Toronto approves strategy to combat anti-vaccination; parents accuse city of ‘genocide’

Around 20% of Toronto parents are considered ‘vaccine hesitant’

Jennifer White identifies as an ‘ex-vaxxer,’ because she changed her opinion on some vaccines after her child developed what she said were vaccine-related health complications. (Evan Mitsui/CBC)

Tensions flared at Toronto city hall on Monday as a large group of anti-vaccination parents protested against the city’s decision to adopt a new vaccination strategy.

The recommendation by Dr. Eileen de Villa, Toronto’s medical officer of health, calls for a new public health strategy to address “vaccine hesitancy.” It includes a proposal that would prevent students from skipping vaccines for non-medical reasons.

The growing movement against vaccines includes the reluctance or refusal to vaccinate due to concerns about possible side effects, including serious injuries and death.

Most of the recommendations will need to be approved by the provincial and federal governments.

The City of Toronto estimates that around 20 per cent of parents in the city are vaccine hesitant.

On Monday morning, the plan to combat that trend was unanimously approved by the Board of Health.

The decision came after several Toronto residents vociferously demanded that the board reject the plan due to concerns that vaccinations are dangerous.

My body, my choice’

People attending the meeting shouted “shame” and “genocide” after the vote was taken.

“I do not consent to having myself nor my children force-vaccinated, drugged and medically induced in order to attend public schools in Canada,” said Emanuela Caires during her deputation.

“I am not willing to subject this type of harm over benign childhood illnesses,” added the mother of three unvaccinated children.

Catherine Condinho, an unvaccinated student, said the plan would take away her freedom of conscience and religion.

“This is my body, my choice,” she said to the cheers of supporters, who filled the meeting room and city hall’s atrium.  Read more at

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An affront to everyone

A friend who watched the Toronto, ON. Board of Health meeting live online said it was obvious the decision had been made before anyone even showed up today.

Face it. Globalists are decades ahead of the people, so trying to change what they’ve constructed over millennia is high risk and futile.

If you truly care about your body, mind, spirit, soul, children, pets, real estate, property, finances and Earth, take lawful action to claim your right as Heir of the One True Creator, to sojourn in peace on the land and live free where no one has the right to tell you what to put in your body.

Lawful action in Canada – Oct 07, 2019

Intentional Malfeasance Human Rights Mass Tort lawsuit

Next steps: Constitutional Public Class Action challenges the Constitution. The rights of Canadians are written into a new Constitution. Canadians lawfully take back final decision-making authority from illegitimate government at all levels. Through consensus the people establish a Direct Democracy; 100% veto power to the people.

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