2020 #PLANdemic 

2020 #Plandemic 

By Gemma O’Doherty

A Pandemic, which was a #Plandemic to create a #Panicdemic: The Luciferian cabal have been preparing to unleash #Coronavirus for a long time as a means of controlling every aspect of our lives and creating their One World Government.

Do not believe a word of the propaganda. https://twitter.com/gemmaod1/status/1237356866277171200

Help spread factual information. Thank you. https://ourgreaterdestiny.org/2020/03/fear-of-coronavirus-is-more-deadly-than-the-virus-stand-together/

Doreen A Agostino
Without Prejudice and Without Recourse
Sent via hardwired computer
All wireless turned off to safeguard life


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