COURAGE: Threshold To Freedom

Everything is energy, frequency, vibration referred to by physicists as fundamental electromagnetic quantum energy, and by sages as the One True Creator, God, Spirit, and Other Names.

Each basic element of the known atomic chart consists of energy at different frequencies of vibration. The difference between any two elements is the difference in both atomic structure and vibrational frequency.

Power vs. Force

In his book ‘Power Vs. Force’ Dr. David Hawkins [1927-2012], renowned psychiatrist, physician, researcher, pioneer in consciousness and spirituality, published a Map of Consciousness based on millions of calibrations through applied kinesiology.

Vibrational frequencies [hertz or cycles per second] were assigned to thoughts and feelings localized by specific attractor energy fields similar to electromagnetic fields gathering iron filings. The Map of Consciousness  shows COURAGE [200 hz] is the threshold to enlightenment; a defining moment for every human.

In early 2000, according to Dr. Hawkins, the collective vibratory frequency of MAN rose above 200 hz for the first time.

Above 200 Hertz is ‘Constructive’
enlightenment 700 – 1,000 hz.
peace 600 hz
joy 540 hz
love 500 hz
reason 400 hz
acceptance 350 hz
willingness 310 hz
neutrality 250 hz
courage is 200 hz

Below 200 Hertz is ‘Destructive’

pride 175 hz
anger 150 hz
desire 125 hz
fear 100 hz
grief 75 hz
apathy 50 hz
guilt 30 hz
shame 20 hz

Courage is required to know, the One True Creator responds to freewill choices similar to how a computer responds to its keyboard and mouse commands. In other words, consent is a reality generator. Look around at your life; it is a print out of your choices. Look around at the world, it is a print out of our collective choices.


Your signature energy is unique b/c it is the sum of your thoughts, words, actions, and feelings, pulsing into the field of limitless possibilities and magnetizing a matching energetic response.

When force meets Power force eventually succumbs.

Everything we perceive to be the worst of people, events, circumstances is about purification or detoxification of the mass psyche of man before we can transition into higher consciousness.

Detoxification usually makes humans sicker for a while, as toxins rise to the surface and the organism seeks to purge itself.

People, events, and circumstances that appear destructive are catalysts for the mass of humanity to take responsibility for the patterns of thoughts and actions that contribute to incoherence and enslavement.

Everybody can choose to ascend from man’s lower animal nature to our higher divine nature where courage opens doors to greater wisdom and possibilities that otherwise remain closed.

Please share, for individuals to see the rare timeline we are passing through and opportunity to awaken and free ourselves. TY

Without Prejudice and Without Recourse
Doreen A Agostino


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