The Plan to Genetically Modify MAN … Permanently

Response To Reuters Fact Check on COVID-19 Vaccine Genetically Modifying Humans

Spiro Skouras and Dr. Andrew Kaufman discuss available technology to biologically modify humans permanently.

Share the evidence

The Reuter’s article said that a COVID19 vaccine would basically not involve the insertion of foreign DNA into the nucleus, and that’s the main argument of why they feel what Dr. Kaufman claimed was incorrect.

Dr. Kaufman proves scientifically that insertion does go into the nucleus thus it ‘is’ genetic modification of our bodies.

MAN’s original blueprint is at risk

The video explains it all and needs to be seen by everybody.

How to Talk to Someone Who’s Spreading COVID-19 Misinformation

In April, CBC released a guide on “How to respond when someone tells you coronavirus was lab made.” This is The Corbett Report’s response. [2 mins]

We Must Not CONsent

Thanks to Judy for this profound message from RFB [5 mins]

The fate of MAN needs to be taken out of the hands of evil entities

A large % of the population is so invested in COVID19 propaganda they will likely reject anything contrary to the official deceptive narrative.

To encourage logical thinking that can save lives, I will publish a list of silent weapons harming everybody for decades by entities undeserving of public trust. The same entities controlling the COVID19 anti-human plandemic that is gradually and deceptively further harming people’s health, limiting business activity, erasing human rights and freedoms, etc.

Global Solutions Summit

Humanity Rising represents a movement of people and organizations coming together to take counsel on how to leverage the crisis of the coronavirus pandemic into an opportunity for human renewal and increased resilience to future challenges. 

The goal of the Summit is to create an international coalition strong enough to transform conversations that matter into actions that make a difference.

Please join us as we come together to chart our course to new specifications, navigate with sustainable coordinates, and embrace new models that take the well being of our planetary ecology and all communities into account.

Please share. Thank you.

Doreen A Agostino
Without Prejudice and Without Recourse
Sent via hardwired computer
All wireless turned off to safeguard life


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