Lauren Southern Farewell Interview: ‘Borderless’ and Retirement…

LAUREN SOUTHERN says farewell | video below

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The only person who really benefits in the end are the people making money off this, which are the NGOs and the traffickers.

NGOs were elevated to front row status in public private partnerships being used to implement globalization. Now you know why. Doreen

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Look at what Merkel is saying, look at what Macron is saying, look at what Trudeau is saying, ‘Open Borders. Refugees, migrants welcome.” so why wouldn’t what I’m telling you be true? So, the traffickers have the mainstream politicians backing on the propaganda they’re selling to their customers. Little do the customers know these politicians also are just doing it for their benefit, to get votes.

When you meet these migrants and refugees who have made the trip, they’ve paid all the money, they’ve been given the promise, they get there, and none of these politicians are fulfilling their promises. The traffickers have told them rip up your passport, rip up your ID. So, they can’t even apply for refugee status let alone a work permit or anything. It’s really tragic that once again it seems the appearance of kindness, and the appearance of just being good, is just that, it’s just an appearance. It’s just an image. It’s not actually anything substantial and that that’s unfortunately what a lot of people don’t realize.

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Tell people that ‘Open Borders’ is not helping the very people you are purporting it to help, and you’re gonna get in some trouble.

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It gets really dark
. Some of the stuff we didn’t include in the documentary, there’s organ smuggling and trafficking that go on, where these refugees or migrants are basically faceless nameless people so they can be sold a trip to Balkan area and then be taken to have their organs traded.

21:00 mins Open Borders is a trafficking business
If journalists properly and fairly covered this they would find the migrants themselves saying this is filled with corruption. The NGOs are in on it, the doctors are in on it, they’re making us pay bribes to get to to Athens, we’re being persecuted here because we’ve invited everyone instead of just genuine refugees.

Not mentioned in the documentary is how the business works. People don’t actually just choose to come, and they don’t go out and actively seek out boats on the shore, they don’t go out and find a smuggler and say we’re desperately fleeing we got to get on a boat now and get to Europe. How it actually works is there are salesmen with tons of different levels in the business in both Morocco and Turkey who ‘pitch’ their offer, and the people at the bottom are basically salesmen who get a cut of the money if they can go and find clients.

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This is the last video interview with Lauren at least for now.

From Doreen

Thank you Lauren, for exposing the forces of darkness.

Posturing and profit

Without voters there are no elected politicians. Unless elected, politicians have no power, which is why political leaders allow migrants to vote in elections.

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  1. Lauren Southern CALLS OUT Digital Dictators. Thanks to Judy for this video.

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