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Please read this important note from Sayer Ji, my partner in the 5G Crisis Summit. -Josh

I need to be perfectly candid with you. Our planet is facing a health crisis scenario so extreme that one might easily mistake it for a badly written science fiction film.

But the facts speak for themselves, and the growing concern around the world is entirely valid…

What if I told you that the entire biosphere of this planet is about to be blanketed with over 20,000 high frequency radiation emitting satellites, starting with SpaceX’s newly FCC-approved launching of 4,425 satellites into orbit within the next few years?

This is not just a concern of a few natural health advocates. US meteorologists, for instance, issued a statement in June of this year that they are worried 5G will disrupt their ability to properly sense the weather. And why? Because 5G radiation is preferentially absorbed by water molecules (the molecule that all of life is built upon!) — a fact that represents a form of electromagnetically-induced planetary climate change and adverse health effects that virtually no one is talking about.

If this ill conceived agenda moves forward as planned, millions more small cell installations emitting 5G (millimeter wave) radiation will be placed near every few homes, in every neighborhood in this country. No one and nothing will be immune to exposure to a form of radiation that has never been adequately tested for safety, but which countless studies already indicate have adverse biological effects.

The 5G agenda has at least a trillion dollars worth of industry momentum behind it, from sectors as diverse as the Big Tech, agriculture, financial services, and even the military. It’s not just about faster connectivity, but total, real-time surveillance and the even more concerning potential for weaponization.

So, what’s stopping it? The surprising but true answer is YOU.

I’m reaching out to you because I know, as a follower of GreenMedInfo.com, you care about the health and well-being of yourself, your community, and this planet, and together, we can make a huge difference. In fact, we already have…

In the past week, about 200,000 people from around the world participated in the 5G Crisis Summit, empowering them to send over 130,000 emails to 21,000+ officials in the USA, Canada, and Australia alone. The message? We DO NOT CONSENT TO the 5G rollout. You can send this message to them here now.

And it’s already having a measurable positive effect! According to close colleagues in Australia, the email notices that were received in two different cases by MPs played a role in the telecoms there dropping plans to deploy 5G small cells.

But we’re only just scratching the surface of what is possible, and what is needed.

That’s why I am asking you to share this email with at least 5 friends, loved ones, or colleagues. Simply forward it on!
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If you send this to just 5 people, there’s a chance the information we’ve carefully curated will break through the mainstream silence against the real agenda driving 5G! This weekend we are having a full encore of the entire event. All the talks will be unlocked, and the action tool will continue to provide people a way to not just learn about the problem, but transform their awareness into a positive impact.

This event has taken a vast amount of time, energy, and resources to put together. With your help, it will make the difference it was intended to make!

Kind regards,
Sayer Ji, Founder of GreenMedInfo.com
Co-producer of 5G Crisis: Awareness & Accountability

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