Oh, C a n a d a! What Have We Done to Thee?

The sale of Canada to centralized power; one world government dictatorship

Early 90s: Bev Collins, from Ottawa, Ontario is a researcher, writer and public speaker. When Brian Mulroney was Prime Minister in Canada, Bev worked in the scientific community where she observed massive corruption in the Canadian government. Billions of $ worth of military contracts, aerospace contracts, telecommunications and semi-conductor contracts all going to the same location.

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When I first found out about the Trilateral Commission I heard their mandate was to create a new world order run by transnational corporations. This is exactly what CBC talks about that in order to create this new world order controlled by Trilateral or by Trilateral and transnational corporations, all other nation states or countries in the world would have to lose their sovereignty, fall under this one-world government that would be controlled by transnationals. This is all on the CBC tape.

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Not only did Roy McLaren sign us into NAFTA, Roy McLaren on behalf of Canada implemented the World Trade Organization. Canada Bill C 57 is the actual Bill in Parliament that was created for implementation of the World Trade Organization. This happened January 1st of 1995.

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The mandate of the Trilateral is to get rid of the nation-state, to get rid of the sovereignty of the countries and to create the global world order that could be controlled by these same transnationals.

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As for monetary and economics there are three pillars of world government. The world government is the United Nations, which has many different arms and organizations so it’s hard to keep track. The three main ones are the International Monetary Fund, World Bank and World Trade Organization, which allow international financiers to zip their money, goods, services and labor around the world without borders and without restrictions.

3 pillars of United Nations’ one world government

  1. International Monetary Fund
  2. World Bank
  3. World Trade Organization

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The World Trade Organization implemented by Canada, has an annual membership fee that is used to loan poor countries money to re-establish themselves. Interest is so high the poor countries are unable to pay their loans, so the World Bank shows up telling them they have to pay the IMF, and offers to loan money in exchange for bigger infrastructure programs that force the people to cut back social services, cut down forests and export resources to pay their debt. The transnationals show up next, and funded by the IMF, do the exploitation and the people never see any of that money. They remain as poor as ever.

*In the 90s Canada paid $247 million WTO membership fee, plus any money required for unexpected bailouts.

Think IMF tentacles don’t reach into western nations? Read on …

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Canada has been under international monetary fund dictates circa the 90s. In 1988, the Ontario government under Bob Rae had to borrow $10 billion from the IMF to keep the Ontario government going. The IMF then dictated the Ontario economic policies in 1988 and 1989 in order to have Bob Rae adhere to structural adjustment programs.

Since then the Security Prosperity Partnership agreements and amalgamation of Canada, USA and Mexico were initiated followed by public private partnerships, especially in Ontario where private corporations run our public companies, and have the power to revoke driver’s license for unpaid 407 toll roads, revoke license plates, etc.

Trilateral Commission and Conspiratorial Trade Deals in Canada: GATT, FTAA, WTO, IMF, MAI, NAFTA, Bill C-57, Loss of Aerospace and Semi-Conductor industry in Canada.

In 1993, Bev wrote her own words to the Canadian National Anthem as follows:
Oh Canada

It was not long ago, when Canada was free
When we all felt proud of our country
Resources and lands were ours to keep
But many of us were still asleep
To plans of the evil elites who are strong
Who manipulate governments, to make them go wrong
Politics are deals that are made and destroyed
Military plans are now being deployed
When power corrupts, the best will not win
When the New World Order moves in once again
From Transnationals, Bankers and Back room Boys
To Lords and Sirs who are displaying their toys
To destroy, to conquer and control it all
Was the Big Boys game plan after all
It matters not to them the death they’ll create
Or the agreements signed, that will seal our fate
The horrors now are left untold,
As they enslave our poor and our old
The viruses will spread through the food and the land
And the cashless society will be in demand
Barcodes, and armed roads, will be the order of the day
Radiation or vaccination, is there any other way?
What’s in store for years is the end of all fights
The struggle to win, between the dark and the light
To search for your purpose, I would not wait
Acknowledge your power, before its too late
We need to stand strong and anchor god’s light
And together again, we can make it all right

Bev Collins
October 1993

The sale of Canada to globalization

Shelley Ann Clark revealed how Brian Mulroney’s 1988 FTA was a secret deal never shown to the Canadian people. Shelly Ann typed the Free Trade Agreement, TWO VERSIONS, and CANADIANS NEVER SAW THE REAL ONE!
The Americans had a ‘god’ code that gave them access to negotiations including with each Premier. Through a back door, they were able to control the narrative and manipulate the Premiers into signing.

Shelly Ann wrote a book called ‘The Sale of A Country‘, behind the scenes at Canada-US Free Trade Negotiations Office. https://itunes.apple.com/sv/book/the-sale-of-a-country/id529739654?l=en&mt=11


The Sale of a Country is a riveting account of what took place behind the scenes at the Canadian Free Trade Negotiations Office. Shrouded in a veil of secrecy, clandestine meetings, midnight shredding of briefing books and key working papers, there was still time for the creation of a SEX PIT. The man who was parachuted in by former Prime Minister Brian Mulroney to do the deed was a sexual predator. His need for sex led to carelessness and bad judgment that almost destroyed the Prime Ministers plan to leave a legacy that he was the one who had achieved a Free Trade Agreement with one of the worlds most powerful countries, the United States of America, where everyone else had failed.

Shelly Ann faced down the government to expose treason in our House! Shelly Ann also revealed what Mulroney gave away, and what it meant for the Canadian people.

From Doreen

In this freewill Earth zone, what man chooses seals his/her fate. Unawareness of the Power of consent to generate physical reality now threatens man’s freedom, loved ones, and livlehood.

In law, nothing supersedes the will of the majority of the people regarding governance. Majority status under Common Law is 51% of the people. In Canada that means 51% in each Province and 51% in each Territory.

Now that globalists have ‘outed’ themselves through UN Agenda 21, Sustainable Development 2030 [USMCA] that regionalize areas and erase borders, international laws over riding sovereignty of nations and people, extreme censorship, 5G, and much more, this is when they are most vulnerable. In other words, unless man says ‘no’, he she is saying yes to global communist dictatorship.

For your sake and others take lawful action now

There is a lawful process in Canada that can be applied in any democratic country to take back personal power, and final decision making authority from illegitimate governments.

In Canada, visit https://myfreedom2017.com and esign free The Convention of Consent to Political Self-Determination and Self-Governance or visit http://thepowershift.ca/ 

and please share widely. Thank you. https://ourgreaterdestiny.org/2019/01/public-interest-constitutional-class-action-canada/

Doreen Ann Agostino
Without Prejudice and Without Recourse


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