COVID-19 Engineered Health Crisis Triggers Planetary Hysteria

Manufactured COVID-19 Health Crisis Pushes Humanity, Global Society to Total Shutdown

The COVID-19 charade is the biggest single disruption of human society in modern history, perhaps ever in human history.

This “health crisis” is a Big Lie. It is the biggest Big Lie in history.

The fabric of societies has been shredded, human interactions have been altered, economies decimated. All based on a manufactured pretext, mass manipulation, and media-inducted mass panic.

Humanity was treated to a similar crippling shock event with false flag event of 9/11, the manufactured global “war on terrorism”. But this one dwarfs all previous events, and all previous wars, including the world wars.

The authorities—global, national, regional, local, community by community—have moved in terrifying lockstep. This is the Deep State, out in the open.

They have crashed every economy. Businesses large and small, shut down and lost, lives and livelihoods at risk. They have imposed every variation of martial law, including the imposition of behavioral martial law, household to household, person to person.

Human beings are literal prisoners, “sheltering at home” like caged animals. Those who fail to “heed” home imprisonment are threatened with unprecedented police actions. “Hot spots” such as California and New York remain on strict lock down, its corrupt governors, eager to commit new untold actions under the cover of “public safety”, offer no hope for reopening while extorting for federal bailout funds.

“Non-compliant” businesses in Los Angeles have been threatened with utility shutoffs. Local police refuse to respond to all but “emergency” calls, even while the streets become increasingly deadly. Suicides, violence, civil unrest, looting, rioting, and more are possible as tensions rise.

Is this not the definition of totalitarian oppression?

The speed and scale at which this engineered crash has shut down an entire planet is unprecedented, and awesome in its horror. This conquest was achieved in the span of mere days. With no resistance. Every corner of the globe, every individual, imprisoned mentally as well as physically. All it took was one Big Lie, one Big Fear.

They want the Big Lie and Big Fear to continue: As of this writing, some countries (India), and some US states have now banned hydroxychloroquine, despite strong evidence of its effectiveness (including New York, despite the fact that the state is reporting 10 times the cases and more deaths than the rest of the country) in now hundreds of cases.

We are living an unfathomable dystopian nightmare, and it is real

Immunization Agenda 2030: A Global Strategy to Leave No One Behind

Immunization is the foundation of the primary health care system and an indisputable human right.

Man’s only right is to vote, which is voluntary bondage

Voting gives your proxy [personal Power] to politicians to make decisions in your absence about what becomes normalized. Like the coup taking place now.

In 1302, Papal Bull Unam Sanctam usurped man’s rights, which means no man, woman or child can ever own any real estate, nor any possessions, and the Bull even claimed our individual soul/spirit.

Liberty Now: Emergency action response to present global tyranny

The following is for educational purposes only it is not an endorsement.

By Kevin Annett
Mar 26, 20

Under the guise of a fraudulent health emergency, a global police state is being imposed on We the People. A state of war now exists between humanity and a global corportocracy.

COVID91 is  not a reference to a flu virus but is the military code word for permanent martial law. Mar 25, 2020, martial law went into effect in Canada by an unlawful vote of only 32 of the 338 members of parliament. [I was unable to confirm via search engines].

One million prayer chain – request

Please join a planetary prayer chain and pass this prayer request along to 8 people asking them to do the same. The request is to slow and stop the coronavirus.

Did you know that the ‘Lost Mode of Prayer’ is to pray as if what you want is already fulfilled?

I pray gratitude that the majority of people saw through the lies in time, and took remedial action en masse to say NO to tyranny, and set our species free.  And so it is.

Thank you.

Doreen A Agostino
Without Prejudice and Without Recourse
Sent via hardwired computer
All wireless turned off to safeguard life


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