How will you know if you have 5G Syndrome? 5G Flu? Or Both?

Special Report: COVID-19 Contagion More Virulent and Deadly in 5G Hotspots

Mar 03.20

There is a HUGE difference between 5G Flu and 5G Syndrome.

It especially behoves every smartphone user to know the difference. People who live in 5G hotspots also really need to know the difference. Internet addicts setting up their own IoT space inside a 5G super-hotspot better know the difference since their life depends on it.

5G Flu or 5G Syndrome

Smartphone addicts are blissfully unaware they may be suffering from either a low-grade 5G Flu or asymptomatic 5G Syndrome.

Wherever 5G Flu is written below in “KEY POINTS“, direct involvement of the Wuhan coronavirus (aka COVID-19) is implied in its distinctive pathology, biological etiology, and more elusive environmental causation.

KEY POINTS: 5G Syndrome is a much more serious medical ailment than 5G Flu5G Syndrome represents a much more extensive list of severe symptoms, some of which are life-threatening.  However, as the whole world has witnessed, 5G Flu can also kill you—FAST—depending on your overall health profile and strength of your immune system.

Nonetheless, it’s 5G Syndrome that is the quiet killer because of how many symptoms will occur completely under the radar over years.  Also, many of those symptoms will be routinely misinterpreted as other disease processes by medical and holistic doctors alike. This kind of misdiagnosis and under-diagnosis by physicians everywhere has occurred over several decades regarding Electrohypersensitivity illness, often by intentional design of the Medical-Industrial Complex.

Then there are those individuals who suffer from both 5G Flu and early-onset 5G Syndrome; they’re the ones dropping like flies in Wuhan, China.  Their addiction to smartphones and other wireless devices blinded them to the adverse health effects caused by the sudden influx of 5G energies (which include extremely high radiofrequency signal ranges and ultra-high microwave transmission) when they flipped the 5G switch in 2019 in Hubei Province.

In general, 5G Flu is more of an acute illness whereas 5G Syndrome is a long-term, chronic disease.  They mutually support and feed off each other, which is what makes them so dangerous and increasingly fatal.  A person who has 5G Syndrome is much more susceptible to contracting 5G Flu.  And, a person with 5G Flu is a good candidate for developing 5G Syndrome.

One who repeatedly gets the Wuhan coronavirus (or 5G Flu), as many Chinese sufferers have to date, will exhibit a greater likelihood of developing 5G Syndrome; that is, if they do not already it.

The extraordinary ‘re-infection’ rates for COVID-19, also known as the coronavirus bioweapon triggering 5G Flu, offers compelling circumstantial evidence that it’s really an electromagnetic radiation-driven disease more than a bioengineered coronavirus; although, it’s really both co-factors working in tandem to turbo-charge each other. 

Truly, the ‘inexplicable’ re-infection rates tell the hidden back story about this swiftly unfolding pandemic.  The only plausible reason for multiple re-infections, when compared to all previously studied coronavirus outbreaks prior to the WiFi era, is that the former virus patients stepped back into their wireless environment, live in a 5G hotspot or they still sleep with their smartphones turned on. READ more at

Fake Pandemic is OVER — Final Analysis by Ex-Spy

Robert David STEELE Vivas #UNRIG
Feb 28.10

I, Robert David Steele, am a former CIA spy and would like to start by praising the World Health Organization (WHO) for its totally sound decision to NOT declare a world pandemic. They are correct. This was a fake pandemic with the ultimate goal of forcing a universal vaccine with digital ID on everyone, starting with the European Union mandate led by France.

As a former spy and top intelligence pioneer of holistic analytics and true cost economics I lay it out as I see it, and end by calling for a joint China-US investigation into the bio war, the 5G, the media war, the insider trading, and Bill Gates (my colleagues at NSA have every email, text, and call he has ever made, the President has not yet asked NSA for a total unmasking of all participants in the fake pandemic conspiracy).

I made one mistake in this video: I forgot to mention pollution, the other contributing factor in China’s high numbers of ill citizens. The fake pandemic is OVER. All that remains now is for justice to be done — I hope that a proper investigation leads to the total dismantling of the Center for Disease Control (whose director Nancy Messonnier is a Never Trumper and sister of Rod Rosenstein), and the indictment and incarceration of Bill Gates for crimes against humanity that include in the past the sterilization of millions without their informed consent.

The revolution has started — the truth at any cost lowers all other costs, and I am pleased to say that for the first time in my third year of wandering in the wilderness as an intelligence reformer, I feel that the truth finally has a chance to be heard by We the People.

Lies, Damned Lies, and Coronavirus Infection Numbers

Mar 03.20


How many people have been infected? How many people died? How do we know?

These aren’t rhetorical questions. They are real questions with real answers. Today on #PropagandaWatch, James breaks down the numbers and asks how these numbers are being derived and what they might be hiding.

Transform the contagion of propaganda

Vaccines don’t save lives healthy immune systems and a cheerful attitude do. Get to know your incredible immune army. Appreciate it, thank it, keep it healthy and strong.

Wireless technology is harmful.

Ultra high frequency 60 GHz [5G] interferes with oxygen absorption in humans and other life forms.

5G Syndrome and 5G Flu turbo charge each other. [SOTN post above]

Please spread the facts to help people see through the propaganda, dispel fear, withdraw consent to mandatory vaccines, 5G, and a new world order of centralized power and control. Thank you.

Doreen A Agostino
Without Prejudice and Without Recourse
Sent via hardwired computer
All wireless turned off to safeguard life


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