How far will man let them go and still be human? [Full film]


A deep, critical examination of society, metaphysics and perceived reality for people who choose to live free not free range. Excerpts:

Bottom line

04:31 mins
Earth, our home planet is teeming with life. A world where ecosystem within fragile ecosystem combines to create a complex and delicately balanced web of life.  A web in which the continued survival of each delicate strand rests entirely upon its symbiotic relationship with the environment in which it exists.

A new type of organism

According to ancient Vedic texts, in times long past man too lived in complete harmony with nature, for man held his own place and purpose within the web, and so it continued for countless years until there appeared upon the earth a new mind set in the consciousness of humankind, and with that mindset came a new type of organism. With that mindset came civilization and a system of organized rule, based deeply in social structure.

11:03 mins
In order for civilization to function efficiently, by necessity civilization itself brought with it yet another organism. Something more hidden, more mysterious and more insidious than its parent. What it brought  was a meme, described by the Oxford English Dictionary ‘as an element of a culture or system of behavior passed from one individual to another by imitation or other non genetic means’. Isn’t this an exact description of the system that currently controls humanity?

Divorced from nature

42:14 mins
Internet in its own sense unites humanity as one organism able to communicate with itself spontaneously. In this growing web of communication, we can clearly see the unification of mankind becoming a reality but it is a digital version of it. One could almost say that the Internet as we know it today is a central nervous system of a new humanity, a humanity vastly different from anything that has previously existed.

Internet had another less noticeable yet more disturbing effect upon people, in that among some sections of society it created an environment of separation, most especially among the youth wherein many people feel far more comfortable in the virtual world provided for internet than they do in the real world around them. Due to this fact alone Internet has been single-handedly responsible for a huge loss of skill, not only in areas of practical hands-on survival and life skills but also in areas of social and interpersonal communication. People with such characteristics would indeed be those most likely to embrace the merger between man and machine.

Beyond science fiction

45:40 mins David Icke on Transhumanism [Robotic cyborg state]
Brave New World by Aldous Huxley “Love your servitude.”

50:18 mins
The transhumanist dream is perhaps best summed up by Ray Kurzweil at the close of his film ‘Transcendent Man’ and as positive and beneficial as the idea is presented to the viewer as being, the underlying tone is of gradual assimilation of all life upon earth and indeed the entire universe into one huge nano machine; whereby the universe will become intelligent. As if it wasn’t already, and at which point man himself will have created the Machine God that transhumanists believe human consciousness will ultimately become in the future.

Deliberate, large-scale intervention in Earth’s system

54:35 mins
If it were possible to achieve the dream of people such as Ray Kurzweil, and create a world where even the plants and rocks were fused with intelligent nanotechnology how might such a thing be done? Quite obviously due to their microscopic size the prospect of doing so without the knowledge of a vast amount of the population must be seen as utterly plausible but what delivery system could be employed to ensure the widest and most effective method of reaching the subject population?

Self- replicating nano-particulates

57:43 mins
Why would the perpetrators spray themselves? The answer is a very simple one. These people want transhumanism. In fact, when one truly considers the transhumanist agenda, and it begins to sink in that chemtrails seem to consist of nano particulates or smart dust, then the last piece of the puzzle falls snugly into place, and it is far from inconceivable that were the global population to be infused with programmable nano particulates then when these tiny machines are switched on they will simply do what they are programmed to do.

Man’s impaired ‘trance’ state

65:31 mins
There has been a force mostly unseen in control of this planet for an extremely long time, and evidence very much suggests this force is attempting to manipulate the evolution of human consciousness currently taking place. It is very likely, the same force that first reduced mankind to the impaired state we now find ourselves, where our pineal gland is closed thereby cutting us off from our higher senses, and where our DNA is 97% dormant whereby each person is reduced operating to only 3% of their actual capability.


66:31 mins
The solution is clear. Mankind must awaken but how do we transform the collective human trance into wakefulness? How do we bring about the mass awareness of the people? Get the word out so people …

1. Accept the truth about what is happening and the urgency of addressing our situation
2. Stop waiting for redemption to be delivered from an outside source
3. Grasp the depth of the problems we are facing
4. Stop seeing reality from an electronic tube [tell-a-vision propaganda]

Man is free range … not free

74:34 mins
The world we live in today is very different to that which most people perceive it to be because just below the surface of everyday life, beneath the social and political distractions of the reality offered to the masses via their television there exists another world.

It is a world where our social system is designed to foster division, our education system is designed to conceal knowledge, our health system is designed to create sickness, our financial system is designed to steal wealth, our community is designed to create disunity and our very civilization itself is wholly uncivilized.

We live in a world where 2% of the population controls 98% of the global resources while the other 98% are left to compete against each other in order to gather some small fraction of the 2%s left to them in order to support their lives and their families.

76:47 mins
Legislation has been cleverly designed to remove actual law from the planet and impose in its stead the will of individuals. [Digital dystopian dictatorship a.k.a. globalization].

78:59 mins

Every single government that exists anywhere in the world today is currently operating in breach of the trust that has been granted to it by the people of their nation, and this is true regardless of which country we are talking about. It is true whether it is a government consisting of duly elected politicians claiming to act in the best interest of the people, whether they are acting out of greed or whether they are simply acting through their belief that the system is real.

It is true whether it is a military dictatorship falsely declaring a self granted right to dictate what is good for others. It is true whether it consists of a monarchy that has declared its divine right to rule and supposedly care for its subjects because the reality is that every single government or ruling body in the world today is abusing the power granted to it by the people of the nation that governs.


79:48 mins
The remedy is for mankind to re-establish themselves as who and what we are because the only ones who have any chance of addressing this situation are the people themselves.

The following Blog is not about politicians. It is about the people, our lives, families, future and freedom.

Carbon is not our enemy it is our salvation

80:26 mins
I do not need an electric grid between us. The grid of tomorrow is no grid, and clean efficient energy will one day be free. Global implementation of such energy systems could begin tomorrow thereby freeing mankind of its financial shackles and simultaneously circumventing some of the most polluted industries on earth.


Cancel all debt
Transcend fear
Demand clean, safe alternative energy [carbon demonstrated in the video]
The people need to implement change regardless of legislation. Legislation is not law. Legislation is rules written on paper by public servants to eradicate actual law from existence and impose the will of the ruling cartel toward transhumanism and enslavement of mankind.
Question presumed authority

90:27 mins
It is important to realize that we each have the ability to peacefully but firmly stand to stop further destruction of our water table, prevent the rest of the transhumanist infrastructure from being put into place, most importantly connect with our community and lead by example in all that we do.

91:20 mins
Civil disobedience is not something outside the realm of democracy. Democracy requires civil disobedience. Without civil disobedience democracy does not exist.

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