21 Facts That Demolish the Official COVID-19 Narrative

By Sol Luckman
May 2020

Thanks to Judy for this awareness.

1. The PCR test used to diagnose COVID-19 was never intended to be used to detect viruses. Kary Mullis, the inventor of the PCR test who won a Nobel Prize for his efforts, is on record as stating that diagnosing viruses is an inappropriate use of the technology that can easily produce false positive results.

2. In one consequential study, it has been claimed that in otherwise healthy individuals, the rate of false positives for COVID-19 may be as high as 80%. This means that as many as 4 out of 5 individuals testing positive for COVID-19 may, in fact, be negative.

3. Despite claims to the contrary, the COVID-19 virus has never been scientifically isolated in accordance with Koch’s postulates, a set of universally acknowledged research rules for identifying contagious agents.

4. COVID-19 has never actually satisfied any of Koch’s postulates.

5. No virus has ever been scientifically verified in accordance with Koch’s postulates to be the cause of any illness. This includes HIV, polio, measles, and COVID-19.

6. In 2016 the German Supreme Court, basing its decision on the opinions of a panel of 5 experts with high levels of scientific expertise, issued a landmark decision in a case involving biologist Stefan Lanka establishing that the alleged measles virus had never been conclusively shown to exist—much less cause measles.

7. No germ of any kind has ever been scientifically proved in accordance with Koch’s postulates to be the cause of any illness. On this subject it is worth noting the second word in the belief system that underwrites modern allopathic medicine and its warlike mentality against so-called contagious agents that have never been conclusively linked to any disease: germ theory.

8. Many scientists believe that there is no such thing as viruses, that viruses are naturally occurring cellular vesicles called exosomes that play a valuable role in detoxification and intercellular communication. In other words, rather than being foreign invaders intent on destroying their hosts, viruses and other germs may actually be beneficial.

9. Images captured via electron microscopes reveal that COVID-19 is visually identical to an exosome.


10. COVID-19 and exosomes share at least five other identical characteristics. Both have exactly the same diameter when inside cells: 500 nm. (In this instance an exosome would technically be called an endosome.) They also have exactly the same diameter when outside cells: 100 nm. Both use the exact same receptor, the ACE-2, for cellular access. Both contain RNA. And finally, both are found in lung fluid.

11. Antibiotics, which are known to induce production of exosomes, are added to scientific tests that have been used to falsely claim that the COVID-19 virus has been isolated.

12. Other factors, such as harmful electromagnetic radiation and even stressful emotions such as fear, can also cause exosome production. The more fear, the more exosomes. This is particularly interesting given the widely acknowledged irresponsible manner in which the mainstream media—and even much of the alternative media—have reported on the pandemic.

Historically, the vast majority of pandemics have occurred soon after introduction of new electrical technologies. The Spanish flu, for example, happened following introduction of high-powered radio transmitters, while the Asian flu followed installation of global radar surveillance systems. COVID-19 erupted soon after installation of 5G in key locations worldwide—including Wuhan, China, which was one of the first places to conduct 5G trials.

14. 5G technology has been documented to be highly absorbable by atmospheric oxygen, raising the possibility of adverse effects owing to the quality of breathable oxygen. The symptoms of many people purportedly suffering from COVID-19 have been described by various doctors as similar to oxygen deprivation from altitude sickness.

15. Numerous scientific tests involving invasive sharing of various body fluids established that the Spanish flu was not contagious. Its method of transmission was never established to be contagious.

16. A number of the areas hardest hit by COVID-19 had seen more-aggressive-than-usual vaccination and flu shot campaigns leading up to the outbreak.

17. Vaccines are known to contain aluminum, mercury, formaldehyde and toxic adjuvants capable of creating numerous side effects such as coughing, sneezing, and difficulty breathing.

18. No vaccine has ever been scientifically proved to protect individuals or populations from any disease. This includes polio, which epidemiologists have shown was already in decline when the polio vaccine was rolled out. Antibody production is merely circumstantial evidence that vaccines confer immunity. In fact, much scientific evidence exists showing that vaccines actually cause the diseases against which they supposedly provide protection.

19. Vaccines are never 100% safe. Vaccine leaflets indicate they have numerous potential side effects, including paralysis, brain damage, and even death. In the United States vaccine manufacturers are immune from normal legal prosecution in the event their vaccines cause harm. A secretive court exists to hear such cases. The details of these cases are not allowed to be made public. Millions of dollars each year are awarded to parties who have been severely injured by vaccines.

20. Even though vaccines have never been proved to be effective and are unsafe in many instances, they are being illogically positioned to become mandatory in the case of COVID-19. Cui bono?—Who benefits?—is the logical question that any thinking person should ask.

~Any single one of the above facts should, in a sane and just society, be enough to begin unraveling the official narrative surrounding COVID-19: that it is solely responsible for causing a contagious viral pandemic requiring planetary lockdown, universal tests, a mandatory vaccine, and health “passports” to return to work and normal life.

Taken together, these facts completely demolish this official narrative and invite speculation relative to a minutely orchestrated, global criminal conspiracy where COVID-19 is concerned.

But just in case you need one more fact to bring this point home, consider:

21. “Social distancing”—which has caused untold economic and psychic trauma to the entire world—is a relatively new coinage that only dates back to 2006. The practice has never been scientifically shown to curtail any pandemic. Like germ theory, it is merely an unproven scientific theory. And you are the guinea pig.

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SOURCE with thanks http://www.phoenixregenetics.org/resources/dna-monthly/current-issue#facts

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Evidence of a COVID19 plandemic requires highest visibility

When solid evidence is presented, an individual can ignore it, deny it, remain silent, or take action to right the wrongs. Every informed individual is now called to choose.

Duty bound officers

Those whose duty it is to protect the people require solid evidence of a COVID19 plandemic so they do their lawful duty. That leaves the tax payers who pay their salary to inform those who are duty bound so they enforce the law. Proposed template to follow.

Please share this and other evidence so people see for themselves, and are equipped to take action to restore the rule of law so that solutions and freedom follow. Thank you.

Doreen A Agostino
Without Prejudice and Without Recourse
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