Cancel Culture: SURGING Cultural Renewal Phasing out Normalcy


The drive for communitarianism, the replacing of individualism with collectivism, and the utilitarian rhetoric entailed within mass campaigns of guilt, shame, and threats of group ostracism also known as cancel culture.

This idea of reposition and reset is perfectly described by the efforts of globalist despot Klaus Schwab, Executive Chairman, World Economic Forum, and author of The Fourth Revolution:

“We must have a comprehensive and globally shared view of how technology is changing our lives, and those of future generations, and how it is reshaping the economic, social, cultural, and human context in which we live.”

Globally how is such a feat even possible? We can hardly agree on how to run our communities. How can you accomplish a global scale cultural consensus without infringing on the humanity of others? Well you cannot, and force will be a requirement to do so but not so much an Orwellian force as much as a Huxleyan one.

Instead of fist and hammer, only fear, emotion, punishment, and pleasure will be employed.

Hence the methods of manipulative persuasion we have been experiencing in our local network news media. They must shift the public mind in the direction of the global economy. We are witnessing the hive mind operation right now via the current anti-scientific COVID hysteria, and the anti-intellectual mission to dismantle law enforcement, and systemic racism. I will term this massive psychological operation cultural renewal.

Remote control of humans – do you see it?

Full spectrum dominance was achieved over the minds and behaviors of the majority of people without the assistance of reliable and reputable scientific data.

Educational video for these shifting times.

Evidence of COVID19 Psyop – Resources

SOTN regularly updated resource

COVID Chronicles

Statement of Claim filed July 06.20 in Ontario Superior Court against Canadian federal and provincial governments, medical officers, and media for COVID19 measures in Canada.

Please inform people about what time it is, how COVID19 is a an opportUNITY to transform fear into courage and free ourselves from the clutches of dark entities … once and for all space and time. Thank you.


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Doreen A Agostino
Without Prejudice and Without Recourse
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