TREATY OF PEACE 2020: What every U.S. Citizen needs to know and respond to asap!



SITCOMM Arbitration Association Issues a Final Arbitration Award

On August 19th of 2019 the preceding award certification was granted by the SITCOMM Arbitration Association in the case that is delineated below the title: Treaty of Peace 2020.

This type of Arbitration Award appears to be unprecedented in its scope and magnitude and effect.  It can potentially affect every U.S. citizen as well as profoundly affect the future of the American Republic.  The far-reaching ramifications associated with this momentous award will greatly impact every patriot who decides to opt in to this unique opportunity.

The back story to this whole process is quite fascinating and the history is well worth understanding.  As follows:

Treaty of Peace 2020: Vital History and Important Explanation

For a detailed description of the Arbitration Award and what it means for those who opt in, please consult the documents below.  What follows is a summary of the “Bill for Settlement of the Award”:

  There is to be an opt-in process for the beneficiaries designed to be simple and rapid.

  There is to be an unconditional release and setting at Liberty of the beneficiaries.

  Beneficiaries, are as defined in the bill, all Americans that opt-in and includes their immediate family (minors).  For married couples, both adults need to opt-in which then includes their children.

  Any case past or present is void.

  Beneficiaries are to receive immediate and unconditional indemnification.

  Beneficiaries are to receive immediate and unconditional immunity.

  There is immediate issuance of necessary documentation of the indemnification and the immunity for the beneficiary.

  A return of all property and assets.

  All records and systems of records, other than the provided Diplomatic status, are to be expunged and destroyed.

  A land patent will be issued, titled in fee simple absolute and possession (the highest form obtainable).  It allows you to leave it to your heirs and under a land patent it is free and clear from government obstruction.  It must be issued from the Land Patent Office, not from the Bureau of Land Management.

  An accounting and return of any and all accounts, of any nature, shape, cause, form, format and kind held or managed by any entity and emanating from the beneficiary.

State of the Nation
October 2, 2019

N.B. What follows is the Treaty of Peace 2020 statement written by Phil Hudok. Read more at


Reverse engineer assault on man

Five Americans took lawful action to take back their power and gift every American the same opportunity. Please spread the word so a vast number of Americans are aware of the ‘opt in’ process to free themselves and their immediate family.

Private law and arbitration are international however you need to know how your governance system is set up before taking lawful action. USA Private Immunity Law case will not work in Canada because of the Canadian system of governance.

This information is not intended to provide legal or lawful advice. It is for educational purposes only.

Please share far and wide. Thank you.

Doreen A Agostino
Without Prejudice and Without Recourse
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