2020 Showdown: Global Warming vs. Solar Cooling

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The sun goes through an 11 year cycle of high sunspot and solar activity, as well as a period of few to no sunspots and low solar activity.


The current solar cycle 24 [2008 to 2019] is declining and predicted to reach solar minimum late 2019 or 2020 when the sun is least active.

What Can You Do To Empower Yourself During the Grand Solar Minimum?

Adapt 2030
Nov 25.19

12:40 mins Dr. Barre Lando 
We have to start from a basis of pure science which demonstrates there is only one substance in the universe, which is pure light put in motion by Consciousness.

From that there is a design for the universe where we are all participants. Through Consciousness we have the ability to produce thought with its electrical properties that polarize and then nuance in various dimensions, 18 specifically, to create all of the 3rd dimensional wave forms, which create our entire reality.

When you go back to that premise, you understand when you talk about economic cycles, weather cycles, etc., even the super imposed cycles created by wannabe controllers they’re all one and the same. If you understand how to produce, then you can understand we are all a collective part of that and we can change anything any time we want.  

13:53 mins
We have been taught that energy is external, we have to harness it through the Sun, we need a new contraption that’s going to produce it, which Tesla demonstrated was incorrect. Energy is just there … free for the taking.

People who studied Walter Russell understand he was way ahead of the game because he went back to the understanding that the universe is self created by us. If you want to find the energy behind Leonardo da Vinci’s paintings you don’t try to take apart a painting and find his energy or idea there. You have to go directly to his consciousness, which is eternal.

So to find the solution we have to understand energy is not external. There is nothing external to us. It’s all a product of us.

What science has endeavored to do very successfully up until now, which is a religion not a real science, is to separate us from ourselves so that we no longer are autonomous, and feel or are led to believe that we don’t have a say in things.

So, yes, energy is extremely important. We’ll have some people on the show where we delve into more of those scientific principles, so when farmers like ourselves are growing food we won’t be dependent on solar rays or any other external source because we’ll be able to produce it ourselves, and do everything we need.

I could go more into the physics of it but I think it’s important to step back and understand there’s a whole piece of the puzzle that all of us have been kept in the dark with, and it’s the most important piece of the puzzle. In the meantime we’ve got to get together and reconnect with ourselves, with each other and with the land.

16:03 mins
We always have this separation in our discussions of nature, well, we are nature. Humanity is not the evil doer screwing up nature. That’s another original sin concept that’s been fed to us so we think we’re bad and never reach or even discover our full potential.

We need to get away from these concepts and understand that we are the Power that fuels the universe, there is a natural design we have all individually been given permission to be a participant in and we have to start doing our job again.

It starts with doing the work on the ground but our work on the ground will be fruitless unless we have the knowledge of who we are in the first place.

Changes in consciousness and frequency on Earth as the Sun moves into its 400+ year cycle

Self-realize, self govern and experience empowerment

In 2011, I was interviewed by Gaya in India. In the video below I discussed my experience with cancer, and read a poem I wrote while cancer was still active in many lymph nodes.

The cancer specialist said in 2007 that I had a 50% better chance of survival after 5 years with chemotherapy and radiation. I respectively informed him of a Power that permeates, penetrates and fills all creation including him and me, and that it is the Power in our ‘belief’ in chemo as well as natural therapies that heals us.

I detoxed after surgery and within 6 months my body was cancer free and so it remains.

Resource Are You Empowered or Disempowered

Believing is seeing

Earth’s reality is a print out of our thoughts, words, actions and feelings. To create a new reality of peace, harmony and freedom requires a critical mass of people to change how they see themselves, one another and reality.  https://ourgreaterdestiny.org/2019/11/control-your-mind-or-someone-else-will-control-it-for-you/

Something each of us can do, is share this information to expand awareness. Thank you.

Doreen A Agostino
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