Silent Spring for garden centers … Plant, Plant, Plant

Why, in the midst of a food shortage, would any authority stop you from buying seeds or gardening supplies?

Here we have new world order advocates … the ones who profess sustainable practices … the liars I’m sorry to say at the top of the pyramid  … preventing two US states from buying seeds or gardening supplies. This is in Maryland and Vermont. Where next?

The short video below from the channel of Ice Age Farmer highlights food shortages and reasons for them.

In summary:
Ranchers can’t get their stock processed.
BBC reports 2,000 garden centers and nurseries throwing out plants and supplies!
Ontario shut down community gardens.
Canada failed to include the entire agricultural industry under essential services.
Milk producers ordered to dump their supplies.
Violence at the supermarkets in Latin America and Italy.
India’s entire tea industry is about to collapse and oil production is grinding to a halt.
Eggs are rotting in warehouses because there aren’t any cartons to put them in!
Meanwhile in NZ apparently the shortage of flour on the supermarket shelves is due to ‘everybody baking and according to this article, there’s plenty of flour in stock just no packaging for it.
I also noted in NZ that the Bin Inns are closed after some uncertainty, where shops had their permission that’s since been withdrawn.

In short the entire food industry is being shut down

So, if these people were what they say they are, and cared like they profess they do, they would not be stopping you from growing your own food. I’ve mentioned this often over recent years, about saving your own heirloom seed because the giant corporations have been quietly buying up the seed companies. We know that’s about monopoly and nothing to do with your convenience or health. Plus they have hybridized the seed so you have to return next year to buy more.

Remember the plight of Indian farmers who suicided because of financial ruin caused by this evil set up?  The only sustainable thing about this scenario is profits for corporations.

If anything illustrates their real intent with all of this lock down it is the banning of seeds. This is absolutely outrageous and very wrong. There is absolutely no way that any risk of disease can justify this. Remember Kissinger’s infamous quote?

“Control oil and you control nations; control food and you control the people.”

Source with thanks

War for the truth

Celeste Solum, formerly worked for FEMA and Department of Homeland Security when that came into being. She participated in all major events and disasters from Y2K to 9/11, to floods, tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes.

05:44 mins
They had to bring the whole world to a standstill so they could inject  global governance. It will be titrated out a little bit, and presently being fast tracked. When you know more you can plan ahead so please listen and share.

07:14 mins COVID plan includes food shortages. Mobilize cooperation from you, so you’re going to be asked to make sacrifices, you are going to be asked to cooperate, and by your voluntary cooperation they assume you are endorsing what they are doing.

20:14 mins: Babies born in 2030 will all be designed, enhanced, or augmented. There will be no God created humans in 2030.

22:43 mins Their MEAL plan for you, when you dig into documents within the World Economic Forum website, they are going to offer you 1.2 ounces of a laboratory created or insect protein, no meat whatsoever, and 36 grams of carbohydrate with no sweetener. The 1.2 ounces of protein is a week and the 36 grams of carbohydrate is every 21 days.

I will do a separate Blog on this to share far and wide.

Think about this …

Why do beer and wine stores remain open? Could it be to avoid ‘real’ push back from a very large % of the population?

Why do retailers reject cash to avoid contamination yet banks accept cash and coin without hesitation?

Can you see this is not about flu it is a world coup? That a coup can only happen with CONsent of the people, the majority of whom are AI propagandized and unwilling to leave the mainstream mind controlled reservation.

What will happen IF there isn’t enough food?

Please share for others to plan ahead also. Thank you.

Doreen A Agostino
Without Prejudice and Without Recourse
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