We are doing much the same as Canada, Downunder

By Michael Holt, Queensland, Australia

What can we do about the corrupt and treasonous political party system destroying our once-great nation? First, we the people need to learn what caused the problem. What the political party criminals have done …

And how we contributed by allowing it. Doreen

Magistrate Arrested

I interviewed Dezi Freeman and Jim Rech on my podcast; the blokes who arrested the magistrate. Since then, they arrested another magistrate in Wanthaggi, a small Victorian town. I am going to a meeting tonight to plan taking action here in Queensland. The Australian people are fed up with what is going on here. It’s time for change!

What is the Solution?

Advance Australia has a 5-Point Plan to wrest back control of our vote and government from the traitorous political party machine.

It will only work after we tear down the machine through the will of the people. We are  ready to unleash a powerful challenge to do just that. We need your help to gather signatures on a ‘My Will’ letter.

Normally, these letters go to a politician to tell him what we want him to do.
This one is different.

We need six million wet ink signatures to give our team authority to convene a people’s investigation into political party government corruption at all levels, and punish those found guilty … particularly of TREASON. We have common law sheriffs ready to convene it. We have the structure in place. We have the money to do it.

At least $100,000 is available in prizes is to give to those who gather large numbers of signatures … at least 1,000 signatures each. In other words, we have the financial backing to pull this off.

We need your support. No more bickering among ourselves. No more keyboard warriors. Let’s get out there and DO something to Make Australia what it Should Be!
This is where you can sign up!

Freedom and well-being

This is our Plan for the Future once we get back to our lawful constitutional government. It’s a plan in progress as we are still consulting people on their wishes for the future.


And this is where you can download your My Will letter….

Forward this link to others. Help spread the word … we the people are reclaiming our stolen Australia.

Our email address:

Your Original Contract – unalienable rights

Wherever you live please share, and leave a Comment below about your country’s proposed solutions to live free in a safe and harmonious world.  Thank you.

Doreen A Agostino
Without Prejudice and Without Recourse

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All wireless turned off to safeguard life.

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