Novel Coronavirus [2019-n CoV] Is there a higher purpose?

Novel Coronavirus [changed to COVID-19]

Global communist take-over and depopulation cannot be averted using the same level of thinking or conscious awareness that advanced them.

ISMS 101: The Communism / Capitalism Alliance

What is a CORONA?

A corona is a circle of luminous plasma atmosphere around a celestial body.

Humans are an expression of pure light [spirit] in a body [matter].

What does Novel mean?

Novel means new or unlike something formerly known or used.

Does novel suggest a ‘new response’ from the people is required to our present reality?

Wuhan Coronavirus Bio-attack Is China’s 9/11, Same Perps


A Strong Case for Premeditated Act(s) of Bioterrorism in Wuhan City, China Carried Out by Paid Agents of the Zio-Anglo-American Axis

What solution [s] could be driving COVD-19?

The first principle of quantum physics implies that every set of circumstances is driven by potential. Thus, every problem is driven by its solution. We know this to be true because it can be experienced.

Information systems [matrix] organize from the micro to the macro, therefore to change outer reality requires individuals to first change themselves.

Suggestion: Individuals expand their conscious awareness, and ascend out of our inherited lower animal nature to our higher divine nature, thus potentializing a new reality where vibratory frequency and light are perceived at much higher levels.

Suggestion: Individuals withdraw consent without which planet rulers cannot function; withdraw attention and funds from media propagandists; withdraw consent to harm by speaking up respectfully and factually and or withholding funds, withdraw consent to de facto governments and politicians by no longer giving them our proxy [Power] via the electoral process where decisions are made in our absence that become the norm. [chemtrails, 5G, censorship, weather warfare, etc].

Corporate: Buy only what you need. Speak up about unsafe products, unsafe food ingredients, unsafe packaging and unsafe technology.

Suggestion: Individuals tame their ego and negative human emotions, especially fear and separation, upon which planet rulers thrive.

Suggestion: Individuals take responsibility for the energy their choices project because positive intentions are integral to raise the collective consciousness, which acts like a boomerang returning a matching vibratory frequency. In other words, the Power to create a new reality literally resides in our individual minds and hearts.

Quantum Physics

By Paul Levy

Quantum theory is teaching us that implicit in our very thinking are certain flaws and mis-perceptions that unseen, and taken for granted, unnecessarily limit our ability to apprehend the nature of nature, including our own.

Indeed, the most far-reaching impact of quantum physics will be within the human mind.

The discoveries of quantum physics are truly a game-changer that requires a novel response in us which, when more fully understood and integrated, will irrevocably change us, both on the individual level and as a species, in the very core of our being. READ more at

Our minds and hearts are SOUL agents of transformation

Courage is required to look at ourselves, our beliefs, one another, and physical reality in new ways. Courage also opens doors to possibilities that otherwise remain closed.

Jan 2020 was my 14th consecutive month of physical and chemical regeneration. Transformation brought challenges accompanied by solutions, some miraculous.

Please, share this information to increase awareness of the potential in each of us to create a new realty. Thank you.

Thank you.

This information is not intended to provide medical advice, diagnosis, treatment, cure, or prevent any disease. Views expressed here are for educational purposes only.

Doreen A Agostino
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