Facebook: The Strategic Media Mouthpiece For Globalists

Trudeau’s Liberals are a fully owned subsidiary of the U.S. Democratic Party

Read more at https://stormhavendotme.wordpress.com/2019/10/04/canadian-coup-d-etat-trudeaus-liberals-are-a-fully-owned-subsidiary-of-the-u-s-democratic-party/?fbclid=IwAR20z97NAbuDaze_oEjn57H6jzrvax1OhDiOOqD5q66LHv_kUVM3Ha0HJOE

Fact based comments veiled from public view by FB

Two of my responses to the above post were veiled from public view by Facebook today because they go against their community guidelines.

[1] Just like the Libs and Cons blocked COMER since 2011 from reinstating the Bank of Canada, at GREAT taxpayer expense, the Libs and Cons promote mandates and propaganda of the Open Society Foundation https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-01-26/jc-collins-canada-must-ban-george-soros-foundations-now

The Clinton Crime Foundation is “organized crime” at its finest

[2] Why would foreign interests funnel money through a Canadian charity? http://stateofthenation2012.com/?p=39508

By Richard Enos


  • The Facts:Facebook has made deals with mainstream media outlets to pay for their news content, further turning Facebook from a neutral social media platform into a conglomerate that supports a political bias and the agenda of the global elite.
  • Reflect On:What can conscious media outlets do to overcome growing censorship and mainstream bias from the big tech companies and ensure that you continue to get neutral, agenda-free news coverage and commentary on the issues of the day?

It’s not clear whether Facebook was truly conceived by an innocent genius with noble intent, but one fact has become abundantly clear: Facebook is now a mouthpiece and tool for the proliferation of mainstream perception. This is specifically designed to enrich the global elite and continue to disenfranchise ordinary citizens and any attempts to bring important truths to light that would threaten the elite. And, of course, Mark Zuckerberg is now a ‘junior partner’ in this global elite.

The episode of the Jimmy Dore show found in the video below, which is worth watching to get the full context of the discussion, introduces whistleblower Vikram Kumar, a former promoter of third-party videos on Facebook. Dore brings interesting insights into Facebook’s latest strategies in terms of controlling the news commentary. He explains how Facebook is proliferating the establishment’s narrative while limiting and blocking alternative voices which, of course, Facebook characterizes as ‘Fake News’. Here, Kumar discusses Mark Zuckerberg’s testimony in Congress to this effect:

Back in 2017 there was that TechCrunch report that said that Facebook was taking measures to stop the spread of ‘Fake News’ by banning certain political accounts from promoting their videos on their newsfeed. So when I heard Mark Zuckerberg in 2018 telling Congress that he would be doing the same thing, I thought, what changed between 2017 and 2018? Are they taking new measures, are they re-taking the measures?  And it wasn’t until a week later that I realized that Variety Magazine reported that Facebook Watch, which is Facebook’s media platform, had reached a multi-million dollar deal with CNN, Fox News, ABC, and large media outlets.

The congressional testimony was the perfect opportunity for the political establishment, the media establishment, and the tech companies to form an alliance against small media outlets.

Returning Media To The Global Elite’s Control

The process of bringing fundamentally liberating technologies like social media under control has been a difficult process, but the global elite seems to feel they are getting a handle on it. Since the big media giants Google, Facebook, Youtube and others are now strictly following the global elite playbook, with special algorithms and thinly-veiled censorship strategies, the process of promoting the elite agenda while suppressing dissenting voices is in full swing.

A corporate conglomerate now giving itself the authority to judge what is and isn’t trustworthy journalism. What could possibly go wrong? Read more at https://www.collective-evolution.com/2019/11/11/how-facebook-has-become-the-strategic-media-mouthpiece-for-the-global-elite/

Digital police, mass surveillance, censorship, manipulation and mind control are real, intensifying and becoming the norm.

Please, inform unaware people. Thank you.

3rd time today my comments were veiled from public view by FB

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Australia is on fire intentionally with directed energy weapons after loudly and assertively calling out climate change being a fraud. Same as California, Alberta, Native Lands, all by heat weapons in a world war well underway while the dance clubs party it up.

We can be assured with the PG&E/Hydro One affair, that we are set to be in line with the same treatment of power-outage then instant 2700 degree incinerations here in Ontario if we don’t get taken by sharia law here first.

Anywhere there’s smart meters, home wiring and cell towers around, is vulnerably set up for it. They are killing their opposition by incendiary fire, and the drama in the news about everything except geoengineering or chemtrails, while our kids are confused by design, make it a hard to be on anywhere on Earth at the moment, for anyone who’s been watching and paying attention. Have a fantastic week! Maybe things will get better.

My comment veiled from public view:

A great purification occurs at the end of a world age, like now, when mis-creations are pushed to the surface for all to see how far we strayed from our original blueprint as divine, Earth honoring beings.

Only light can purify the existing toxic political atmosphere … light of pure truth, which requires courage and unity.

Present responses will be reflected in a new era coming toward us. In other words, unless a critical mass of people pull together to remedy illegitimate gov constructs by reclaiming people power now, we agree to a one world totalitarian gov.

Australia: All groups now pulling in the same direction. Leveraging their diverse skills together made them much stronger and more able to act as united Aussies! [From Mike Holt] https://advance-australia.com.au/our-vision/

USA: Bill of Peace 2020 – Private Law Immunity from illegitimate gov constructs. ‘Every’ American can opt in free. [From Phil Hudok] http://themillenniumreport.com/2019/11/bill-of-peace-2020-settlement-offer-current-status-deadline/

Canada is fragmented. Groups are working independently to remedy illegitimate gov constructs rather than collaborate around a ‘unified’ plan to pull Canada and Canadians from the brink of globalization. Pray courage, wisdom and unity across Canada.

Doreen A Agostino
Without Prejudice and Without Recourse
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