When Elected Government Enable Corruption

Legalizing Corruption

120 countries signed on to the International Financial Accounting Standards [IFRS]  putting everyone at risk due to lawsuits; not just investors.

Submitted Aug 19.19 REFERENCE: No. 2019-43330 for the RCMP or INTERPOL to launch criminal charges.

Filed by Nicole Lebrasseur who named herself as the victim.
Named offender in the initial filing Complaint is Minister of Finance, Bill Morneau suspected of breach of trust and fraud. RCMP will have to decide if it has merit.

Complaint filed with the

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Download the file here:


Canadian Peoples Union Freedom 2017
Aug 21, 2019

Please watch this 4 min video about what Canadians can do after voting politicians into power for four years thinking their voices might finally be heard, yet are denied, by people placed into power in a system fraught with corrupt influence to purposely allow the extreme corruption that exists; repeated in countries world-wide.

A Constitutional Public Interest Class Action to challenge the Canadian Constitution and return 100% VETO power to the people requires lawful action by the majority of Canadians. More at


IFRS is fundamentally extreme accrual accounting, says Al Rosen

Dr. Al Rosen, FCA, FCMA, FCPA, CFE, CIP and Mark Rosen, MBA, CFA, CFE, provides independent, forensic accounting investment research to investment advisors and institutional portfolio managers.


FASAB and Standard 56 – USA

Thanks to Richard for this link https://constitution.solari.com/fasab-statement-56-understanding-new-government-financial-accounting-loopholes/#ch3

The scope of IFRS is international however the USA has not ‘yet’ signed on to them.

Lawful action in Canada – Oct 07, 2019

Intentional Malfeasance Human Rights Mass Tort lawsuit

Next steps: Constitutional Public Class Action challenges the Constitution. The rights of Canadians are written into a new Constitution. Canadians lawfully take back final decision-making authority from illegitimate government at all levels. Through consensus the people establish a Direct Democracy; 100% veto power to the people.

Please inform others.  Thank you.

This information is not intended to provide legal or lawful advice. It is for educational purposes only.

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