Land Expropriation: Canada Grassroots Vs. Covert Climate Plan

Grassroots Alaska … Kills UN Agenda 21

Thanks to Russ Robson [see below] for this awareness.

In the name of Agenda 21, one city almost enacted crippling legislation before concerned citizens were able to stop it. Had it passed, the new laws would have removed many property rights, enabling easy expropriation of land for city purposes, and property seizure by the city for by-law violations. The following YouTube video describes how the citizens of Kodiak, Alaska defeated Agenda-21 city planning.

May 18, 2015


Constitutional Sovereignty Power Shift Seminar

Russ Robson from East Gwilllimbury, Ontario was a keynote speaker July 27.19.

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Russ revealed covert land expropriation under United Nations Agenda 21 Sustainable Development across Canada. This is happening planet wide.

UN Agenda 21 Sinister in nature, criminal in intent

Video transcript [key points]

For the past 2 years I’ve been dealing with land rights issues in Ontario. Climate change policies the provincial government of Ontario laid out have been very intrusive. They come from a place where they are using the climate, and I wouldn’t say science, to make up policies to control what happens on your land.

About 3 years ago I was living in California and got news that my father had passed away. It’s his birthday today. I came home and found that his land, 5 acres in the Town of East Gwillimbury, was going to be regulated by the Town. They told us there are new regulations called Environmental Protection Zones [EPZ]. Basically, these are fabricated zones made up to keep you from developing your properties.

What they do is this. They place regulations on top of your properties. They go on google maps or a satellite image of your land, and if they see any woodlands, or wetlands or any kind of environmental features they put this EPZ on it. They tell you it’s to stop anybody from developing the land. What they don’t tell you is what it takes away from the land itself.

We found out that our back yard was zoned rural when my father bought it. After these EPZs were placed on top of it we would no longer be able to have a shop, you couldn’t build any kind of additions on your home, you couldn’t have a greenhouse, you couldn’t have gardens, basically you couldn’t farm and it also devalued the property.

Some of our neighbors I believe lost a million dollars on their home sale or hundreds of thousands of dollars. I got together with neighbors and started investigating where this came from. I had never heard of EPZs. I’d heard of rural zones, residential zones, commercial zones, agricultural zones but not environmental protection zones.

As far as I know how By-laws work it’s basically ‘a zone is a zone’. It’s in By-law. So, I wanted to how, and why and where the studies for our property were. This led me on my journey of how I got here today.

Basically, these policies come right from the top. They come from the provincial level, and from what I’ve seen they come from even higher than that. They come right from the United Nations sustainable development UN 2030 and UN Agenda 21. We’ve seen that a lot of these Comprehensive By-laws also come from those as well. They’re the same language, the same everything used in their policies.

We started at the bottom. I started investigating and discovered we were way over our heads. We had no idea. None of our neighbors had been told about these EPZ plans that our Town had adopted the Comprehensive By-law. I believe it was in 2015.

Basically, we’ve had a pipeline of I would say of government, and what happens is we have municipal governments for a reason. We’re having a pipeline from the federal level all the way down to the municipal level sending these policies right down, and everyone is supposed to conform to them.

So, in southern Ontario a lot of us find out we’re in a Greenbelt. Anyone find themselves in a Greenbelt? The Greenbelt Plan … I think it was Dalton McGuinty who actually started it up. He is the one who first spoke about it. It was adopted in 2005.

Basically, the Greenbelt was meant to protect prime agricultural land, i.e. farm land and control urban sprawl. Urban sprawl was seen as a problem. Places like Mississauga were growing too big. Brampton was like that. A lot of subdivisions were being built in these areas and they thought ‘wouldn’t it be nice to have a Greenbelt area around the City of Toronto, the GTA’. Also, like in the UK. They actually copied the UK replica.

They also decided where industry was going to grow. They call these S.M.A.R.T growth centers. One area is BRAMPTON, and another is NEWMARKET, Ontario. They decided those were areas in Ontario they chose to grow, where industry is going to be and they’re going to control it. There was a lot of money funneled into that and it didn’t really work out. What we see now is that Mississauga is still growing and it’s gained 22,000 new jobs while Brampton actually lost some.

So, the government’s idea that they were going to control these areas doesn’t seem to have worked out. The other problem with it is that prime agricultural land hasn’t been saved either. It’s actually devalued the land of the farmers and made it cheaper for the developers to buy up.

That’s basically where it got to. It wasn’t really working out before but in 2017 they changed it to the Greenbelt Act. When they brought that in, they actually took away a lot of rights of the average land owner. One is for Injurious Affection and the other is for Tort. Basically, if a policy, or if government acted in bad faith you always had protection if you could prove that they acted in bad faith. The people could sue them and they could be liable personally for Tort or for Injurious Affection. With the Greenbelt Act they took a lot of those defenses away. A lot of people don’t know that. I found out the hard way because that was one of our defenses when we first started out.

We are at a point now where our Town East Gwillimbury has basically said ‘no’ the official plan of the province, which was to adopt climate change policies, which is the Greenbelt Act. The Greenbelt now is going to be looking at provincial significant lands, wetlands, woodlands, waterways and things like this. If your property happens to be on some of these lands you are going to be hit with some of these regulations. You’re also going to be regulated by the Conservation Authority of Ontario.

I went and talked to my neighbors, which is the most important thing I could do in this whole thing because any grassroots movement starts with you and your neighbors. I asked them if they had heard about these regulations. They had no idea that their back yards had been regulated by the Town and that the province had pushed this on them. They didn’t even believe me. The hardest part was actually convincing my own neighbors that this stuff was actually happening. I had to go to the Town planning department and get maps of all the properties and bring it to them and actually show them. Some of them had garages in their back yards, and if you looked at the maps, they had taken the garages and put them into these EPZs. If anything happened in their shops or their house was in there and burned down for any reason you would not be able to rebuild your house. You would not get a building permit.

Some neighbors got together and went to our Town Hall meeting and we demanded that more people be notified. Not one letter to sent to anybody about the official plan they adopted from the province. No letters were sent out to any of us about this environmental protection. Nobody has any education on this matter.

I went to the Mayor and the councilors and explained to them.

Russ: My neighbors don’t know, I didn’t know, why doesn’t anybody know about this?
Town CAO: Well, we’re very sorry. You should have known about that.
Russ: What are we going to do about this?
Town CAO: Well, it’s kinda already set in motion now so I guess you missed the boat.
Russ: No. What we’re going to do is, you are going to defer. We’re going to push this for a month and let more people know about this.

I was able to convince our Mayor and Councilors to defer and to not pass the Comprehensives By-law, which would have basically accepted these regulations from the province onto our properties.

They gave us a month. I made up flyers myself and went to every single one of my neighbors and I said hey, you need to check this out. We started off with maybe 10 of us at the meeting. The next meeting there were about 60. There was a bunch of people who wanted to know why their properties were being environmentally protected. They wanted to know how, they wanted to see the science behind it. They wanted to see the proof of what they should be regulated and they wanted to know what is ownership. This was May 15, 2018.

Our Town listened to the 60 people. When there are 60 people in a Town Hall meeting the Town is going to listen to you, and it happened right before an election year in October. The Mayor decided okay, we hear you and they voted not to conform to the official plan of the province. I don’t know if they knew what they were doing. This is an issue too because there is so much information not given to town councilors and mayors anymore. The CAOs and planning departments are appointed officials; you don’t elect them. They’re basically in there for years. The councilors come in every 4 years. The mayor changes all the time so they’re not privy to all the information the planners and CAO have.

Our Town Council decided not to conform to the official plan and we were safe. Just like that… boom. We didn’t have these provincial regulations, all of our property rights were saved, no land use got taken away from us. We thought we had won the day. Everyone cheered. We walked away thinking let’s go have a beer, which is basically how we felt.

About 10 days later a friend of mine found out that the Lake Simcoe Conservation Authority had appealed the Town of East Gwillimbury and demanded that we were brought into conformity. Now, all those 60 people who had got together went home thinking, and we have 30,000 people in our Town, just 60 of us went home thinking okay we’re safe now, everybody is safe here.

No emails. Once again, the Town said nothing to the people to let them know we’re going back to court to fight this.

They brought back LPAT which is the old Ontario Municipal Board [OMB]. It was left on my shoulders to go out and inform my neighbors that we’re not safe yet. We’re going to be brought back to regulation.

At the same time, they dismantled the Ontario Municipal Board and brought in LPAT, the Local Planning Appeal Tribunal, which is basically a kangaroo court. They’re set up to look and see if we conform to the official plan or not. At the end of the day, we didn’t conform to an official plan so they were going to say okay, you lose the case. They get the final say at the table and they say you guys have to conform to the official plan.

We’re at a point where we’re going to have to take this to divisional court or save a lot of money and take it to the supreme court. At the same time, we’re finding out that a lot of municipalities are finding out they’ve had these policies forced on them as well. Right now, the Town of Clarington is actually trying to get together and fight these regulations.

We’ve been in contact with our MPPs. You can’t get any news coverage on this stuff.  CTV, mainstream media won’t cover any of this stuff TO INFORM PEOPLE.

It’s definitely a grass roots thing. We need to go back to our own municipalities, talk to your planning department, talk to your mayors and councilors because those are your elected officials you have.

As far as I know today, small government is so important. It’s the most important government you have because it’s your voice out, it’s your pipeline out. You tell your mayor who tells your region, your region tells your province, your province tells Ottawa.

Today, we seem to have that pipe just coming down on us. There is even talk in Ontario about getting rid of small governments all together.

There’s no way we could have gotten this far without some councilors and mayors to listen to us. I think it’s so important to actually talk, bring a sense of community together. Just like we were talking about 5G and how everybody’s so connected these days. It really blew my mind how unconnected we are.

I didn’t talk to my neighbor; they didn’t talk to the other neighbors for years. They had some little beef. They didn’t want to talk to each other but it’s so important to talk to each other and to see how your neighbors are and let them know. Get them up to date, try to educate them.

Learn how your small government works, how your municipality works, the inner workings of it because that’s where we make change.

When you go home tonight and you think you’re in the Greenbelt find out. Call the planning department and see where your property lies. See if they’ve put any of these EPZs on your property and if they have you need to ask why weren’t you notified because that is your biggest fight in this game.

They can’t really do that. They can’t regulate you. They can’t change the property without you being notified about it. The information game is being held away from a lot of people. Our goal is to inform not only southern Ontario, and the rest of Ontario but basically Canada about what’s going on. This is happening across the world wide right now. It’s the same idea, climate change but it’s politicized climate change. There’s not a lot of science behind it.

I’m trying to bring awareness that this is happening, this is real, these policies are coming down from sustainable development UN Agenda 2030 and basically, it’s an educational game. One person can actually make a difference. We’re going to keep trying and working at it.

We’ve teamed up with a lot of people across southern Ontario to spread the word, help them out and let them know what we’ve done. If anybody needs help get a hold of us and ask us questions. We’re always here to answer you.

We’ve got a Facebook page. It’s East Gwillimbury Landowners Association

20:00 mins Q&A [important to listen]

Teranet is an international leader and pioneer in electronic land registration systems and commerce. Teranet is the exclusive provider of Ontario’s online property search and registration.

24:20 mins
We’re at a time right now where things can be stopped, and it’s as simple as getting informed about property. Clarington is not going to conform. When you go home find out if it’s happening there. Talk to your local politicians. Talk to your councils because it can be stopped, it can be reversed. It comes down to the tiniest person who says no. That big pipeline coming down, comes down to you and we send it back. It’s a two-way street. Right now, they’ve pretty much got you at every angle but that’s democracy.

When enough people say no, that’s it. It starts with today. I said no to it. My neighbor said no to it. Our town said no to it. Our Region is going to say no to it and if everybody follows suit; first they need to be aware that it’s happening.

I went to a meeting in Clarington, Ontario and there were almost 500 people there. They were rural land owners, farmers, and others like that. They were so upset. They had no idea. The farming communities have been through enough already. Our farmers need to be protected and not with government protection. They need to be left alone. They provide us a service. We need food. There’s only so much prime agricultural farm land in Ontario. You can only go so far north until you get to the Canadian Shield. Why are those lands being devoured? Food should be worth everything to us and water should mean everything to us.

Free market environmentalism is where we need to be. There is pride in ownership. If they want to save you from yourself and save the Earth then make my property valuable because we all like valuable things. If you devalue my property it’s not worth anything. What do you do with something that is not worth anything to you? You don’t take care of it. The Soviet Union tried this back with Stalin and it didn’t work out so well. We’ve seen this over and over again. People need to be left alone. Let us be and let us work. We’ll be happy growing food, self sustainable and we’ll be fine but we need to remind our governments, our small governments, who they work for … the people.

The East Gwillimbury Land Association, and the Ontario Land Association are there to help if you’ve been reached out to by the Conservation Authority. I know Bill 108 is going thorough Queen’s Park here. They’re looking at taking some of the powers away from the Conversation Authorities, giving them back to public lands, leaving private lands alone.  So, we all have our properties and I think we should really educate ourselves and talk to our neighbors.

28:17 mins Q&A [must listen]
Excerpts: A cross Canada tour shows that UN Agenda 21 is moving full steam ahead. What they’re doing is they’re dismantling the farmers one at a time. They’re stealing the land and doing it intentionally. Local communities have to come together. A small group of Canadians are getting small committees together across Canada to educate the people. We have no choice. The LAND THEFT that is coming to this nation is unbelievable.

RR: We already have those bodies in place. We have councilors and mayors. That’s their job. You have to remind them what they’re job is. We’re supposed to go to work and they take care of those things while we’re working. Now we’re seeing a place where we’ve gotten complacent. When I point my fingers at somebody I’ve always got fingers pointing back at me. How did we get to this place? We need to step back and take a big look at how we got here because it’s getting worse, and there are way bigger things at play here.

Meeting Aug 13.19 at the Sharon Community center 10 a.m.

From Russ Robson
This change to the bylaw will bring us into conformity through a loop hole in section 1.4, that will recognize the LSRCA authority over your lands and bring in an era of regulation that Canada has never seen before.

A second item outlines that a Public Open House will be held on September 11, 2019, for residents to learn about the 2019 Zoning By-Law. For more information, visit

The Rockefeller’s Covert Climate Change Plan

By Arjun Walia
Aug 06.19

  • The Facts: In the 1980s, the Rockefeller Brothers Fund became the authority of global warming. Why would they do this? Are these people really concerned about our planet or simply profiting and justifying heightened states of security for ulterior motives?
  • Reflect On: Why are there so many brilliant scientists publishing papers and making points but are never given any attention? Why are they ridiculed and character assassinated by the mainstream? What is going on here?

The climate has been changing for a very long time. In fact, the climate has always been changing, and there are a myriad of factors that influence climate change like solar activity and much more. If you’re not educated on climate science, it’s easy to adopt the “doomsday” perspective that’s often dished out by mainstream media. However, when you look at what actual climate scientists are saying, it doesn’t seem like anyone on either side agrees with the media’s “climate hysteria” narrative.

The idea that human CO2 emissions are responsible for shifts and changes in the climate is not scientifically valid, yet policy initiatives that do nothing for our environment are being produced and put forward, putting large sums of money in the pockets of some very powerful people.

Opposing the ‘doom and gloom’ global warming narrative does not mean we do not care for our environment; in fact, it’s quite the opposite. We feel that politicians meeting every single year for the past few decades have done absolutely nothing to clean up our planet, and instead have been coming up with ways to simply make money off of green technology that cuts CO2 emissions. If the people in power, with all of their resources, really wanted to change the planet, it would have happened by now.

MIT Professor Emeritus of Meteorology

Richard Lindzen talks about the inextricably intertwined link between the body politic and climate scientists with respect to promoting the climate alarmist narrative.


Land Patent, Land Grant, Letter of Patent

Thanks to East Gwillimbury Land Owners Association for posting the following video

Land Patents and ‘entitlement’ transfers forward to present day by way of a Deed that can assist land owners especially with land expropriation. As a land owner it’s important to do a title search explained in the video.

Oct 10, 2013

00:41 mins
Around the year 2000, the province of Ontario moved away from deeds to land transfers so the language isn’t the same but if you have family who have been on a property prior to the year 2000 ask to see a copy of their Deed.

01:07 mins
If you can find someone with the deed prior to 1960 it also came with a copy of the patent.

The point now is that there’s entitlement. This came from the king, it passed down through the British North American Act and was embraced into our Constitution. For some reason the powers that be don’t want us to know about it.

If you visit this site and type in the search space ‘land patent’ it will go to a page where you can find out how to obtain it.

There’s a package to get your land patent. You can also obtain information about land ownership, property, entitlement, wetlands, the Greenbelt. If you have a patent, and you have your deed, the question now is how do these apply? What gives the province the entitlement and right? Nobody’s been able to answer that and this is now before the courts.

Communism preys on sincere do gooders

The Communist conspiracy is real and has been operating for nearly a century. Communists are patient; they know they will eventually win. Agenda 21 provides an excellent tool by which they can change society and win the common people over to their view of the world without ever calling it communism. Instead of having communism forcefully imposed on them from above, as it was a hundred years ago, people will soon be welcoming and even demanding that form of government.

Problem-reaction-solution: Communism masks as a credible standard for people who deplore corruption, injustice, environmental degradation, etc. to rally around.

Given its UN origin, many of Agenda 21’s proposed solutions are a form of socialism. Socialists and Communists are well aware of this, and use Agenda 21 to achieve their own goals.

Many people want to help others. They feel bad when they see things going wrong, and feel good when they are able to do something that has an immediate effect on the problem. To them, Agenda 21 offers both hope for the future and an opportunity to be directly involved for the good of the world (“Think globally, act locally.”).

Once a municipality has accepted Agenda 21 as part of their official policy, the possibilities are endless. Massive amounts of money can be spent and huge projects undertaken, all in the name of sustainable development. It’s all entirely justified by being the way of the future and how this local action is part of a global effort to save the planet.

As far as big business is concerned, Agenda 21 behaves just like a war. It provides a powerful disruptive force, pits two (or more) sides against each other, and requires massive expenditure of public funds (i.e. taxpayer’s money). Read more at 

Avert world-wide communist takeover

If you doubt communism is taking over the world, indoctrinating our children and abolishing all of man’s freedoms please read ‘School of Darkness‘ by Bella Dodd a teacher, lawyer, labor union activist, member of the Communist Party of America (CPUSA) and New York City Teachers Union (TU) in the 1930s and 1940s. Bella was one of communism’s most strident voices, and vocal anti-communist after her expulsion from the Party in 1949.

Representative democracy – need to know

If you believe voting is a right and even if you do not vote please read and share

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This information is not intended to provide legal or lawful advice. It is for educational purposes only.

Doreen A Agostino
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