CDC on the Verge of Cancelling Epidemic Status for COVID-19 – Lab Rats

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Long ago, it became clear that we were grossly overreacting. Yes, this virus is deadly to people who are on death’s door, but aside from that, the virus has failed to live up to the hype. Still, you’re hearing about it every day, and still, it’s being studied with fury and madness.

Media has been lying

Watching the news, you’d think that the virus is worse than ever. You’re going to need to sit down for this, but . . . the media has been lying to you. The virus is on the rise in eastern Europe and South America. In the U.S., it’s actually nowhere near the peak we hit in April. If you account for increased testing rates, the virus is a little worse than it was in early June, but it’s still about a third of where it peaked before. Read more at

Lab rats in a world coup ‘not’ Wu-flu

COVID19, another invisible enemy. An engineered problem to ramp up fear so the majority of people CONsent to a solution that further erodes their rights and freedoms, and it worked, AGAIN. As you listen to the video, think about how face masks are purposefully used to divide people.

Globalist Scheme to Terminate the American Republic Exposed

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The video contains an insightful warning to the American people. It describes engineered events in Yugoslavia that caused hundreds of millions of deaths, and great suffering, and how history is repeating itself in America right now, and elsewhere.

Learn how it was done, why, and what each of us in our respective countries can do to stop it.

COVID19 catalyst today, what about tomorrow?

Please spread the word with an intention that people start thinking critically so they make more balanced decisions moving forward. Decisions that could have implications for everybody.

You can also ask people questions to help them see through the deceptions. Thank you.

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