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“Our house is burning and we’ve not called the fire department because we ‘refuse’ to see the flames.”

Black Pigeon Speaks
Apr 15, 2019

08:23 mins
Whether this is a sign from God, or just synchronicity, it doesn’t really matter. Take it however you like. What happened to Notre Dame was a symbol of where we are in the current year.

“The power to cure, is the power to corrupt nature.” – Dr. Jeff Bradstreet

Dr. Bradstreet died while trying to save our children.

Dead Doctor's Research Expanded: Natural Cures Seen for Autism and ...

The Reality

Found dead in a river on June 19, 2015, with a gunshot wound to the chest, authorities at first thought Dr. James Bradstreet’s death was a suicide. It has since been confirmed that Dr. Bradstreet was murdered, and his wound was not self-inflicted.

The Story [9:21 minute video]

By Brian Hammers
The journey starts with Dr. Joseph Baird, a prominent cancer and autism specialist, as he is on the cusp of an amazing discovery. With his patients thriving and his research in full swing, he strikes gold. His “alternative” treatments and endless years of research have finally come together. Only one problem, it is not in some peoples vested interest for a natural cure to make it into the public’s hands. Dr. Baird and his family’s fears are realized. We now begin the journey of unraveling the many conspiracies that surround not only his death, but the death of many other holistic doctors. END

How is it that …

People afraid to look at the dark side of life, eat toxic food, drink toxic beverages, cook/bathe/shower with toxic water, breathe toxic air, live with minimal Sunlight vital to human health and crops that feed us, and thrive on weaponized wireless technology.

Bisphenols Toxic Effects and Symptoms: BPA Destroys Your Body

BPA is used widley from shatter-resistant plastic water bottles and food storage containers to cash register receipts and canned food and drink liners. It’s even in coffee cans and beer kegs. Despite it being literally impossible to fully avoid, BPA toxic effects are now very well documented in medical literature. And the findings are not appetizing. The science shows this hormone-disrupting chemical causes widespread damage throughout our bodies.

Instead of bisphenol A, manufacturers are now using bisphenol S (BPS) , bisphenol F [BPF] yet recent studies are proving this new approach is just as bad (if not worse) than the original. Read more at 

Cure yourself first with the Power in you

Spread the word, save lives.  Thank you.

Doreen A Agostino
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