The True Nature of Man Vs. Carnal Mind

Conquering the carnal mind – man’s lower nature

From Doreen
Every human enters the world with tendencies and appetites inherited from the distant past when animal instincts controlled us. Some people learn to control and subjugate their animal instincts toward enlightenment, whereas others refuse or are void of pure light and remain as they are, restricted to their lower nature.

Cosmic Intelligence
gave man the power to think and reason along with other qualities and virtues. It is the destiny of every human to develop his/her higher nature and allow it to express Itself. It is not easy and takes time because man’s lower nature is too close to animal nature for it to change easily or rapidly.

This Blog expands my 2016 initial post that barely touched the surface of what follows, for people who want to master the laws of vibration and through their operation shape and mold material manifestations to your will.

The Chemistry of Life

Computer modifications drew me to ‘The Wonders of the Human Body’ by Dr. George W. Carey. In the Table of Contents I noticed and read page 105 about the Anti-Christ, and was stunned to see the connection to my 2016 Inner Science Blog.

George W. Carey was an American physician famous for his mineral-based theory of disease, and his oft-quoted statement that the human body is a “chemical formula in operation.” Carey’s deep interest in esoteric subjects, combined with this medical expertise, convinced him that characters and events in the bible were in reality coded ‘personifications’ of the occult physiological processes leading to Enlightenment.

Fortify your immune system

Dr. Carey’s book invites readers to turn the key to the door of understanding and walk through. On page 29 he wrote:

“And when Man is once fully alive to his own heritage, realizing the wonders and possibilities of his own body, and the power of his spirit to control it, and to provide for its needs, he will assert the divine right within him to be a spirit in command of its own temple, and the environment of that temple, and will rejoice in the revealed truth of his own divinity that alone can make him free.”

The Anti-Christ – Constantine

In AD 325, Pagan Roman Emperor Constantine called degenerate teachers of Christianity together at Nicea. After months of wrangling and fighting over writings of primitive Christians who clothed the wonders of the human body in oriental imagery, they decided which of the manuscripts were the ‘Word of God’ and which were not.

To keep the world ignorant of the operation of the Cosmic Law, Constantine and his dupes changed Times and Seasons. Unto this day, the whole anti-Christ world except  astrologers, go by almanacs that make the moon enter a sign of the zodiac two and one half days before it does enter it, and thus perpetuate the lie of the pagan Constantine, the anti-Christ.

[See Copyright notice] file:///C:/Users/pc/Downloads/TheWondersoftheHumanBody_10241251.pdf 

“The Anti Christ” George W. Carey

Page 110 reference above shows up around 9:40 mins in this video.

Scientifically Santa Claus Does Exist

By Barca de Luna
Occult anatomy and true nature of man, the universal power of mysteries and of myth itself,  prove beyond any doubt that we live today in the mental ruins of ancient knowledge, not even knowing what it is that we lost and why we should have a need to get it back. The greatest story never told, is the greatest story of all ages because the story itself is not just a story and it is not just “great”, but the “greatest”, because there can be nothing even remotely comparable to it.

The highest knowledge of humanity, 
condensed in 12 symbols

This master story is omnipresent in the world today, right in front of our eyes, in plainest sight, yet it lies concealed in deepest mysteries, carefully hidden from profanity by wise priests, protecting this information, guarding it against destruction and alterations, preserving it for eternity, making it incorruptible, preserving its divine truth, making it available only for the honest seeker. READ more at

Seeds of Salvation S. O. S. |  Ascension is Within

17:28 mins Santos Bonacci
Man has 4 brains 1] cerebrum or God brain 2]  cerebellum or man brain 3] medulla oblongata responsible for involuntary actions in the body i.e. breathing, blood circulation and 4] solar plexus, more related to the animal instinctive brain, which receives images from the ether, from the air just like animals do, and instinctively react correspondingly without reason and logic. This is why it is so important to raise the oil so that man can ascend out of the lower mind into his/her higher Divine nature.

Video transcript

Click to know when the moon is in your Sun sign every 28 1/2 days

Science and Nonduality – validation

Harvard-trained physician Mauro Zappaterra MD, PhD. reports on some of the fascinating and pioneering discoveries of his Harvard Medical School lab about the remarkable role of cerebrospinal fluid.

Soul and Energy Harvesting

Thankfully I re-posted in its entirety because their Blog, like mine and others were nixed.

At this critical time, we need as many people as possible doing inner work to raise the collective consciousness so that solutions can flow to us. Please share. Thank you.

Thank you.

Doreen A Agostino
Without Prejudice and Without Recourse

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