M0ney Ch@nges Everything … Except Very 0ld @gend@s

Alert: Much of today’s Alt Media  is spewing propaganda

State of the Nation

People are seeing through the deception. Read the comment section at  https://www.zerohedge.com/geopolitical/you-killed-our-geniuses-regime-crackdown-intensifies-iranians-flood-streets-third-day

The most truthful and insightful comments that call out fake Iranian protests as a classic CIA-MI6-MOSSAD regime change operation, were posted in serious protest by ZeroHedge’s readership to that naked propaganda piece.  The ZH article actually refers to a REUTER’s propaganda piece that extols the virtues of all the fake protesters the C.I.A. paid to show up in Tehran USING YOUR TAX DOLLARS.

How did ZeroHedge.com go from being one of the edgiest Alt Media websites on the Internet, to a prolific purveyor or propaganda and prevarication? It’s as if the Zero Hedge site was actually set up from the very beginning to slowly, yet stealthily, corral its readers into the camp of political correctness regarding all things having to do with Israel.

Typical edgy ZH articles are interspersed with Neocon-contrived content that is suspiciously in favor of the Neocon warmongering agenda or Zionist plan for Mideast domination or key element of the Greater Israel project.

How did that happen, except by highly purposeful design?! 

Typical Zionist Media-Control Scheme and how they do it. Read more at http://stateofthenation.co/?p=4175

Pause … think critically … do your own deep research

Why would Trump tell Iranian leaders not to kill protestors [Tweet in SOTN link], when evidence exists that directed energy weapons were used in California fires that destroyed lives, and moisture needed to quell the fires, end drought, and grow food crops was  withheld? See for yourself https://www.youtube.com/user/1PacificRedwood

When 5G, untested for human health and safety is being advanced? When state sanctioned property rights are being abolished?  https://agenda21truth.blogspot.com/2018/04/how-private-property-in-america-is.html 

When water is mined and privatized for profit, with plans to ration water under sustainable development based on incomplete science and omissions?



When military and commercial planes discharge toxic chemicals 24/7 to modify the weather and that alter man’s biology? See ‘WEATHER OUTBREAK: WHAT YOU’RE NOT TOLD’  https://youtu.be/NzxTr6a_xkQ

Kontrolled cultures – realize how deep this goes

Jan 12, 2020
Alan Watt

09:10 mins
Obviously, planners are not stupid.  You didn’t hire stupid people and give them big salaries, whole layers of them, and huge think tanks that study strategy, history and warfare, all kinds of warfare including propaganda warfare, which is tremendously effective because the first people you dishonor is the public so they obey you, and never  realize they’ve been brainwashed. Naturally, they’ll be very, very supportive, again, playing on natural instincts, tribal instincts, you were used and abused so easily by professionals, never, ever, so much as today.

Socialism is mass slaughter of dissidents

41:36 mins
Today, you’re seeing total and complete intolerance to anyone who’s a dissident of any kind and doesn’t go along with the big boy’s plans.

Catastrophe in Britain: What Alan Watt talks about is global

TOPICS  covered by Alan Watt in the following video

Very Old Agendas – Higher Taxes, Devalued Currencies – Free Trade Agreements, Manufacturing Moved to China – Puppets and Clowns Put in Front of Us; Boris Johnson, Donald Trump – Movie, Oh Lucky Man – World War I, America Came into the War to Guarantee the Big Banks would Get Loans Repaid – Tribal Leaders, Mercenaries – Socialism’s Mass Slaughter of Dissidents – Gramsci – Internet Trolls Trained by the Military – Profumo Affair in Britain – Today, Destroying an Enemy is Destroying People with Different Points of View – New Kind of Warfare – Money Spent on Armaments – Tony Blair – The Cold War – Credit Cards to Get People Through Bad Financial Times – Saudi Arabia, Massive Purchaser of Weaponry – Reasons You are Given for War – Iraq didn’t Attack the West – Bush and Operation Iraqi Freedom – Saddam Hussein – The PNAC List – Spike Milligan, We are Now at War – Raising Generations of Controlled Cultures – Publicists for the Royal Family, Humanizing Them – Kuwait, Bush Sr., Oil Fields – Rockefeller, Maurice Strong – Total Intolerance to Anyone Who is a Dissident – Peter Hitchens said In the Modern West, We Live in Post-Revolutionary Societies – Gramsci, Music, Sexual Revolution, Feminism – Peter Hitchens on the Systematic Infiltration of Anti-British Marxists into the Highest Levels of British Society – Peter Mandelson – Hitchens, Modern Revolution Means the Policing of Thought – White House Considering Dramatic Expansion of Travel Ban – Does Trump Have An Ethnic Iranian Interrogation and Detention Program In The Works? – Google will ‘De-Rank’ RT Articles to Make them Harder to Find – Eric Schmidt – How to Spot a Twitter Troll – Pentagon Launched Second Attack on an Iranian Militant the Same Day it Killed Soleimani – Afghanistan – Earthquakes in Iran – Twitter Executive Revealed to Be ‘Psyops’ Soldier Linked to Spreading Disinformation Across Social Media – We’re in Amazing Psychological Warfare All the Time. *Title & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt – Jan. 12, 2020

Politicians get hired through the electoral process when individuals vote to give their proxy to elected officials, who then make decisions in their absence about what becomes normalized as follows.

KGB defector Yuri Bezmenov Warned Americans in 1984

Four stages of mass brainwashing used by the KGB successfully in America.

Due diligence means to ensure no error on our part

Especially, before sharing information because 95% of what is published is highly suspect propaganda.

Not one world leader is taking a stand to stop genocide, engineered weather wars responsible for extreme weather, manufactured fires destroying lives, communities, states and countries, etc.

Please share these and other facts, for people to see through deception and take back their lives, health and freedom. Thank you.

Doreen A Agostino
Without Prejudice and Without Recourse
Sent via hardwired computer
All wireless turned off to safeguard life


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