollution and alleviating traffic congestion are justifications that coerce the general public to support the construction of light-rail systems in their communities.

The truth is that these expensive endeavors create solvency of citizens and state governments, to the construction and operating costs of light-rail systems.

Sacramento, California is spending $18 million and Portland. Oregon is spending $24 million. Passenger generated revenue will not make a feasible return in profits. Why the push for high-speed rail systems to litter the American landscape? DOWNLOAD HERE

Victurus Libertas VLTV 
Published on Nov 14, 2018

The path of the fires and proposed high speed rail path look remarkably similar.

By Ivan Penn and Peter Eavis

As wildfires ravage large swaths of California for a second year, one of the state’s biggest utilities has declared that it faces billions of dollars in potential liability — far more than its insurance would cover.

The potential losses could leave the company’s customers on the hook to pay the bill, exposing businesses and consumers to higher costs. The utility, Pacific Gas and Electric Company, could even face bankruptcy, putting pressure on the state for a bailout.

Who bails out traumatized residents when they lose everything?

Boom!! 3-Trillion Dollar China-Russia-Canada-America Train/Tunnel Connection To California DEW Fires… With Links To Lockheed Martin, Jerry Brown, Feinstein And Voter Fraud!

By Indian In The Machine
To summarize, there are globalists who are betting this 3 trillion-dollar plan, goes off… feed resources to China, which under the globalist agenda, would be the manufacturing hub of the world… permanently so!! The only thing is… according to the swamp, California must burn to save California!

Notice the fires in California, Alberta, and British Columbia are all paving the way for the intercontinental train tunnel link-up!!!!

1.  China needs Alberta oil…. big part of the equation… so why not build a big giant road directly to China… sure… why not… complete with oil pipeline…
China could conceivably import up to 3 million barrels of oil per day from Alberta, Canada, which by itself is enough to justify building the rail connection.
2. China needs Alaska coal too… yup… the signatures are fresh….
3.  The China-Russia-Canada-America already begun…. IN FLAMES… gotta just burn out the locals… so far, at least in California and Alberta, and also British Columbia has had unusual fires there too!
4.  Lockheed Martin DEW Athena likely connected to recent fires… all over the world!
5.  China uses Lockheed Martin products to defend its skies! Yup, same company with the Athena DEW silent weapons for a silent war.
For the past 30 years, the Republic of China Air Force (ROCAF) has defended its skies with Lockheed Martin products starting with F-104 Starfighters and …

California Fires Line Up Exactly in the Path as CA High Speed Rail System (Videos – link below)

7.  Dianne Feinstein spy scandal… there is likely a connection to the big plans.
Jerry Brown goes to the media, to GIVE FALSE EXPLANATIONS TO THE FIRES!!!

May 3, 2018 – GovJerry Brown delivers keynote address at an economic forum in Beverly Hills focused on business between California and China.

8.  Voter fraud in California too… because there are big plans already in progress…. so they need a whole cast of swamp creatures, to make sure California burns, in order to save California. READ more and links to each of the above at

2019: Australia fires

Dec 05, 2019
04:16 mins
Major  fire still burning down in Australia. They could smell the hair on his face cooking at the scene of the blow up fire. This is like Paradise 3.0 [California] but even worse. This thing’s been burning for months. They got rain and it made the fires more intense . They’re getting the same thing. They’re getting the same bunker fuels, the same aerosols are being deployed over their skies and it’s acting like an accelerant.

New world order train system

Dec 02, 2019
12:37 mins
Can we control the Arctic climate?

The Bulletin of Atomic Scientists March 1969, which leads me to this: ‘The InterBering LLC – The Bering Strait Tunnel and Railroad Construction Investment Corporation.’  This is the New World Order train system. This is why we’re seeing all the high speed bullet trains put in place. They’re gonna connect all the regions, all these Satanists are out for our demise.

Watch the video to see the maps
This is  the One World Order train right here. You can see the fires going on in Australia. You can see the maps. You can go to all the maps and see every continent is putting this in. It’s gonna go all the way from South America all the way up, even down in Tasmania, Australia, all the way around Australia high-speed. They just pass through billions of dollars to put the high-speed railway in.

I talked about bunker fuel all the time because it’s creating a blanket over the Arctic poles and we can see right here they’re all off the coast. These are all bunker fuel operations, ship tracks, the most toxic emissions on the planet. 13 of these ships in one day put off more pollution than every car on the planet that’s how toxic these things are. We not only have them off the coast of Australia we have them over here off the coast of California and Washington. They’re all concentrated in a pretty good sized area tonight.

Twitter has written ‘shadow banning’ aka, censorship, into their new terms – Jan 01, 2020

Social [ist] media is censoring factual information to keep uninformed people in the dark, to minimize resistance as full spectrum domination of our lives, families and Earth is finalized.

Lawful action in the USA – Private Law Immunity

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Lawful action in Australia

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