Psychotropic Drugs and School/Mass Shootings

Mental Health Watchdog Releases Report on Link Between Psychotropic Drugs & School/Mass Shootings

LOS ANGELES, March 22, 2018 /PRNewswire

The mental health watchdog group, Citizens Commission on Human Rights (CCHR) International is offering Law Enforcement Officers and school officials a free copy of its compelling new report about a common denominator found in many mass shootings: psychotropic drugs.

The report, called Psychiatric Drugs Create Violence & Suicide: School Shootings & Other Acts of Senseless Violence, provides information on more than 30 studies that link antidepressants, antipsychotics, psychostimulants, mood stabilizers and sedative hypnotics to adverse effects that include hostility, mania, aggression, self-harm, suicide and homicidal thoughts.

The 64-page report details more than 60 examples of school and mass shootings, stabbings and senseless violent acts committed by those under the influence of psychotropic drugs or experiencing serious withdrawal from them.

CCHR campaign launched to educate law enforcement, policy makers and school officials about violence- and suicide-inducing drug risks
CCHR campaign launched to educate law enforcement, policy makers and school officials about violence- and suicide-inducing drug risks

Jan Eastgate, President of CCHR International, said, “The goal of this report is to help law enforcement, educators and policy makers to learn how psychotropic drugs are a hidden link to the prevalence of violence and suicide in the community. Facts, statistics, studies and expert opinion in the report show the medical concerns about the rise of senseless acts of violence coincident with the increase in psychotropic drug prescriptions and usage.

“Psychiatric drugs create dependence, suicide and violence in a percent of individuals taking them. That is a documented fact. The disastrous consequences are felt by all. As so many lives are at stake, it is vital that each person who is in a position to take action avail themselves of this information to help protect our communities.”

Experts Speak Out About Psychotropic Drugs, Violence & Suicide

Read more at–schoolmass-shootings-300618265.html

Facts at all cost

Endorsed by Elon Musk, businessman and 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang released his plan to combat gun violence in the United States.

Think about it. Basic income is consent to depend on government, especially after robots take over most jobs.

Shootings are staged to justify world disarmament. Search Gladio posts here. The weather is weaponized to justify covert climate plans, land grabs, restrictions, more taxes, etc.  It’s always the same. They create the problem, ramp up fear so people consent to their solutions that erode man’s growth potential and freedom.

Please help people discern fact from falsehood by sharing the above report. Thank you.

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