16 DAY FORECAST BLIZZARD [Nov-Dec] Extreme Weather. Extreme Censoring.

What Jeffrey Epstein Coverup Reveals About The Media

Before you become aware of extreme weather modification, please listen closely to John Sigurdson’s message and help END the truth embargo.

Censored SOTN and TheMillenniumReport: Blogs now a reference library

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West coast North America: Roof collapsing accumulation of snow 120 inches/304.8 cm over 16 days in some areas

Thanks to Judy for weather warning videos.

Mike Morales 
Nov 25.19

04:33 mins
Aerosols coming out of the back of these jets, the biggest aerosol deployment over the whole planet back on the 20th.

7:05 mins
Ingredients of a plane trail. Right now they’ve bumped up to the jp-8. This is a bio jet fuel, biodiesel and when we look at the contents of these so-called contrails, so-called water vapor, we could see from the jp-5 that the aluminum elements were 2,144 parts per billion. Now they’re running the jp-8 we’re looking at 90,306 parts-per-billion.

Extreme weather and financial markets go together

12:51 mins
Look at the gridding taking place over current fire zones in Australia using accelerant not fire retardant material, and why.


High speed rail line in Australia over fire zone, similar to California.

20:16 mins
Europe just got clobbered by one of the biggest spraying operations on the planet.

23:03 mins
Target zones for the moisture.

26:15 – 31:17 mins
16 day forecast, 6 hours at a time starting Nov 24.19, United States and Canada. Major wind events, blizzard conditions, ice storms, rain, sleet, tornadoes.

32:22 – mins SECOND WAVE Dec 06.19
California heavy rain.
British Columbia brutal heavy snow and high winds.

33:49 mins THIRD WAVE biggest on Dec 10.19
Extreme wind could exceed 100 miles per hour/160.0 kilometers per hour.
Super, super amounts of wet, heavy snow.

34:42 mins
Super arctic air comes later in December when they start pushing the polar vortex winds around. Super cold spot up in Toronto and Quebec, Canada.

Alberta, British Columbia, Colorado cold temperatures in the higher elevations.

Sudden Stratospheric Event to Freeze N Hemisphere with Ozone Hole

Adapt 2030
Nov 25.19

Europe extreme weather.

03:54 mins
In the Northern Hemisphere sudden stratospheric warming event to last for a full six weeks in a freeze. That arctic air mass is going to be knocked off center. Remember, the media is gonna run with this. They’re gonna say warming, warming it’s co2.

Well actually it’s not. It’s a natural phenomenon.

Well below normal temperatures as 2019 comes to a close

04:51 mins
Where this arctic air mass is going to be knocked off the North Pole, pushed, and how the winds are gonna redirect this cold into new and unseen places.

20 degrees Fahrenheit/6.7 degrees Celsius below normal temperatures.

Height of wide spread warming event around mid December.

06:35 mins
On top of this, see that pink, right in the middle, right exactly where that stratospheric  warming event is happening, ozone depletion.

I thought well, how big can this ozone hole get over the Northern Hemisphere. At the height of the stratospheric warming event that black is how widespread the ozone depletion hole will be.

A solution is to self govern

Turbulent outer reality mirrors the relationship most people have with themselves [inner conflict], one another [ego, blame, divisiveness, anger, envy, revenge, control], government [fear and silence make people complicit in evil doing].

Without the energy of negative human emotions, man’s devotion, attention, money and silence, the forces of darkness cannot exist.

Please share this information so people start seeing how our individual choices, including apathy and silence affect the whole. Thank you.

Doreen A Agostino
Without Prejudice and Without Recourse
Sent via hardwired computer
All wireless turned off to safeguard life


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