P0l@r V0rtex January 2020 Extreme We@ther W@r-n!ng

Arctic c0ld to bring ‘extreme’ c0ld, ‘extreme’ winds, sn0w, ice, sleet, and p0wer out@ges – Jan 10th onward


If notable weather is scheduled in your location be forewarned, and alert others. Frostbite will strike fast on any exposed skin.

Saturday, January 11, 2020 Ontario, Canada
Rain, freezing rain, and snow are all possible with this system. Significant rainfall amounts are expected for areas north of Lake Erie and Lake Ontario. Freezing rain is expected to affect most areas from east of Lake Huron to eastern Ontario. Significant ice accretion or build up is possible. Snow will affect areas east of Georgian Bay with significant snowfall amounts. Travel is expected to be impacted.

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CANADA https://www.theweathernetwork.com/ca
USA https://www.theweathernetwork.com/us


By Mike Morales
Partial video transcript

08:21 mins
Saturday January 11, 2020 we have mega snow starting to come in off the Washington, Oregon Coast, with rain, light snow over Missouri, Kansas but then we have this ice factor in southern Missouri. Severe storms, tornadoes definitely possible in Arkansas, Tennessee, Kentucky.

It gets much worse the week of Jan 13.20.
This is the first wave of bad weather. We’re talking power outages all along. We’re looking at around 9 inches of snow for the St. Louis area or ice depending on what comes down but this is going to be one severe storm coming in.

Behind this we’re going to get hit with super cold temperature and mega winds; hurricane-force winds, so this is when it really starts getting pretty wicked between January 10th – January 11th for the Midwest.

We could have more tornadoes down in Mississippi, Alabama, Kentucky, Tennessee, Indiana, Ohio and where you see the frozen line that could be where the power outages are, and the wind machines are going to start turning on.

We’re still on Saturday January 11th, so this storm is going to affect everybody on the east coast all the way down. Keep your eyes here on these tight wind lines because this is going to get insane.

10:31 mins
After this storm passes, we’re talking major temperature changes [arctic cold]. The Carolinas same thing. Georgia severe storms, possible tornadoes. If you’re in the pink areas you know you’re looking at power outages.

Check this out. Look at the winds. When these winds are real close together, we’re talking hurricane-force winds, maybe even more like a category 2 hurricane winds coming in through BC, pushing the storm off.

This will affect the whole upper northeast. Look at this wind machine. This is like a  hurricane of straight-line winds coming in. As we go out through January 2020, not a lot of precipitation at first but it’s putting the winds in motion, and what’s going to happen with these winds, I think, is a mega pattern change with the temperatures.

January 13th more severe weather for parts of Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, going into Alabama.

It’s always tornado season from now on. They’ve geo stormed the sky, so many nano particulates up in the sky, nanobots, storm following nanotechnology, there is no end to the tornado season.

January 14th look at the winds still creeping across at high velocities. This storm is tracking pretty much straight east. Snow in Wisconsin, Minnesota. Rain for Michigan. We’re still on January 14th. It’s going to start breaking apart a little bit but look at these wind’s coming in. We’ve got some high, high winds and this is where it’s going to get really tricky. If the ground gets saturated from these first few storms, you’ve got these winds that could be toppling trees over, which could lead to power outages. Even without the weather, without any kind of rain or anything, we got mega winds coming in.

13:09 mins
Rain for the south, and then here comes the next system. ANY kind of moisture coming down with this system will be like a blizzard. If it’s rain it’s gonna be like a monsoon. You’ve got strong storms for South Carolina, parts of Alabama on January 15th, and look at how these winds are just dipping way, way down. I mean it’s fixing to get really crazy.

These winds are gonna be so insane. I’ve never seen winds like this.  Here’s another day with some sleet, ice, a little bit of snow, heavy, heavy storms in the south. Take this up, another tornado day. We’re gonna have such wind power with this storm it’s just gonna be ridiculous.

You’ve got light snow over Wisconsin, Iowa, Illinois. I mean it’s gonna be blowing sideways. Severe storms in Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, the same areas over and over and I’m gonna show you the rainfall amounts.

This is going to be a major power outage day for all the southern states, you got not only tornadoes, you got sleet, you got ice storms, this is on Thursday, January 16th and we’ve got this wind pattern. It looks like the jet stream is on the ground.

I don’t know how much these winds are gonna be but they’re gonna be high, probably some of the highest winds we’ve ever seen on this map, and they’re going all the way down to Mexico.

You’d think this would be picking up some warm air but it’s not, it’s gonna be a massive cold front coming down, the cold air is heavier than the hot air so it’s gonna push any kind of warm air away, and we’re no longer gonna have a mild winter, it’s going straight into the polar vortex cold. We still have the ice storm going on January 16th.

15:30 mins
Go up another six hours, snow and ice storm in Mexico. Texas you’re gonna get quite a bit of snow, quite a bit of ice, it’s even gonna have sleet and ice in the Gulf of Mexico. This is one big bad boy of a cold push coming down. I guarantee they’re heating the troposphere, they’re doing the rapid heating event, which we’ll take a look at here in a little bit.

We’re looking at 12 hours of snow and ice over Texas and Mexico, out into the Gulf of Mexico. Pretty much a blizzard event in the upper northeast on January 17. Look at the snow amounts in Texas, and New Mexico.

You’ve got a good blizzard around the Nova Scotia, Canada. Showing rain, most likely that’s going to be snow, all the way through.

We’re gonna have 40-50 inches of snow over Washington, Oregon maybe up to 80 inches of snow. The whole weird thing is the wind patterns. When we’ve got the highest winds I’ve ever seen going all the way down through the Gulf of Mexico this is freaky stuff.

And here comes the second round of winds. Look at all this moisture off the Gulf Coast. They’re gonna have to be cloud seeding way down here, to get that to pull down that far. We have ice storms in parts of Florida, Alabama, South Carolina, Take this up to Jan 18th Saturday, heavy storms over Florida. I think that’s pretty much the second wave of the cold air but the cold is going to be really cold, so this moisture is more or less just going to be blowing around, nothing too severe once we get that cold air in here.

We’ll show you the temperature maps, and the targeted areas of the moisture. Look at this heavy rain bag getting ready to come into parts of California, Oregon, Washington, and mega snow. You’ve got over 100 inches of snow over BC when that comes through. Still got the blizzard, more winds, here’s where they get hit with their ice storm on January 21st.

18:31 mins
When you get the ice and the sleet that’s when the power goes out, that’s when the cold temperatures are here, and that’s when it gets tricky. That’s the 16-day forecast.

Now, let’s look at the total accumulated precipitation whether it’s rain or snow, and you’ll see the targeted areas mainly right over Alabama, Mississippi, parts of Louisiana, Georgia, parts of Kentucky, parts of North and South Carolina, and then here’s the mega amounts over Washington, Oregon, up into the BC area. In Missouri we’re looking at like 9 inches of snow.

We’ll look at total accumulation of snow, so you know the amounts. Here in Washington, in Oregon, you’re looking parts of Oregon at 87 inches of snow, 76 inches of snow, you’re looking at 140 inches up over the BC area. They already got hit with like 10 feet of snow. Idaho 25 inches, St. Louis area around 9 inches of snow, 10 inches for Indiana, Illinois 5 to 6, 8 over Michigan, 8 over Wisconsin. Look down here in Mexico, 16 inches of snow in parts of Texas and Mexico.

Now let’s look at the temperature maps. You’ve got some pretty cold temperatures up in Canada, up in Minnesota, you’re looking at – 18, – 11, -7 in Wisconsin on January 8th. A little bit of a cold blast. We’re staying pretty mild but remember the wind machine I told you about when all the snow goes down?

Check out temperatures coming across BC area that’s going to be coming with that wind.  -32 degrees up there. Check this out Monday, January 13th the winds are going to be pushing this cold air down and we’re talking arctic cold.

Look at Montana, Wyoming, Idaho – 26 – 35, North Dakota – 22 – 25, now this is going to be our first really cold blast of air. We’re looking at 8 degrees in Missouri, zero in Nebraska, and it’s just gonna keep pushing down. In the Gulf of Mexico you’re going from 74 degrees down to 18 degrees in like six hours. That’s gonna be one crazy drop, along with the storms that are going to be firing up right across this line.

January 16th right when that mega storm was coming through, you’re looking at -2° Kansas City, – 3 is St. Louis, – 19 in Colorado, – 18 in Minnesota, South Dakota. This cold air is going to hit way down.

Once this cold air comes through, temperatures are not going to rebound. We’re going to stay cold after this first week, two weeks after that or for however long it lasts. The polar vortex is here, so it’s never going to rebound back up into the 40s, 50s at least not that I could see. Maybe here on Jan 21st for parts of it that’s the very last day of the 16 day forecast, other that is gonna be flat out cold.

Make sure you’ve got good air filters for your furnace, and backup heat in case the power goes out because you might need it in a week and a half.

23:57 mins AUSTRALIA
Let me put this back on the moisture. We’re going to see where the moisture is going to be, to see if Australia is going to get any moisture. Apparently where the cyclone is up here [off Australia] they’re not going to let any of the moisture get into the Australia. I mean just very little. All this rain that was supposed to go down right through this whole area, it looks like they’re keeping it pushed off. Very little rain, a little bit of rain maybe over the Sydney area. A little bit of moisture over Tasmania but look they’re going to keep the center of the country dry.

Let’s check the temperatures. The only place they’re showing really hot is down here in southwestern Australia, and everything else is relatively cool. That’s later, it’s 384 hours away, so look at all the heat down in the southern part.

Here’s the cyclone [off Australia]. It’s supposed to hit right where the ionosphere heater is. Look, it’s going to go right on past it. They’re not going to let it come in, they’re going to go right around the ionosphere heater and kill the storm off. It’s just going to park right there and die but then you’ve got a secondary cyclone beginning to develop after that. Look at that, it’s just staying right there, so they are definitely steering the cyclone right around the ionospheric heater that’s right on the point. We showed it the other night.

Farmer Sets Up Trough For Animals To Drink From While The Australian Bushfires Rage On

Bless everyone helping each other and the animals.


26:35 mins EUROPE
Europe get all our leftover stuff. It looks like Norway and Sweden are still the targets. Pretty heavy over the UK, Portugal, Spain. Nothing too wicked but once you get over here [Norway/Sweden] they’re looking at 500 centimeters of moisture [16 feet].

27:23 mins
We’re looking at the rapid heating event that’s going on. This heating event is what’s going to push this cold air.

We’re looking at air up in the troposphere, this is the polar vortex cold. What they’re doing is heating up here, and they’re going to push this giant cold air mass around. This only goes up a couple days. It looks like they’re going to shove of it over to Europe and then try to slingshot it back to America. They’ll start heating it from this side in a couple days or probably by next week. We’re going to be watching closely. They’re still heating up over the Antarctic big-time, but we’ll get to this map in a little bit.

Arctic Oscillation and Polar Vortex Analysis and Forecasts

Jan 06, 2020 https://www.aer.com/science-research/climate-weather/arctic-oscillation/

Are you kidding me?

Mike Morales showed how moisture [cyclone] is being withheld from Australia, where people, animals, and the land are being devastated by fire.

Look at the money being thrown at making rain in California, funded by tax payers, then watch the video below to see how moisture is continually withheld there.

Mar 2016: Ten cl0ud seeding gr0und systems in C@l!forni@ to M@KE R@IN that is  intentionally blocked. https://www.cbsnews.com/news/could-cloud-seeding-help-with-californias-drought/

Jan 04.20: Developing Gale Squashed By Satellite uWave Transmitter; Strong Winds Scheduled!

I encourage you to watch one or more other 1PacificRedwood videos https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXcnHuosOLaKOGU0qQoYzfA

Be aware and prepared rather than scared

Much of what mainstream and some alternative media publish, is manufactured to trigger negative human emotions, keep people cycling in unawareness, fear, and separation.

To neutralize deception do your own research and network with people you trust ‘before’ sharing information.

Have an emergency plan for you and family.  https://www.rei.com/learn/expert-advice/emergency-preparedness-basics.html.

Notifying people in advance of arctic cold on the way could save lives, especially the elderly so please, share this Blog or use your own words, so people can prepare now. Thank you.

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