The Autism Epidemic [Free book preview]

Transhumanism’s Dirty Little Secret


Agreed. Any possibility that this is not a plan is disappearing. Looks like they want humans who are neurolink ready – no need for anything to be in their brain – AI will provide – just need to make sure you have destroyed the divine spark and empathy. Gruesome.

Toby Rogers PhD, MPP

This is the single most chilling thing I’ve read in the autism debate. As societies near 100% vaccination rates, harms become undetectable because everyone is harmed. Autism becomes the new normal; economic & political collapse will soon follow. Follow @JenSiebelNewsom



Free book preview

The Autism Epidemic: Transhumanism’s Dirty Little Secret

The Autism Epidemic:: Transhumanism's Dirty Little Secret

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Doreen A Agostino
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