RAS: Know Your Brain and Work It … Defuse Crises Infuse Human Potential

Escalating crisis and censorship demand an up-wising

One of the wisest things to do right now is to learn how the human brain works, and work your brain, which is extremely Powerful when you learn how to manage it.

The forces of darkness know the Power to end their reign of terror is ‘in’ man, so they use technology to censor facts, and other means to thwart human potential.

RED ALERT: Google Censorship Is Destroying the Truth Movement

New AI-Driven Google Algorithms Have Blocked All Alternative Websites and Truth Content for Sensitive Searches. Read more at http://stateofthenation2012.com/?p=123674

As technology becomes indistinguishable from reality, and the truth is disappeared https://ourgreaterdestiny.org/2019/05/post_title-post-truth-era-and-the-m-a-t-r-i-x/
it is vital to know how your brain works and how to work your brain.

There is a small section of our brain referred to as the Reticular Activating System or RAS. This tiny portion of the brain, the size of a small finger, has an all-encompassing effect on the life of every man, woman, child.

At any moment, our mind is bombarded with millions of bits of sensorial stimulation from the physical world through our 5 senses, so the mind needs a way to filter all that data, which is the function of the RAS.

The RAS reacts to scenarios instantly; like a bouncer at the door of mind. Your beliefs tell RAS what is and what is not important to you. In other words, what gets invited to the party. The RAS lets whatever is on the list in, and throws the rest to the curb a.k.a. cognitive dissonance.

Of the millions of bits of data, the RAS lets in around 140-150 pieces per second in our conscious mind because that’s how much our central nervous system can handle at a time. The details let in are ones over the years that you deemed important. This is the reason individuals walk right by opportunities, and blindly accept what others say even when it is false.

Your Reticular Activating System or RAS

Published on Oct 28, 2013
7:54 mins

Limitless possibilities exist. You just need to decide where to put your focus and attention because this will decide the difference between an expansive, full life of amazing miracles and opportunities or one filled with drama, lack and limitations.

Align your conscious and subconscious mind

Our beliefs are embraced and impressed upon our subconscious, of which 95% rules our life, often confining individuals to the backseat instead of the driver’s seat in life.

Positive, laser focus is more than just an exercise that release endorphins.

The real work takes place in our mind, and results are measurable, so it is definitely worth the effort. Over 30 days, if you focus on one thing with intensity and emotion, slowly but surely you will mold your filter so it gains access to your mind, and a new mindset will take place. As you give your mind access to new convictions, new thoughts make their way into your subconscious. Watch for clues* that your focused intention and attention are advancing, and give thanks for every clue that shows up.

I chose 5 areas of focus, some of which have manifested.

*June 04.19: A friend agreed to share my 30 day focus as follows

A rich, powerful, and influential person [s] break the silence. They reveal the deception, distortions, and distractions foisted on man. Consciously aware people are nearby to dispel fear, and remind everyone that the truth sets us free. Once the collective is informed, we take lawful action to end the reign of terror on Earth.

*June 05.19: 5G CRISIS: Historic Class Action Lawsuit Filed Against the FCC by Municipalities Across the USA

For example, this historic class action lawsuit filed by numerous cities is a perfect illustration of this “David v. Goliath” strategy at work.  It’s clearly a war between the cities and the FCC (or federal government). Read more at http://stateofthenation2012.com/?p=123570

* June 07.19 Canadian leaders indicted for Genocide, Summoned to appear at Tribunal

Kevin A 
Published on Jun 6, 2019
4:29 mins

After you listen to Kevin’s message please laser focus on lawful ‘enforcement’.


* Jun 07.19 On a personal level

I had 2 large items for sale. When someone stopped by to pick up an item for their parent, I casually mentioned the 2 items, which were purchased on the spot.

I share with you, not so much about the sale, as the incredible synchronicities that brought about the sale. It was magical. Doreen

By-pass your reptilian brain and restore creative Power


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Doreen Ann Agostino
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