CANADA COVID 19 LEGAL CHALLENGE: Constitutional Lawyer Rocco Galati Interview

Amanda Forbes Rocco and I sat down today to discuss the upcoming Lawsuit against members of the Canadian Government, the CBC, as well as the topic of mandatory masking.

An injunction is being prepared against masking or bylaw in Toronto

10:16 mins It was recently reported that immunity to COVID19 only last three months so they’re gonna be proposing 4 COVID vaccines a year for every individual.

Heat, humidity, and sunlight ‘neutralize’ coronaviruses so why do governments insist that people wear face masks that compromise their immune system?

Bill Gates joins Mike Bloomberg to address more than 400 city leaders virtual convening to support local coronavirus response

Mentioned by Rocco in the video. Mississauga, Ontario Mayor honored to participate.

Statement of Claim filed July 06, 2020 in Ontario Superior Court

Includes a claim of $10 million in punitive damages against the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation [CBC] for knowingly and intentionally suppressing, censoring, and unjustifiably belittling expert opinion, opposed and critical of the WHO and government line on COVID, and thus propagated ‘misinformation’ and ‘false news’. See page 18.

Rocco Galati Tweet:
Concerns about loosing a Court case are valid. But when government hell-bent, deaf, and illegally acting, one of only a few things that can stop, or slow it down, is Court action. Is it the be-all and end-all? No. But it is ONE important means of fighting injustice.

MUST read ‘Masked Science’ (Excellent Graphic!)

World coup masked as WuHu flu pandemic

Mainstream media in Canada started programming the public to accept increases in just about every existing tax to cover the cost of COVID19 because the government, our savior, stepped up with public support.

Higher taxes = less disposable income = easier to control the people.

The government knows that dissolved jobs due to unnecessary COVID19 business shut downs, will make it easier to hook people on Universal Basic Income [UBI] so they become dependent on the state.

Please watch and listen to the interview with Rocco Galati and share it widely with the Statement of Claim link above. Thank you.

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