The weaving of a d!gital web of gl0bal c0ntr0l … or not

Transformative power flows through a conscious mind and heart

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How they plan to control everything in your life

JAN. 11, 2018

What Americans for Innovation and American Intelligence Media researchers  discovered is breathtaking, disgusting, astounding and monstrous. It is also shocking how far along the plan is. The Deep State shadow government in its hubris has fully disclosed their diabolical technology scheme for “The Internet of Things” in writing.

The plan is to identify, tag, track and control literally everything on the planet. Their unquestioned plan is to embed micro-electronic control devices, either surgically or by injection, in every human being on the planet. To them, it’s all about “management of the world’s resources” including you. Walker Patent No. 6,965,816 Col. 118, Lns. 53-54.

They likely believed these documents would not surface until after they had seized control. Read more at

Social credit system on steroids – next industrial rev0lut!on

People are purposefully distracted with political theater, pandemic theater, projected financial and economic crash, weather wars, food shortages, fear porn, etc., while a digital web is gradually, strategically, incrementally being woven around the entire planet to manipulate and control everyone and everything on it.

Take control of your inner world

Information systems change from the micro to the macro so to transform outer reality requires individuals to transform themselves. The first principle of quantum physics implies that every set of circumstances is driven by its potential. This means every problem is caused by its solution.

Man is the problem for allowing conditions to deteriorate as they have, and man is also the solution.

Doing inner work includes taking responsibility for our emotions. So, when your emotions are negatively charged take a moment to acknowledge them. Allow yourself to feel the feeling without cycling in low vibratory frequency energy upon which darkness thrives. Feel what you are feeling, thank yourself for making a positive difference, and move on.

Advance harmony and freedom through mutual support

Censorship denies man the right to know how to transform present reality from a higher perspective, so please spread the word. Please share. Thank you.

Doreen A Agostino
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