Roaring Twenty Twenties Earth Part II


The Mayan calendar cycle that ended in 2012 was the end of a major cycle that fit within the larger context of time cycles known to another Mesoamerican culture – the Aztecs.

The end of the Mayan Calendar 12.21.12 was the shifting point away from the great cycle known as the Fifth “Sun” (a “Sun” is a long time period in which human consciousness evolves to a new level, and during which specific challenges arise linked to this evolution.)

The Mexica (Aztec) calendar continues on for at least another two great Sun cycles, meaning over 10,000 years remaining within the next two cycles.

We are currently moving from the Fifth to the Sixth sun. According to modern Mexica (Aztec) sources (see Sergio Magana “2012-2021: The Dawn of the Sixth Sun”), the energy of the Sixth Sun entered in 1991 when the Fifth sun was still dominant, and the Sixth sun energy gathered strength in 2003. On the Mayan Calendar end date of Winter Solstice on 12.21.12, the two energies were equal; from that time forward the Fifth Sun energy faded and the Sixth Sun energies began to increase, so that by 2021 the Sixth Sun energies will be the major influence.

The Fifth Sun was a time of looking outside ourselves for external gratification and conquests: the Sixth Sun (the “White Sun”) is a time of illuminating our inner worlds and subconscious issues we have avoided for lifetimes, clearing out our blockages so that higher consciousness can be our permanent state.

This is also a time in which extremely advanced energy healing and energy handling skills will be manifested by many people walking the conscious path of self-transformation. Read more at

7th Century Universal Message

Known as Time’s Special Witness, 7th century Mayan prophet Pacal Votan left a universal message for future generations of an evolving Earth.

“If Humanity Wishes To Save Itself From Biospheric Destruction It Must Return To Living in Natural Time,” he foretold of our accelerated technological society, and the resulting damage of our collective divergence from Natural Law in exchange for materialist values.
Pacal Votan’s prophetic call is alerting present-day humanity that our biological process is transforming, approaching the culmination of a 26,000 year evolutionary program.

Bringing the return of universal telepathy, heightened sense capacity, and self-reflective consciousness, this is a return to the sacred domain of our inner technology.
(Sidenote: Regarding the World Age cycle we are closing in 2012 and the new World Age cycle to dawn, there are varying cosmologies as to whether we are closing the Fifth World and entering the Sixth, or closing the Fourth World and entering the Fifth. For example, In the perspective of the living Maya Timekeepers of Guatemala, calendrically speaking, each element has a 5,125 year cycle. They teach that we have been through fire, earth, air and water already. The next cycle (beginning Dec 21, 2012) will be ether – the Fifth Age – the Age of Center.

Likewise, the Hopi teach we are closing the Fourth World of Destruction, and preparing to begin the Fifth World of Peace. Regardless of the title given, what is clear is that we are on poised on the brink of a World Age Rebirth!) Read more at


Perturbation is caterpillar transforming into a beautiful butterfly. Perturbation in man is transforming his/her lower animal nature into his/her true nature, which is Divine. The more support and love during perturbation [from yourself and others], the more blessings and the more ease and grace find you beyond transformation. [See Mayan Prophecy #7 below]

Dr. Bruce Lipton:

“The upheavals presently in our civilization represent a giant force of evolution in motion. When we focus on any one of the current crises alone, we run the risk of missing the forest for the individual trees, failing to recognize that all these crises collectively represent the evolution of community, not of the individual. What we’re evolving now is a super organism called humanity and a reality in which all of us know ourselves to be cells in the body of one living organism, the planet.”

It is the destiny of man to develop his/her higher nature and allow it to express Itself. Read more at

Interlocking timescales of Lunar, Solar, and Planetary Cycles

Excerpts below from the 7 Mayan Prophecies and a link to each one.|

The First Mayan Prophecy announces that man should be prepared to go through the door that the Maya left open for us, transforming the current civilization based on fear into a vibration full of harmony. Only in an individual manner can the doorway be entered, to begin a new era, a sixth cycle of the sun.

Our own conduct of plundering and contaminating the planet actually helps to bring about these changes; that these changes will take place so we learn how the universe functions and advance to higher levels, leaving behind materialism, thereby freeing ourselves of suffering.

The Second Mayan Prophecy says that the answers to everything are inside man, that our behavior determines our future. It affirms humanity finds itself in a moment of fundamental transition toward a new way of perceiving the universe…that the universe and the solar system are receiving a beam of light, energy, and information from the center of the galaxy, causing an increase in the vibration of the planet, the brain waves and cells of man, placing him in equilibrium with this new frequency, causing enormous changes in his behavior.

The second Mayan prophecy shows two paths: one of understanding and tolerance, and one of fear and destruction. In both, man will learn the necessary lessons for the evolution of the conscience.

Humanity is moving toward a new era of harmony, and to get there we must confront our greatest fears and accept that we are faced with difficult situations in order to learn from them, maintaining peace in any situation we experience. No matter how difficult the challenges, we can maintain and increase our internal energy, producing a state of high vibration and a state of respect for all that exists. Difficult situations will remain in our lives as long as we need to learn something from them.

The Third Mayan Prophecy says that we must become aware of our influence on the planet so that we do not continue making mistakes, or causing its destruction, as has happened over the course of history. The processes of industrialization without ecological sensitivity have caused, with its wastes, a general increase in the temperature of the planet. This will be accentuated by increased activity of the sun, caused by the energy received from the center of the galaxy, creating great changes in weather and winds.
There will be energy vortexes which will clean the earth’s surface, which are the manifestation of non-conformity of our planet, and of the elemental energies contained in its interior.

The Fourth Mayan Prophecy tells us man must cease his destructive behavior, in order to synchronize with the rhythms of nature and adjust to the changes which will take the whole universe to an era of harmony. The climate changes will produce a melting of the poles, allowing the planet to be cleansed and green again, producing great changes in the physical composition of the continents.

The Fifth Mayan Prophecy says all systems based on fear which affect our civilization, will transform simultaneously with the planet and humanity, to take a new step toward the reality of harmony.

Systems will fail, to confront humanity with itself, making us see the need to reorganize society and continue on the path of evolution, allowing us to understand creation. MONEY will cease to be used as a form of exchange, and the symptoms which are emerging in various parts of the world seem to confirm this.

A single, common spiritual path will emerge for all humanity which will end the established limits we have set for the different ways of seeing God.

The new galactic day is seen in all religions and cults as an era of peace and harmony for all humanity. Therefore, it is clear that whatever does not contribute to this result should disappear or change. The new era of light cannot allow a humanity based on a military economy which imposes truths by force.

The dawn of the galaxy should be based on PROFOUND RESPECT for each other, and the recognition of all that exists. The new humanity will not need existing technology communication systems, for we will be connected mentally, and therefore violence should cease to exist.

We are at the end of the night of 5125 years; at the end of a galactic day of 26,000 years, at the point of entering the dawn of the galaxy. The era of change which the Mayas called “the time of no time” was also prophesied by other cults and religions. All agree that the world is at the point of a change of huge proportions, soon after which will occur a period of chaos that will usher in a new phase of evolution of conscience and unprecedented changes in humanity.

The Sixth Mayan Prophecy *says that in the next few years a comet will appear whose trajectory will place humanity’s existence in danger, also predicted by many religions and cults; in the Bible’s book of Revelations it appears under the name Wormwood.

The Maya saw comets as agents of change which caused the existing equilibrium to move, causing certain structures to transform themselves, in turn permitting the evolution of collective conscience.

The Mayas knew that for modern man to discover with anticipation an asteroid so large and then divert it, would be one of the major achievements of human history and a critical act, that would unite us as a species.

The Seventh Mayan Prophecy speaks of the moment in which the solar system, as part of its cycle, leaves the night and enters the dawn of the galaxy, by means of the ray emitted by Hunab-ku, thereby activating the genetic code of mankind who are on a high frequency.

This sense would amplify the conscience of all mankind, generating a new individual, collective and universal reality. One of the largest transformations will occur at the planetary level, for all mankind is connected as if they were one being, giving birth to a new “being” in the galactic order.

The reintegration of the individual consciences of millions of human beings will awaken a new conscience in which everyone will learn that they are part of the same giant organism.
The capacity to read thought will totally revolutionize civilization over the face of the earth, for all special interests will disappear, and lies will end forever, for no one will be able to hide anything. A new era of transparency and light will begin, which cannot be hidden by any violence or negative emotion. Laws and external controls such as the police and the military will disappear, for each human being will be responsible for his actions and there will be no need to implement any right or responsibility by force.
Text by: Anabell Castañeda

* There’s something very BIG going on in the background they don’t want us to know about

The following gives a hint as to why TBTB are pushing the entire planetary civilization into an End-time Madness scenario.

Bear in mind that they know exactly what is around the corner. Their strategically-located observatories and high-powered telescopes give them access to scientific data and astronomical phenomena which is so compelling they feel they have no alternative but to:
• distract us
• deceive us
• divert our attention
Artist depiction of what Hercolubus might look like once it entered our solar system

The NWO cabal was convinced early on that the existence of a rogue Comet-Planet was simply too scary for humanity to deal with.  Therefore, they fabricated the elaborate climate change deception as a means explaining all the wacky weather.  In this way Planet X, as it is known, would escape suspicion.  And so it has, except for a few truth-seekers in the Alt Media.

It’s also true that the globalists perceived the Global Warming hoax as a way of implementing the final stages of their New World Order agenda.  TPTB knows that only a planetary cataclysm would provide the perfect context in which to roll out their One World Government.  Such a totalitarian and communist government would also permit the cabal to exert total command and control over all the Earth’s resources and weather.
Therefore, it’s really imperative that the old souls and enlightened spirits among us stay vigilant. It’s very tough out there right now and the human race needs as many truth-speakers as possible to anchor the light around the globe.

The most important takeaway of this reality check is this: that the state of the collective consciousness is the single greatest determinant of the future of humanity as it is the fate of the biosphere.  If we come together in a cooperative spirit and mutual trust, instead of staying in our ghettos of fear, the inevitable transition that’s upon us will be much smoother.  Hence, the hyeperdimensional Comet-Planet will respond in a manner that eases this blue orb through the long-prophesied birthing process to a New Age. Read more at

Destruction or Evolution

From Doreen
On Feb 03, 2010 during a radio interview I did with Cellular Biologist, Professor, Research Scientist, Lecturer, and International best-selling author Dr. Bruce Lipton who co-authored the book ‘Spontaneous Evolution’ I asked:

Q: You say civilization is in decline and that that’s good news.  How so?
Bruce responded:
The current confluence of crises indicates that a fundamental change is at hand.
The decline of what is not working is akin to the caterpillar deconstructing itself as the butterfly is formed.Seen in that light, we can begin to recognize the new butterfly civilization being born, even as the caterpillar one crumbles

Q: There is a section in your book entitled ‘Weapons of Mass Distraction’ … what exactly are we being distracted from?

Bruce responded:
Primarily, we are being distracted from our own power, individually and collectively.
We are being distracted from the two components of every evolution awareness, and community.

In the face of their imminent demise, the vested interests in society provide the distractions that keep us apart, and keep us from finding out how powerful we are.
You can listen to the full radio interview at

The Roaring Twenty Twenties

If by 2021, the Sixth Sun energies will be the major influence, this explains globalists working at warp speed to implement globalization.

Harvard Scientists Begin Experiment To Block Out The Sun

Are the forces of darkness trying to hide something?

Dec 2018
The project, called Stratospheric Controlled Perturbation Experiment (SCoPEx), will spend $3 million to test their models by launching a steerable balloon in the southwest US 20 kilometers into the stratosphere. Once the balloon is in place, it will release small particles of calcium carbonate. Plans are in place to begin the launch as early as the spring of 2019.

Total solar eclipse. Credit: Getty

From Doreen

Part I of II Important

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