200 Evidence-Based Reasons To WITHDRAW CONSENT to Vaccinations

Mandatory vaccination violates the Nuremberg code of medical ethics and man’s freewill choice

From Greenmed Info

Media, pediatricians, politicians and health authorities claim vaccines are safe and effective. So why do hundreds of peer-reviewed studies indicate the opposite is true?

Read, download, and share this document widely to provide necessary evidence-based counterbalance to the pro-vaccination propaganda that has globally infected popular consciousness and discussion like an intractable disease.

It is abundantly clear that if the present-day vaccine climate, namely, that everyone must comply with a one-size-fits-all vaccination schedule or be labeled a health risk to society at large is to succumb to open and balanced discussion, it is the peer-reviewed biomedical evidence itself that is going to pave the way towards making rational debate on the subject happen.

With this aim in mind, GreenMedInfo.com has painstakingly collected over 300 pages of study abstracts culled directly from the National Library of Medicine’s pubmed.gov bibliographic database on the wide-ranging adverse health effects linked to vaccines in the today’s schedule (over 200 distinct adverse effects, including death), as well as numerous studies related to vaccine contamination, and vaccine failure in highly vaccine compliant populations.

This is the literature that the media, politicians and governmental health organizations like the CDC, pretend with abject dishonesty does not exist – as if vaccine injury did not happen, despite the over 3 billion dollars our government has paid out to vaccine injured through the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Fund since it was inaugurated in 1986.

Health Guides: Vaccine Research

We have written extensively about this research previously, highlighting different studies, focusing on translating their implications to the lay persons (view our vaccine article section here), but we believe that collecting and condensing solely the primary literature itself makes a much more powerful statement.

This document is being made free to download to the world at large in order to encourage the lay public, health professionals, activists, and elected officials alike to read, acknowledge and share the voluminous literature with their family, friends, colleagues and related stakeholders. You will find this research undermines the national and global agenda to continue to expand the vaccine schedule (on behalf of a vaccine industry that is indemnified against lawsuit for defective or harmful products), with increasing legislative pressure to remove exemptions and mandate them against the evidence of harm and at best equivocal effectiveness as a preventive health measure.

If the vaccination arm of modern medicine today is to continue to promote itself as a science- and evidence-based practice, it must acknowledge and incorporate the implications of the research we are releasing here, or lose any pretense at credibility. Failing to do so will reveal that the widespread push to remove your choice in the matter is agenda and not evidence driven, and due to the fact that vaccines all  carry the risk of irreversible harm and even death (any vaccine insert proves this), it clearly violates the Nuremberg code of medical ethics to promote them as a priori safe and effectiveness.

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Vaccine exemption status is rapidly being changed

By Robert F. Kennedy
Sept 17, 2019

The current push for mandates is playing out not just in the U.S. but in other countries as well, reflecting a broader—and indeed, global—agenda.

Is Immunization Mandatory in Canada?

Immunizations are not mandatory in Canada; however, in Ontario  and New Brunswick, proof of immunization is required for children and adolescents to attend school. In these same provinces, exceptions to immunizations can be made only for medical (can require a note from a healthcare provider) or ideological reasons. Read more at https://immunize.ca/immunization-mandatory-canada

June 2019 https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/new-brunswick/new-brunswick-immunization-amendments-medical-measles-1.5164595


Canadian province or territory vaccine schedule

Can be found at

Vaccine exemption bills

July 26, 2019

OLYMPIA, Wash. (AP) — Under a new law that takes effect July 28, 2019, parents in Washington state will no longer be able to cite philosophical or personal beliefs to exempt their children from the combined measles, mumps and rubella vaccine that’s required for attendance at private and public schools and day care centers.

Washington was one of three states that passed legislation 2019 in response to measles outbreaks. Maine removed personal and religious belief exemptions for public school immunization requirements earlier this year, and New York removed religious exemptions last month.

California removed non-medical vaccine exemptions for children in both public and private schools in 2015. Vermont abandoned its personal exemption that same year. Other than California, Mississippi and West Virginia are the only other states that don’t allow either a religious or philosophical exemption. Read more at https://komonews.com/news/local/vaccine-exemption-bill-among-hundreds-of-state-laws-taking-effect

USA: multiple bills introduced into state legislatures that could affect vaccine exemptions

Visit https://nvicadvocacy.org/members/Home.aspx to learn what’s happening in your state.

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