Supreme Court USA ruled it shall not be mandatory to have a vaccine [Misleading]

Clarification May 18.20

Two videos dated May 2020 state that the supreme court USA ruled it shall not be mandatory to have a vaccine and that there was no valid proof that many vaccines were safe.

I spent hours looking for proof. All I found are documents from 2018

Page 3 New York court Stipulation document, not a supreme court document reads the action was voluntarily dismissed by both parties, so I asked at 2 videos with the same message, if there is a more recent court ruling.

Video title is misleading

The video title is misleading because the author, Mark Anthony Boyer, appears to have blended two separate issues i.e. a 2018 vaccine win that was dismissed, and President Trump’s Apr 2020 decision to stop funding to the WHO, which in May 2020 Trump is allegedly reconsidering.

Over 445,000 people said NO to mandatory vaccination [May19.20]

Gratitude to everyone who said NO by signing the petition. Grass roots movements can save lives. Let’s keep sharing to get more signatures.

COVID19 in plain sight

Thanks to Judy for interpreting COVID19 which stands for

AI [1 =A and 9=I]

Look at the date posed by CDC


This post is a ‘sign of the times’ and emphasizes the importance of doing our own due diligence before sharing information. In other words, ensure no error on our part. Truth prevails!

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