UNelected Bill Gates Vs. The Power of MAN [Important]

Part One: How Bill Gates Monopolized Global Health

TRANSCRIPT AND MP3: http://corbettreport.com/gates

“We must spread the word about the dark nature of this population control agenda to as many people as we can before our ability to speak out against this agenda is taken away for good.” James Corbett

Part Two: Bill Gates’ Plan to Vaccinate the World

Part Three: Bill Gates and the Population Control Grid

Part Four: Meet Bill Gates

All four parts and transcript available at https://www.corbettreport.com/gates/

End the COVID19 plandemic spell with action

At every opportunity post the links above, below, and other evidence of the COVID19 plandemic to raise awareness at Tweets, videos, blogs, radio programs, social networks, etc.


21 Powerful Facts That Demolish the Official COVID-19 Narrative http://phoenixregenetics.org/resources/dna-monthly/current-issue#facts

PETITION: Subpoena Dr. Judy Mikovits to testify before Congress on the corruption of Dr. Anthony Fauci. Numbers count. Now is the time to be heard. You can SIGN here and please pass it along. https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/subpeona-dr-judy-mikovits-testify-congress-corruption-dr-anthony-fauci

PETITION: Add to the 540,000 people urging policy-makers at all levels of government to reject mandatory coronavirus vaccination. You can SIGN here and please pass it along. https://lifepetitions.com/petition/no-mandatory-vaccine-for-covid-19

The plan agreed to by 179 nations

Agenda for the 21st Century. Short video 5 minutes – please watch and share.

This world age shift calls for a novel ending – what’s our plan?

Civilizations perished during former world age shifts. This time we have internet to learn from the past, remember our original blueprint, heal inner emotional wounds, wisely navigate colossal change, and stop projecting energy of negative human emotions, fear, doing nothing to right the wrongs, etc, upon which the beast system thrives. https://ourgreaterdestiny.org/2020/05/the-word-that-makes-you-a-king/

Thanks to Al for the video.

Please share this post, and if you can, support the work of James Corbett and others broadcasting the truth for each of us to fully potentialize our health, Power, and freedom. Thank you.

Doreen A Agostino
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