Losing Our Countries to Centralized Force

The forces of darkness calling card: Order Out Of Chaos

The forces of darkness create chaos by pitting man against man, and count on humans to   destroy one another so elected officials can restore order with their solutions, like lock people up or lock everyone down under martial law.

Losing our country – Nicole Lebrasseur

What follows is how globalization will impact everyone; your well being, families, finances, and freedom. I paraphrased Nicole’s video.

Every choice each of us makes in regards to governance impacts the whole.

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The Convention of Consent to Political Self-Determination and Self-Governance was launched in Canada by THE CANADIAN PEOPLES’ UNION, FREEDOM 2017 INC. NFP [not-for-profit] to stop globalization. This CPU process can be applied in any democratic country.

If you think erasing borders and becoming a global citizen are good for people keep reading. People are purposefully distracted, deceived, and cycling in fear so they do not see what’s coming at them because if they knew they would surely rise to stop it.

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Globalization is being implemented through public-private partnerships [P3s, PPPs].  This is how private corporations through our governments gain access; to act with the same power as elected politicians over their constituents.

These new private corporations will rule over us within our infrastructures. Social services, unemployment, etc. are being hit right now. People are feeling it. People who worked all their lives and paid into insurance companies have to fight to get what they paid for. I’m working on a case with my ex-husband. We’re seeing a pattern with his employer where they are pushing out the old guys so the young guys can come in at a lot less salary. This pressures the older guys to take retirement or walk away. Denis ended up in the hospital. His doctor is highly qualified yet the insurance’s doctors are judging her, so we’ve got all of this going on.

Read more at https://ourgreaterdestiny.org/2018/07/new-government-model-p3s-global/

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Everyone is urged to watch this clip of I, Daniel Blake

The public private partnerships are the cause of this breakdown worldwide. There will be one company set up for the United Nations and World Bank; one company that will rule all the infrastructure for many countries on how they deal with clients and how they deal with citizens.

07:11 mins Order out of chaos
Right now we’re looking at civil wars being instigated due to immigration, and I’m not so sure the problem is the immigrants as much as government. We invaded their countries and herd them all over the world, which is creating chaos. We can’t blame anyone but ourselves because we allowed all of this to escalate.

Within our common laws everyone has to find a common ground. Respect each other, listen to each other, and stop arguing! Research as much as you can, and verify information for accuracy.

To stop globalization THE CANADIAN PEOPLES’ UNION, FREEDOM 2017 INC. NFP was created as a registry to record the will of Canadians who esign free ‘The Convention of Consent to Political Self-Determination and Self-Governance’, a legal document that will stand in court. It specifies what the Canadian people want.

We need to inform every Canadian because as the whole, we are the voice in Canada, even though we don’t have that right now, and never will as long as we vote for a politician.

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When you vote in a politician you give away your rights to that politician to do as he/she pleases.

Politicians will say whatever it takes to get your vote. Every political party is a CORPORATE entity, they work for globalists not the people.

The reason you vote for a political party, and political parties supersede all laws, have rights above all the people, above the Queen, even the Constitution is because we have two parts to Canada’s Constitution; the written part, and the unwritten part, and it’s vital to understand what the unwritten part is.

Voting is bondage


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The unwritten part of the Constitution involves new legislation coming in, and as long as the people don’t complain about the new legislation, and there are no complaints in writing, and no one signed anything, and we’re not talking about a petition here, I’m talking about a legally binding contract to put the politicians on notice, to remove certain laws or whatever. This is how it needs to be done so that we win a case in court.

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Anybody can promise you anything within our governance because our government is de facto, illegal but in effect, because the people did not change this. The people were never asked for a referendum and we never questioned them, as far as I can see.

To understand taxation, again we come back to the 51% majority rule. A lot of people say taxation is supposed to be of your own free will however in 2017 we celebrated the 100th anniversary of taxation in Canada, and how did that happen? The government said the majority said okay to pay taxes. It was supposed to last only a few years because of the war, and was to help put Canada back on track, which it did. This is how we got health care, roads, etc., and  it’s like they give it to you and then take it away generating scenarios like I, Daniel Blake for everybody to suffer after you paid 20-30 years into a pension fund or for private insurance to pay off your vehicle, if you get sick or whatever. How do you collect money from insurance you’ve invested in for 30 years when they refuse to pay you while you’re on sick leave?

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The International Labor Board is now to be law in Canada because the Supreme Court of Canada is adopting their requirements. The Supreme Court of Canada is now throwing out precedents and allowing what the International Labor Organization says. Look at the court cases. You could have been in court for seven years, you have precedent, there is precedent there, you’re sure to win, and all of a sudden, the Supreme Court saysSorry but the law has changed and this is how it is now” because we’re now under international law.

The International Labor Organization will now rule all of our countries. Welcome to globalization, all while you were asleep. I call this the zombie apocalypse because most people don’t understand anything, don’t research, don’t really pay attention, everybody’s got ADD. It’s really scary to see what’s coming down the pike here, and what’s coming down the pike is globalization. These corporations will rule everybody in the world. We won’t be able to do anything here, we won’t be able to do anything at the United Nations, we’re going to be alone. Think about it. Who are you going to go to when you have a problem with the multinational company who now has the same rights as your government because they are in bed with our government?

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The fact is we need to remove final decision-making authority from all levels of governance otherwise we lose our shirt to the World Bank.

The World Bank is funding 60% of the public private partnerships. They’re backing these projects worldwide for what? For DEBT!

They’re will repossess your house and your children’s future if we don’t take a stand.

25:40 mins
Remember the following before you vote for any political party

When you vote, you allow the political party, the private corporation that was instilled, to run your country.

When a private corporation runs a country it is illegal, and they make new laws so the people cannot charge them legally HOWEVER that can be changed when a majority of Canadians esign free The Convention of Consent to Political Self-Determination and Self-Governance and hopefully join THE CANADIAN PEOPLES’ UNION, FREEDOM 2017 INC. NFP that is not a political party, nor a worker’s union. It is a ‘registry’ to record the will of the majority of Canadians so we have ‘standing’ in court.

We need everybody on board. We’re all losing our countries world-wide.

There is a lawful, peaceful way to stop this. If you love your children and cherish your freedom, read and esign free The Convention of Consent to Political Self-Determination and Self-Governance. Remember one thing and it’s in our flyer at http://myfreedom2017.com  It says:

‘The patriation of the Canada Constitution Act in 1982 reaffirmed the primacy of the rule of law, and the sovereignty of the Canadian people over this country’s Institutions and Constitution.’

The Canadian Constitution is a false Constitution.

What’s next? First, we need to get final decision-making authority out of the hands of government. This doesn’t mean we boot them out. All the people in management can stay there if they’ve been doing a good job but they will no longer have final decision-making authority. Every decision needs to come back to the people. This is the type of governance we need in Canada, not a political party but a management system that works and is maintained by the people as the whole.

We need to take action now. Talk is cheap, politicians do it all the time and every political party is good at it because we’ve been in a constant dictatorship since 1867, and it won’t change until we rise, together, peacefully, and lawfully. Thank you.

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