Rhythm Entrainment – Interconnected Sound Healing on FEB 14, 2020

There is no movement without rhythm

To heal yourself, one another, nature, and Earth, please participate in world sound healing day at noon your local time on Feb 14.20. Learn more at https://www.healingsounds.com/world-sound-healing-day-2/


In the deepest layers of consciousness, every human being lives in perfect harmony with rhythm. For many of us, awareness of our natural connection with rhythm has disappeared.~ Reinhard Flatischler (2011, p. 7)

Humans are embedded in rhythm, and rhythm is embedded in humanness. There is no movement without rhythm.

At the physical level, rhythm is the oscillation of vibration (i.e., measured movement). At the metaphysical level, rhythm is the flow of life (i.e., lived interconnection). Breath cycles, brain waves, heart beats, digestion, sun and moon phases, seasons, work schedules, bird songs, traffic, emotions, hormones, habits, traditions, and archetypes are all expressions of internal, external, and collective life rhythms. Each holds a unique wisdom, or quality, with which anyone can interrelate and through which anyone can be transformed. Such rhythm mindfulness can be a way of identifying, understanding, and navigating qualities of consciousness.

The underlying aim of this dissertation is to show that approaching oneself, others, and the world with this sense of rhythmic belonging can help create a space for meaningful relationship to unfold. One way that this dialogue and transformation occurs is through entrainment, the phenomenon whereby one moving rhythm synchronizes with, or adjusts toward matching, another moving rhythm.

 Read more at https://jknorris.com/gallery/jknorris_ciis-2018_dissertation_rhythm…

Please add your unique pure light sound, at noon your time, on Feb 14, 2020 and invite others to participate. Thank you.

Doreen A Agostino
Without Prejudice and Without Recourse
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