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Quitting Smoking Is Doable… What About 2nd-Hand EMF Pollution?

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EMFs from cell phones, wifi routers, and cell towers activate countless microscopic sensors found on the surface of every one of our cells. When these “voltage sensors” are exposed to foreign EMF signals, our cells get tricked into allowing large amounts of calcium to flow inside. Normally, calcium is a healthy mineral however too much calcium inside the cell is equivalent of pouring gas on a fire, and triggers a slew of negative health effects. In other words, EMFs add stress to every single cell in our body — whether you personally feel EMF-related symptoms or not.

In his 2013 groundbreaking paper, Dr. Martin Pall showed that extremely low levels of EMFs can activate the cells’ voltage gated calcium channels, leading to 14 distinct downstream biological effects such as oxidative stress, DNA breaks, melatonin depletion, infertility and cancer.

How EMFs Biologically Impact the Body's Cells and Damage DNA ...

DNA Breaks

Melatonin depletion

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Reduced melatonin

Melatonin is a vital part of many of the bodies biochemical systems, including sleep and learning, and is free radical scavenging in all cells hence is a potent antioxidant with anti-aging and anti-cancer properties. Read more at



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