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To defend our freedom and our lives require courage and action. It’s time to contact our country leaders en masse and ask hard questions based on facts regarding COVID-19.

It is alleged there is no purity or characterization test to confirm the presence of COVID-19, which means the numbers reported do not justify imposed restrictions on employment, society, and planetary lock down. https://ourgreaterdestiny.org/2020/03/coronavirus-a-reliable-test-is-badly-needed-we-dont-have-one/

Canadian Cancer Society

Suggest you research the leading cause of death in your country and compare that number to authentic COVID coronavirus numbers where you live. You might also compare deaths from alcohol, motor vehicle accidents, and pharmaceuticals [opioids].

Cancer is the leading cause of death in Canada NOT flu

In 2016, 2.3% of deaths were from influenza and pneumonia vs 29.6% deaths from cancer. https://www.cancer.ca/en/cancer-information/cancer-101/cancer-statistics-at-a-glance/?region=on

Almost half of Canadians are expected to be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime and more than one-quarter are expected to die of the disease. https://www.cancer.ca/~/media/cancer.ca/CW/cancer%20information/cancer%20101/Canadian%20cancer%20statistics/Canadian-Cancer-Statistics-2019-EN.pdf?la=en

Cancer is responsible for 30% of all deaths in Canada

An estimated 225,800 new cases of cancer and 83,300 deaths from cancer will occur in Canada in 2020. The number of estimated new cases does not include non-melanoma skin cancer cases.

Approximately 3,500 deaths annually from flu in Canada


H1N1 Swine Flu 2009

CDC estimated that 151,700-575,400 people worldwide died from (H1N1)pdm09 virus infection during the first year the virus circulated. https://www.cdc.gov/flu/pandemic-resources/2009-h1n1-pandemic.html

Dr. Fauci 2009 video: Calm and Unalarmed NIH Chief During H1N1 Epidemic that Killed Over 12 Thousand Americans

In September 2009, after there were already at least 593 confirmed deaths by the H1N1 flu, a relaxed and unalarmed Dr. Anthony Fauci from the NIH downplayed the seriousness of the outbreak and told an interviewer that people just need to “use good judgement.” https://nworeport.me/2020/03/24/video-of-dr-fauci-in-2009-is-unearthed-shows-a-calm-and-unalarmed-nih-chief-during-h1n1-epidemic-that-killed-over-12-thousand-americans/

Something Strange about Coronavirus Scare 2020

There is something much more sinister going on here and it has nothing to do with the coronavirus. You do not shut down the world economy for such a minor incident. An epidemic would require more than 4 million deaths in the United States – not less than 250. https://www.armstrongeconomics.com/international-news/disease/something-strange-about-coronavirus-scare/

The virus and the vaccine? – Boost your immunity

The simian virus known as SV40 has been associated with a number of rare human cancers. This same virus contaminated the polio vaccine administered to 98 million Americans from 1955 to 1963. Federal health officials see little reason for concern. A growing cadre of medical researchers disagree. https://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2000/02/the-virus-and-the-vaccine/377999/

04:25 mins: Dr. Hilleman, Chief, Merck Pharmaceutical Co. vaccine division

“Now I’ve got to have something that’s gonna attract attention okay. So, I thought that damn SV40. I mean that damn vacuolating agent we have I’m just going to pick that particular one. That virus has got to be in vaccines and it’s got to be in Sabin’s vaccine. So, I quickly tested it and sure enough it was in there.”

Test rolls across the screen reads “Vacuolating viruses” cause cancer.

“The CDC quickly removed a page from their website, which WAS cached and since removed by google. You can view an image of the cache below, admitting that more than 98 million Americans received one or more doses of polio vaccine within an 8-year span from 1955-1963 when a proportion of the vaccine was contaminated with a cancer causing polyomavirus called SV40. It has been estimated that 10-30 million Americans could have received an SV40 contaminated dose of the vaccine.”

SEE CACHE July 2013 http://preventdisease.com/images13/CDC_Polio.png 

Toxins our parents, grandparents, et al were exposed to, are handed down generationally.

COVID-19 World FLU or World COUP?

What if COVID19 is being used to control the demolition of the global economic and finance system to disappear colossal fraud, end the underground cash economy, and replace cash with digits for ultimate taxation, control, and subjugation of man?

What if COVID19 is being used to mask dangerous health risks of 5G so that IoT continues to advance?

What if COVID19 is being used to force vaccines that alter man’s original DNA blueprint i.e. our spirit/soul?

Has man forgotten our original Contract with the One True Creator that no other can alter or violate? [Upcoming Blog]

What if the majority of people do nothing, which is implied or tacit consent to hell on Earth?

Number of coronavirus deaths by country 2020

26 deaths from coronavirus in Canada as of Mar 25, 2020.
3,500 deaths from flu approximately each YEAR in Canada [link above].

Find the number of coronavirus deaths in your country here https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/#countries

Canada: Conservatives balk at ‘power grab,’ emergency COVID-19 aid package bogs down

Problem: Politicians lock the planet down, isolate people, destroy the economy.
Reaction: Media ramp up fear so people consent to government assistance.
Solution: Politicians, now in full control, unleash an oppressive one world government.

The real power grab is getting people to ‘consent‘ to give personal power to politicians to make decisions in their absence that become normalized. Beware UBI the universal basic income power grab. https://www.msn.com/en-ca/news/politics/conservatives-balk-at-power-grab-emergency-covid-19-aid-package-bogs-down/ar-BB11DHJm?ocid=sf2

Rockefeller Blueprint For Police State, Triggered By Pandemic Exposed


PDF http://www.nommeraadio.ee/meedia/pdf/RRS/Rockefeller%20Foundation.pdf

Germany: Demystification of COVID-19 nightmare

Next step

Contemplate the facts and ask within for guidance.

Next, I will publish a template from which individuals can notify their country leader  because the FACTS do not justify emergency measures, locking man down, social distancing, preventing man from earning a living, ordering nonessential businesses to close their doors, manipulating the global economic and finance system at the expense of all, nor violating the original Contract every soul/spirit in form has with the One True Creator.

The next 48 hours Mar 23.20: What happens before New Zealand’s coronavirus lockdown

Chart in the link reads ZERO deaths in New Zealand. https://www.stuff.co.nz/national/health/coronavirus/120503174/the-next-48-hours-what-happens-before-new-zealands-coronavirus-lockdown

Please share now while we can, to help people open their minds, and question everything. Thank you.

Doreen A Agostino
Without Prejudice and Without Recourse
Sent via hardwired computer
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