Every Sip of This 3-Ingredient Tea Clears Your Lungs of Mucus, Toxins and Inflammation

Many health benefits of mullein

Mullein is a common weed found everywhere around the world. Mullein has been used by people for hundreds of years because its medical properties are able to cure many respiratory problems such as lung weakness, respiratory constriction and chest colds.

The mullein has many health benefits, most of them associated with the presence of the organic compounds called saponins that act as natural expectorants.

This means it helps the body to remove excess mucus from the lungs. This helps in relieving congestion and other symptoms and also helps in quicker healing of viral or bacterial respiratory diseases.

This happens because the viruses and bacteria causing the illness get trapped in the mucus, which means they are removed from the body along with it.

Mullein is also famous for its emollient properties, which help in soothing the throat and reducing the pain caused by coughing.

The mullein is the perfect ingredient for treating symptoms of all respiratory conditions, including the chronic ones such as asthma and bronchitis.

Ingredients and how to make the tea at http://www.thebigriddle.com/2016/12/every-sip-of-this-3-ingredient-tea.html

Potential side effects of mullein tea https://www.healthline.com/nutrition/mullein-tea#bottom-line

To avoid throat irritation don’t drink leaves in the bottom of the cup. A silk or cotton re-usable tea bag might prevent any of the leaves from pouring into the cup.

Topical applications – mullein

The Cherokee rubbed mullein leaves in their armpits to treat “prickly rash.” Leaf poultices were used to treat bruises, tumors, rheumatic pains and hemorrhoids. Mullein flower oil (made by steeping the flowers in warm olive oil) also has been used for treating hemorrhoids, as well as ear aches. https://www.motherearthliving.com/plant-profile/herb-to-know-mullein-verbascum-thapsus

Mullein: The Medicinal Herb that Fights Infections & Inflammation

Guide to mullein - Dr. Axe

Read about health benefits at https://draxe.com/nutrition/mullein/

If the flavor of mullein doesn’t agree with you, another great way to reap its benefits is by preparing an inhalant. To do this, boil the leaves in water for 5 minutes and inhale the steam to relieve coughs, congestion and asthma. Mullein can fight asthma and keep away colds because it actually prevents infections from settling into the delicate respiratory tissue by curing dryness and constriction. https://www.organicauthority.com/health/mullein-herbal-tea

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