COVID19 was never scientifically proven to exist; so what’s the VACCINE really for?

What Del Bigtree and Dr. Andrew Kaufman disclose needs to be shared, shared, shared. Learn how our bodies intelligently function to protect us, and ‘why’ you CANNOT catch a virus.

Germ theory of disease busted

What we were programmed to believe about diseases, viruses, and sickness, was engineered to compromise our health, and make others wealthy.

In the 19th Century, Louis Pasteur’s germ theory was challenged by Antoine Bechamp to no avail because Pasteur was a skillful politician with wealthy connections. germ theory hoax was also challenged by Dr. Stefan Lanka in the 20th Century./05/louis_pasteur_vs_antoine_bchamp_and_the_germ_theory_of_disease_causation_-_1.html

The History and Lie of Viruses and Bacteria from virologist Dr. Stefan Lanka

In the 20th Century, the germ theory hoax was challenged by Dr. Stefan Lanka, and reiterated now by Dr. Kaufman and other courageous doctors.


European Commission Adopts GMO Vaccine to Combat Non-Existent Covid-19 Virus

By The New Agora |
Jul 19, 2020

In a decision which will shock many, the European Commission has taken a big step towards its ambition to subject its citizens to a totalitarian regime in which DNA altering technology forms the centre piece of mass control and unapologetic rule by despotism.

Under the chairmanship of the German Minister of Health, Jens Spahn, The Commission has adopted a new ruling which calls for ‘the swift development of a GMO vaccine against Covid-19’.

Overturning its own earlier regulatory position, the Commission issued a press release on 14 July 2020, stating that this new act provides a ‘temporary derogation’ of clinical trials for a vaccine under what it cites as ‘the contained use of genetically modified organisms.’

Press release and more at

Mask challenge

If a masked person challenges you about not wearing a mask pose the question, If your mask works, why worry about someone not wearing a mask?

20/20 vision about 2012

Many indigenous people foretold of a world age shift around 2012 where many grand cycles within cycles of time would close, and a period of purification, before a new era can begin. Closing:

a 5,125 year cycle
a 26,000 year Mayan Calendar cycle
a 78,000 year Earth cycle
a 26 million year Earth cycle and
the 225 million Galactic Year

What each of us can do

Align with people taking action to expose COVID19 measures as a catalyst to finalize world domination, reduce the population to 500 million [see Georgia Guide Stones], and alter man’s original DNA to usher in transhumanism.

COVID19 is an opportunity to transform limiting beliefs and fear, to move off the wheel of pain and suffering [lower animal nature], and up the evolutionary ladder to our higher divine nature, coherence, and freedom.

The more we know the more we can do to smooth transition. Please spread evidence of the rare opportunity at hand. Thank you.

Doreen A Agostino
Without Prejudice and Without Recourse
Sent via hardwired computer
All wireless turned off to safeguard life


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