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5G Technology: Why It Could Destroy Nature + Humanity + Solutions

I transcribed the first 10 minutes of the video for people to realize the seriousness of health implications from wireless technology, how this intensifies with 5G, and collusion that makes it all possible with consent of man.

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Nov 2017

Featured Guest Speaker: Kevin Mottus, Environmental Health Advocate from the California Brain Tumors Association.

Websites mentioned
https://emfscientist.org/index.php/emf-scientist-appeal https://www.mobilesafety.com.au/brain-tumour-advocate-pleads-safety-testing-new-5g-technology/

00:32 mins
My name is Kevin Mottus, I’m with the California Brain Tumor Association. We collaborate with 10 other groups, one of them is http://emfscientist.org with 220 doctors and scientists from 39 countries who looked at health effects from wireless radiation, and from their work and the work of others we can clearly say that wireless radiation can cause cancer, neurological problems, immune system disorders, and reproductive harm.

Our scientists along with the other groups I work with, composed of people who are developing wireless health effects from their various sources, for instance people developing brain tumors from their cellphone and the radiation it emits, people developing neurological symptoms from wi-fi, from school wi-fi, people developing neurological and cancerous health effects from simple smart meters. Smart meters being little wireless meters on people’s homes so that people don’t have to come by and read the meter themselves manually.

So, regardless of the source, and cell towers are the most powerful source of wireless radiation emissions, the health effects can be the same. What brings me here today is the rollout of 5G technology. People need to understand that 5G technology is very different from 2G, 3G, and 4G that preceded it, and that is because the wireless radiation is using a higher frequency.

Our current wireless technology uses about one gigahertz to four gigahertz. This new 5G technology is ultra high frequency, ultra high intensity, and it’s 24 gigahertz to 90 gigahertz. To put this in perspective 90 gigahertz is 90 billion electromagnetic waves per second hitting your body.

We know people are already getting sick from the lower frequencies, and our scientists expect these higher ultra-high frequency microwaves are going to bring people to disease quicker and in a more intense form.

The other problem with 5G technology is these microwaves are very short. Our old microwaves were about 2 1/2 to 3 feet long. These are now about an inch to 1/2 inch long and they don’t travel very well so they’re gonna have to put a little cell tower transmitter in front of about every two to ten homes.

This is a big problem because we know that cancer rates around regular cell towers are about 3 to 4 times what they’re normally should be. We also know there are neurological symptoms that increase as you get closer and closer to a cell tower. These new transmitters are going to be placed close to people’s homes, and it’s going to be continuous exposure as with other cell towers, but it’ll be emitting a much higher frequency, high-intensity wireless radiation.

03:34 mins
We have a tremendous problem happening and people need to understand that the FCC is pushing this technology nationwide. What’s also important for people to understand is the FCC is dominated by the wireless industry itself and the FCC are the people given the responsibility and privilege of regulating wireless radiation human exposure standards.

Unfortunately, the FCC whose Chairman who just left, and they change with every administration, was the former main lobbyist and former president of the wireless trade organization CTIA. So, the agency that’s be given the responsibility and privilege of maintaining and setting our human exposure standards for wireless radiation called radiofrequency radiation or EMF or electromagnetic field radiation, they all mean the same thing, are the people who profit and benefit from the proliferation of wireless technology and the transmitters that empower it.

We have a huge conflict of interest at the top and this is what really drives and creates the problem from the beginning. The EPA used to look at this this area, had their own scientists assigned to studying it, and showed just what we’re seeing that wireless radiation can increase cancer, neurological problems, reproductive harm, and immune system problems.

They actually proposed a standard that was thermal and non thermal. What we have now is an FCC that set a thermal standard. The problem is it misses what happens non thermally or sub thermally, and what our scientists can show and prove is that wireless radiation can damage cells, damage our DNA, lead to cancer and other serious pathologies below thermal.

05:37 mins
We have the FCC setting a standard that avoids the problem. This is a big problem because whenever they roll out a new wireless technology, whenever they’re questioned about the safety of it, and people need to understand there are more than 10,000 studies showing that wireless radiation is certainly harmful, the agency whether it’s a school or it’s a local municipality or if it’s a state government, will point to the FCC guidelines and simply say “Well what we’re doing is well within or below the FCC guidelines” but people need to understand these guidelines only take into account thermal or acute burning and so they really are useless in terms of protecting the public health.

People also need to understand that the California Medical Association passed the resolution at the end of 2014 stating just this that in the resolution our safety standards are inadequate to protect public health, and that there are numerous peer-reviewed studies showing that wireless radiation can damage DNA, cause single and double strand DNA breaks, and lead to a host of diseases including cognitive problems, brain cancer, ADHD, and fertility issues.

We have now a consensus among cellular biologists that we have the mechanism for how this technology creates problems, and I want to read the title of this because I want people to be able to look it up themselves and see that we have a significant problem.

The title of it of this study is Oxidative Mechanisms of Biological Activity of Low Intensity Radiofrequency Radiation. In the study of studies, they looked at 100 studies and of these 100 studies, 93 of them were in agreement that wireless radiation can below thermal damage DNA leading to a host of serious pathologies including cancer and neurological problems. So, we now have the mechanism. The industry claims that these health effects don’t exist and that’s ridiculous because we’re now at the point where we have a consensus regarding the mechanism, not just that the health effects exist, but we understand how they exist and there’s probably multiple mechanisms considering this wireless radiation affects different systems of our body.

So, what do we need people to do? We need people to understand that there’s a problem and educate themselves because the agencies that are supposed to be warning us, that are supposed to be educating us like the FCC have been, are not doing that or have been taken out or taken out of the position of doing so.

2 websites you can look at http://bioinitiative.org/ This website brought together the studies, and reviewed 3,600 studies looking at various health effects, different systems of the body, and people can see for themselves the evidence that’s there. These are peer-reviewed studies people can find them themselves.

Another website is http://saferemr.com/ out of UC Berkeley’s School of Public Health. They look at research worldwide, and scientist Joel Moskowitz who’s reviewed the science, updates people on the latest information worldwide.

The industry is investing millions and billions of dollars in hiding health effects, in funding their own studies, in putting the experts they believe in positions of power, and infiltrating the agencies that are supposed to protect public health, to state there is no issue regarding health effects when there certainly is.

Consent to 5G technology is suicidal

At present, technology is used to manipulate, track, and control man.

Knowing precisely how to manipulate the human ego, people have been seduced into wearing, watching, playing, and using wireless devices without realizing the implications of addition, and how similar they are to tracking devices worn by prisoners.

Interaction with wireless allows artificial intelligence to learn the ways of man, blockchain for shared a.i. learning to mimic humans, and likely surpass human intelligence. https://ourgreaterdestiny.org/2019/03/hard-look-at-artificial-intelligence-risks/

The less interaction with wireless, the further away from your body when in use and not in use, the safer for you and others.

With expanded awareness, and withdrawal of consent to exposure, purchasing and use of 5G technology, the safer everyone will be including pets, plants, and other life forms. Please share. Thank you.

Doreen A Agostino
Without Prejudice and Without Recourse
Sent via hardwired computer
All wireless turned off to safeguard life


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