Technology Becoming Indistinguishable From Reality

Post Truth Era and The M A T R I X Control System

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Published on May 30, 2019

Video highlights.

01:39 mins Elon Musk
We have photorealistic 3d simulations with millions of people playing simultaneously, and it’s getting better every year. Soon we’ll have augmented reality. Eventually those games will be indistinguishable from reality.

03:27 mins TSM
Look how much you can distort the message by hijacking someone’s face. I guess they’re trying to make people schizophrenic; trying to figure out when they’re in the real world. 

 04:46 mins
Samsung developed an AI that needs only one image, just one, and they can make it move, and talk, as if the person in the picture is alive.

05:27 mins
As our technologies get more convincingly real, and begin impinging on actual reality experienced through perception of our five senses, things actually seem less real, thus more fake, and the less we can trust anything we are seeing and hearing.

05:44 mins
A few years ago AI began its foray into journalism writing stories for major news outlets like Associated Press and Washington Post. AI does it so well that most people can’t tell the difference. 

06:09 mins
Back in February it was announced that Elon Musk’s non profit open AI developed a text generator that’s so good they declined to release it publicly for fear of misuse. Dubbed Deep Fake For Texts it’s apparently so convincingly real, and the untold risk of malicious misuse is so high, that open AI is actually breaking normal practice of releasing it in order to do more research, and attempt to fully discuss the ramifications of what this kind of technology will mean, to a society that’s increasingly living in a shrinking reality. Basically, you feed this thing a few lines of text, and it’s able to convincingly predict, and then generate the next few sentences, or pages, and it works for anything including news, novels whatever.

08:20 mins
Computers aren’t just generating fake video, made-up text and speech that was never spoken, they’re actually generating whole people now.

In the AI it is called a generative adversarial network. Their stated goal is to synthesize artificial images that are indistinguishable from authentic images. They trained an AI by feeding it lots and lots and lots of pictures of people, and in just two weeks it was able to come up with some pretty convincing pictures of human beings that completely look like real people but those people don’t actually exist. 

09:23 mins
I think if the average person was told this was a real person, say on a newscast for an example, and a whole backstory was given to something that happened to this person, they would likely accept that because we accept the reality of the world which we’re presented. This is ground breaking because “It not only produces high-quality and realistic images but also allows for superior control and understanding of generated images making it even easier than before to generate believable fake images.”

10:34 mins
The Samsung AI mentioned earlier that can take just one image and make it talk; what you have is artificial intelligence so advanced that it can, in 2019, generate a completely fake person who does not exist, make that person talk, and most people will have no idea they’re looking at someone who never existed, saying things that were never really said.

That’s just the technology that’s been publicly released that we know about. What we’re talking about here is total technological control in a way I don’t think the average person can even fully grasp. The level of the five-sense reality can be manipulated just straight up, and so we’re gonna live in a world where seeing is not believing, and if you’re somebody who relies solely on that kind of principle, you’re gonna be trapped in this matrix they’ve been building for decades.

This is what our film ‘The Minds of Men’ is actually about, the world we are living in today. They built this whole structure that they placed over the natural world, and they can bypass your senses with it, literally. That’s what it means to say a world where you can’t tell the difference anymore between reality and what that is, and this matrix.

12:51 mins Spiritual Warfare
Take all this together out to its logical conclusion, and it’s like every episode of The Twilight Zone has been mixed together in a blender, and unleashed on to society. It’s beyond the matrix. Our reality is increasingly being manipulated and mediated by technology to a point that it’s merging, it’s blending, and I think people are starting to feel it.

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